Passions Update Monday 10/7/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Ethan is looking at engagement rings and he tells the saleslady he would like to buy one. He was there with Gwen, but she has left, and now he is alone. He doesnít want to see the rings up close even though the saleslady is more than willing to show them to him. The woman remembers him buying a ring before. She is surprised to see him again. That relationship didnít work out. He isnít going to marry that girl. He says he isnít shopping and then changes his mind. He seems unsure that the woman he gave up is finished with him. Is it really over? He says he canít be with Theresa, and that is that. The woman remembers how much Ethan loved Theresa, and their love was very special. She only saw them on the street but could tell they were meant for each other. Ethan is uncomfortable with the woman acting like a shrink and telling him what is best for him. Their love was strong and she could see that. That is the only reason why she is imploring him to think twice before ending things once and for all. Too bad things didnít work out. He has moved on and things have taken their turn. His time with Theresa is over. The woman will not pry, but she suggests he think about getting engaged to Gwen. He thinks about whether or not he is really over Theresa. Maybe this woman is right. He really should take the time. She is saying he shouldnít make a decision this big so quickly. She doesnít think he is ready to make this decision. She thinks his love for Theresa will never die, even if he married someone else. Ethan appreciates her concern, but he knows what he wants, and how he feels. He wants to marry Gwen. Nothing is going to change that.

Whitney tells Theresa that Chad has called off the relationship. Chad walks into the office and tells Whitney to tell the truth; she was the one that called off the relationship. He has wanted her and has always wanted her. She is lying to Theresa. Chad says Whitney told her family that she only loved tennis, and she didnít choose him. Theresa tries to make them take a breath and talk quietly but that isnít about to work. Chad thinks Theresa would like to hear the real story. Theresa tells Chad that Whitney loves him. Whitney couldnít tell her father anything different than what she did. Her father wants her to walk in his footsteps. When he got injured, he couldnít live out the dream anymore, and now it is up to her. She canít hurt her father. Theresa knows they love each other. She knows they love each other as Ethan loves her. Chad thinks she is deluded. Theresa doesnít believe that. Theresa knows love is always enough. She is sure she is going to get him back. Lovers that are to be together, will be. It is fate. Chad is fed up and turns to leave. Theresa begs Whitney to stop him. She follows him to talk. The assistant comes in to see if Theresa has signed the papers she was given. She hasnít. Theresa would like to get things organized and has an important meeting coming up with someone special.

Beth is with Luis. She remembers hearing Sheridan asking Luis, on the phone, to help her get out of marrying Antonio. She is begging for his help. That was only a message. Beth erased the message so Luis wouldnít get it. Luis checks his messages and there is no word for him from Sheridan. Beth suggests they stay at the coffee shop and wait for Sheridan.

Antonio has Sheridan in place to get married. He planned a surprise for her to marry him that night. A cake was brought to the table. His surprise was to marry her that night. She panics as that really isnít what she wants. She is about to marry him, and she has no idea what she is to do. They are at the ministerís now and Sheridan is panicking. Antonio signs the papers, and hands the pen to Sheridan who signs next. In her mind, she begs for Luis to come and rescue her. Antonio is so happy she is going to be his wife. He hugs her. Antonio can hardly wait for everyone in town to hear they are getting married. There is another couple that will be getting married. So the old couple suggest that Antonio and Sheridan decide what other extras they would like for the wedding. They only have one bouquet, and the brides will have to share. Sheridan is fine with using the one bouquet. She looks worried but insists she is alright. Antonio tells her that she should be more than alright if they are about to get married. He thinks he knows what is bothering her. He has been caught up in his own marriage. He knows she didnít want to elope, but he didnít  know she felt this strongly. She admits she is worried about her family. He promises they will be married in Harmony and everyone can come then. They will have the biggest reception anyone has ever seen. He just wants to make her his wife that day. She is the most wonderful woman in the world. Luis will understand, he knows. He is sure Luis will understand, and he might be getting married himself before his church wedding.

Liz is concerned for Antonioís feelings about Luis and Sheridan being in love. She tells Luis just that. Antonio could be killed by the news. Luis has been waiting for Antonio and Sheridan but they are not showing up at the cafť. Beth tries to stall him from trying to find her. Liz thinks Antonio and Sheridan are caught in traffic. Luis still expects to have a call from Sheridan. Beth thinks Antonio and Sheridan may have stopped to do something romantic. Luis thinks he might be letting his imagination get the better of him. Liz thinks they should make certain things are alright. They might be at a place where you can do Fall things. Luis is trying to remember the name of a place where you can do that. They can get on the Internet and try to find the place. Luis asks Beth to get on the Internet and try to find Antonio and Sheridan. She reluctantly goes to the computer and logs on. Beth tries to stall on the computer, but Liz sees she is typing the wrong things. She hits the wrong keys. Liz and Luis notice, and finally they find a place, but it doesnít look familiar.

Whitney catches up with Chad, and they decide to talk in a private room once and for all. He told her that things were over, but he denies that. She saw him throw their special CD in the garbage. She doesnít know he took it out of the garbage again. That CD stirred all kinds of emotions for him. They are being straight with each other. He still loves her and wants to be with her. He is tired of the way things have been drawn out. She knows how hard this has been for him. It has been impossible. Sorry is not going to cut it. She puts everyone in front of the way that she feels for him. She denies that. He would like to know when she is going to pick him, over her family. He is the man she is in love with but she wants him to understand. Fathers find out their daughters are not going to follow in their footsteps. That is just lies then and they are not going to get through it. He tells her whatever happens, it is going to be forever.

Theresa is in her office daydreaming. Ethan comes to see her and brings her flowers. She would have just finished a merger. She would have done a superb job, and he would have been proud of her. They would have been working together, and things would be great. Things would be perfect. He would tell her he missed her, and she would tell him the same. They would toast to their future. He has another merger in mind. The both of them. She smiles at him, as he asks her to marry him. There is nothing she would want more. They kiss to seal the deal. That is the way things are going to be for them. Ethan shows up to pick up the rest of his things, and he finds Theresa in the chair that used to be his.

Sheridan is shown into a special room to get a wedding veil. Sheridan doesnít want the woman to go to any trouble, but she insists. The woman starts rummaging through drawers to find the veil. Sheridan tries to get a signal on her cell phone, but there is no signal. The old couple has no phone in the house, as the husband doesnít like to be bothered. The woman finds the veil and insists on putting it on Sheridan. It looks perfect on her. She is the most beautiful bride the woman has ever seen. Antonio knocks and is let in. The woman leaves the room. He thinks Sheridan looks incredible. She is the most beautiful bride he has ever seen. He sees her nervousness and knows that all brides must feel that way. They are going to be married in just a few hours.