Passions Update Thursday 10/3/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

At Bethís house, Luis says he wishes they could have gone with Sheridan and Antonio. Luis says it is not fair because Sheridan loves him, not Antonio. Luis says it kills him to see Antonio kissing on Sheridan . Luis tells Beth he is sorry for dumping this all on her. Luis says Beth must have been so hurt when he told her about Sheridan being alive. Beth says she was hurt, but at least he told her the truth. Luis says maybe he is over reacting. He wonders what could really happen on a lunch date. Luis says that it is harmless. Beth remembers what she and Antonio talked about. Beth agrees nothing could happen. Bethís mother walks out and says she needed her sheets to be changed. Beth jumps to it. Mrs. Wallace asks Beth where Sheridan and Antonio are. Beth says that Sheridan is out with Antonio, and she is going to be with Luis. Mrs. Wallace says she will never have Luis.

Antonio and Sheridan arrive at the inn. Sheridan says it is beautiful. Antonio looks at her and says she is beautiful. Sheridan says she is going to go freshen up. Antonio asks the waiter if the things he ordered are ready. The waiter says everything is being set up. Antonio tells the waiter he is surprising his fiancť with a wedding. Sheridan comes back and sits down at the table. Sheridan tells Antonio that this place is beautiful. Sheridan says she once went to an inn like this with Luis. Antonio asks her when Luis took her to a romantic inn. Sheridan saves herself and says she said Louise. Antonio says Ok. The waiter waves for Antonio. Antonio gets up and tells Sheridan he will be right back. Sheridan says she misses Luis.

At the airport, Liz remembers what Sheridan/Diana said about Brian. Liz tries to call Sheridan/Diana, but her phone is off. Liz remembers a place that she can find out where Sheridan/Diana is.

Tabitha and Connie chase the fourth baby around town. Connie asks her why she cares about who it is. Tabitha says she wants to know. Connie says since the dark side didnít want to tell her, maybe she should just wait and see. Tabitha says she wants to know now. Tabitha admits she feels a connection to the baby. Connie asks her how she is going to find out. Tabitha sees the baby and says it is heading towards the book cafe.

Simone tells Chad that it is nice of him to help out Beth. Chad says Beth needed his help. Chad says it is no big deal. Simone says telling everyone that he doesnít love Whitney was a big deal. Simone tells Chad she is happy he is with her.

T.C. asks Whitney what was up with her practice. T.C. says that she was so distracted. He asks her what was on her mind. Whitney sees Chad and thinks about how he broke up with her. T.C. says he knows why her practice was off. T.C. says Whitney was just tired. Whitney says that must have been it. T.C. tells her to start going to bed earlier. Whitney says she will. T.C. sees Chad and Simone. He tells Whitney to leave the boys to Simone, he tells her to concentrate on tennis.

Beth apologizes for taking so long. Luis says that it is fine. Beth asks him where her mother is. Luis says he doesnít know.

The wedding coordinator goes to Antonio and tells him the marriage certificate is on the way. The woman asks if that is Sheridan . Antonio says it is her. The woman says Sheridan is very lucky. Antonio says they are both lucky. The woman asks him if he has any witnesses. Antonio says he doesnít. She says it is fine, she can provide them. Antonio says he will call someone.

Mrs. Wallace is praying for help from the angels. She asks for a sign. The phone rings. Beth answers; itís Antonio. He asks her if she can be a witness. Beth says is a bad idea. Luis asks her what is a bad idea. Luisí cell phone rings. The caller ID says Sheridan Crane. Luis goes outside to take the call. Antonio asks Beth where Luis is. Beth says Luis is not there, it was the TV. Antonio asks her if she can find him. Beth says she can look. Beth tells Antonio that Luis is probably at the station.

Luis answers his phone. Sheridan says she misses him. Luis says he does too. Luis asks her how much longer she will be. Sheridan says they should finish up soon. Sheridan tells Luis she loves him. Sheridan says that nothing should keep them apart. Sheridan says she canít wait to get home and be in Luisí arms. Luis says he canít wait either.

Simone asks Whitney how her practice went. T.C. says she was a little distracted. Simone tells her not to get too down about practice. Whitney says she is going to use the ladies room. She walks over to Chad and asks him if they can talk. Chad says they have nothing to talk about. Whitney says she can explain. Chad says she told everyone that she doesnít love anyone. Chad tells her that that said enough. Chad walks away. Simone finds Chad ís CD. She puts on the song that Whitney sang. Chad goes over to Simone.

Tabitha chases the baby into the book cafe. She runs right by Liz. Liz says there is always something weird happening in Harmony. Tabitha runs into the cafe screaming ďGet that baby." Everyone looks around and says there is no baby. Some people say Tabitha is crazy. The baby runs right through Whitney. She didnít feel anything. The baby sticks its tongue out at Tabitha. T.C. grabs her and asks her if she is OK. Tabitha says she needs to get that baby. T.C. tells her there is no baby. Tabitha tells Whitney that the baby jumped right through her. Whitney looks at her like she is crazy. Tabitha sits down and T.C. gets her some water. T.C. reminds Tabitha that he is a good listener. T.C. says they could talk. Tabitha says she will be fine. T.C. asks her if she would like a ride home. Tabitha says no. Connie says the baby is back. The baby pulls down its diaper and moons Tabitha. Tabby runs off after it. Connie says that the baby is going to make people send her to the loony bin.

Whitney watches Chad and Simone together. Liz walks over and says she looks so sad. Whitney says she is fine. Liz says she saw her looking at the couple. Liz tells her about a woman that loved a man, but never told anyone. Liz says if she would have told him, they might be together now. But instead he is in love with another woman. Whitney asks her if the woman ever got over him. Liz says that the woman still loves the man. Whitney thanks her for the advice and goes to Chad .

Simone tells Chad that she loves the song. Chad says that the song is old news. He takes it out of the CD player and throws it into the trash.

Mrs. Wallace listens in on the phone call. Beth tells Antonio she can look for Luis. Beth says they will have to hold up the wedding. Antonio says he wants to get married now. Antonio says he is sorry they canít come. Mrs. Wallace yells that Luis loves Sheridan , and this is all Bethís evil plan. Antonio hangs up before he can hear it. Beth runs out to her mother. She asks her what she is doing. Mrs. Wallace says God is going to punish her for what she is doing. Beth says she doesnít care if he does, she only cares about Luis.

Sheridan says she can meet Luis at the book cafe in a while. Sheridan says she loves him very much. Luis admits he loves her too. Sheridan says goodbye.

Antonio tells the woman he will need her witnesses. The woman says it can be arranged. Antonio goes back to Sheridan . He asks her if she is ready for dessert. Sheridan asks him what he has planned. The waiters bring out a wedding cake. Sheridan asks him what he is doing. Antonio says that they are going to get married today. Sheridan says "What?!"

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