Passions Update Friday 10/4/02

Passions Update Friday 10/4/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Theresa is busy putting pictures of her favorite people on her desk. It is her first day at Crane Industries. This is going to be a great way for her to get Ethan to be with her. Then she is going to have her happy family. Her assistant comes in and introduces herself as Trish. They are going to go over her duties. The assistant wants to do everything for her and goes to get her some coffee. The assistant tells her that someone else had this office before her and still has some things to clear out. Theresa is fine with that. She knows that Ethan loves her and will be with her soon at work.

Ethan and Gwen are together. He would like to have lunch with Gwen instead of Theresa. He is someone that wants to spend time with Gwen. Gwen likes to hear that. That is his pleasure. They would have been married now if she had gone through with it before. She now knows that if people love each other, they should just get married. He hugs her for saying that. The past is behind them. From now on, they are going to be happy.

Chad and Simone are together at their job. Whitney comes to see them. Chad tells Simone the song that they are listening to is a waste of time. Whitney sees them talking. She has just met Liz. Whitney says goodbye to her and leaves. Liz liked the song they were listening to. Chad says the song is old news. Chad leaves the area. Simone tells Liz that she is crazy for Chad and he for her.

Sheridan tells Luis where she is going to be later so that he can meet her there. Beth has heard the phone call. She gets off the extra line quickly before Luis sees that she was listening in. Beth tells him that she would like to go into town and wants him to take her there. Mrs. Wallace hears her and thinks that Beth is faking. But she is unable to stop her daughter getting away from the house and getting alone with Luis. ďDamn that girl!Ē

Antonio has Sheridan at a restaurant. He snaps his fingers and has the staff bring them a wedding cake to the table. He is going to marry her that day. She is surprised at what he is saying. This is the day they are going to get married. ďIsnít that wonderful?Ē He tries to feed her some cake, but she doesnít want any. She manages a bite. He has other things planned for her. He canít wait to make her his wife. She canít do this, and she shouts that out to him. This isnít how she pictured her wedding day. She is not that close to her family, but she wanted to share the day with her friends. Antonio wanted his friends to be there but he doesnít want to miss one more day of being her husband. This is their day. This night, they are going to be husband and wife. She says she canít get married this night as she doesnít look the way she wants to. Life is too short for him and he doesn't want to spend one more day without her being his wife. He tells her to come on and marry him.

Luis and Beth walk into the cafť. Luis finds Liz there. She tells him that she is looking for Antonio and Diana. She explains Diana was at her hotel on the island, and she would like to find them. Luis knows where they are but there are some things he would like her to know first. He tells her Diana got her memory back. Liz is glad to hear that. Diana is really who she should be. She hears that Dianaís real name is Sheridan Crane and Alistair is her father. Liz knows they checked to see who Sheridan really was. How is this possible? Luis thinks someone changed the results of the test to make it seem that Sheridan was the corpse they found. Liz recognizes the Cranesí name. They would do that to prevent Sheridan and Luis from getting married.

Ethan shows up with the baby. Theresa stops her typing and greets her favorite guys. She takes the baby. Ethan thanks her for putting him back in Crane Industries. He has something he wants to bring her that he should have a long time ago. He gets on one knee and reveals a sparkling ring in a velvet box. He proposes marriage to her. She accepts. She loves him so much. They kiss. Theresa knew that it is a matter of time before Ethan proposed to her.

Ethan and Gwen go to a repair shop to get her watch fixed. They see some rings in the shop that look like the one he gave her when they were going to get married. She doesnít want to pressure him, and he doesnít think that she is.

Whitney comes to see Theresa at the office and is impressed by everything. Whitney says she is a little depressed today. It is one of those days. Theresa knows something must have happened. Whitney tells her this has to do with Chad . She starts crying, and Theresa holds her.

Chad takes the CD out of the garbage that he threw away before. Simone shows up to help him with things.

Beth shows up to talk to her mother. She tells Mrs. Wallace she thinks Sheridan and Antonio are going to get married. They were going to get married anyway. Mrs. Wallace reminds her that Sheridan did get her memory back. Luis is going to save his damsel in distress. Beth has a plan for that too. She goes over to get some water and comes over to see Liz and Luis sitting at a table together. She spills water on Luis and takes it from him to clean it up. She leaves. Liz tells Luis that she still canít get over that Luis and Sheridan are in love and going to get married. They had the accident on the boat and that kept them apart. Luis is sure the Cranes were the ones that rigged the boat to keep him from marrying Sheridan . They would rather have her dead than married to Luis. Sheridan is the only decent one in the family. She is kind and decent. Sheridan is everything to Luis. Liz can hardly believe it. At Christmas time, she ran into Luis. He had just missed Antonio and Sheridan on the dock. It must have been devastating to Antonio to find out the truth. Luis tells her that Antonio doesnít know the truth yet. There are complications. Liz is getting scared by what Luis is saying. He isnít telling Antonio the truth: he is dying.