Passions Update Tuesday 10/1/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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With Antonio asleep beside her, Sheridan looks at her engagement ring. She remembers Luis proposing to her. She decides to take the ring off before Antonio sees it. She tries to pull it off her finger but it is stuck. Antonio wakes up and kisses Sheridan ’s hand, seeing the ring. He asks what she is doing with it. Sheridan says she didn’t want him to see it. Antonio then recognizes it. He asks why she has his grandmother’s ring.

Luis lies in bed asleep when a knock on the door wakes him. He says the door is open. Beth walks in telling Luis she made breakfast. Luis thanks her and says she is an angel who just gave him an idea. Now he has an excuse to see Sheridan by taking breakfast there. Luis asks Beth if she minds. Beth says she made the food for him. He asks her to do this for him, reminding her Sheridan can’t cook. Beth agrees.

Julian sits on the couch thinking of Eve, remembering their shared vision. Ivy wheels in to tell Julian she thought he would be outside, hugging his wreaked car. Ivy is disappointed to have missed the explosion between Julian and T.C. Ivy asks who won. Julian says no one won. Julian states “it was just a car”. He brings her up to date regarding his telling T.C. to forget about it. Ivy asks Julian if he is crazy. No one was hurt, Julian reminds her. Ivy states Julian would normally ship them out of the country. Ivy says he can’t be doing this out of the kindness of his heart, because he doesn’t have one. She then says the only way he would do this, is if Julian was getting something out of it. Ivy remembers the photos that she found of him and Eve. Julian says he is late for a hospital board meeting. Ivy questions whether or not Julian is still in love with Eve but she tells him he will never get Eve away from T.C. Ivy believes she will get Sam though. Ivy calls David asking him to come over.

Eve tells Charity she shouldn’t have left the hospital. Charity says she is sorry. Miguel tells Eve about Charity’s bad premonition of evil returning to Harmony. Eve agrees, saying a lot of strange things happened last night.

Kay walks towards Charity’s room with flowers. Grace questions what she is up to. Kay explains she is visiting Charity and giving her flowers. Grace says Kay is just trying to score some points with Miguel. When Grace says evil has come back to Harmony, Kay said it is Grace’s fault. Grace thinks Kay was affected by it. Walking away, Kay states she plans to start being truthful.

Kay goes in to Charity’s room, giving her the flowers. Charity says they are beautiful. Kay asks Miguel to get water for them so he leaves. Kay needs to tell Charity something about her and Miguel.

Tabitha tries to give Connie breakfast but she doesn’t want it, she wants real food. The dancing babies come out. Tabitha is glad only three came out this time. She asks Connie to help get them back in the closet. Connie gets two of them but the other one takes off. Tabitha says they have to get him back in the closet before it comes out too soon.

Gwen asks Ethan what time he went to bed last night. Ethan says it wasn’t too late but he was helping Theresa. Ethan asks Gwen if she is jealous. Gwen is afraid Theresa will get to him. Ethan says he told Theresa it is over. Gwen thinks she is just using the report as an excuse to spend time with him. Ethan says no one is that manipulative. Gwen tells him not to underestimate Theresa. Ethan wants to spend the whole day with Gwen, which she would like to do. Ethan and Gwen walk by the library to find Theresa asleep on the desk. Ethan wakes her up; reminding Theresa the deadline is in 15 minutes. Ethan asks if she finished the report. Theresa says she did yet when she looks for the file on her laptop, she can’t find it so Ethan helps look for it. Gwen asks if Theresa backed it up but Theresa didn’t think of it. Gwen tells herself she hopes the file is lost in cyberspace. When the phone rings Theresa answers.  The caller identifies herself as Alistair's assistant, and asks Theresa about the report. Theresa says she is just finishing it up. Ethan finds the file and sends it. Theresa jumps up and hugs Ethan. Ethan then leaves the room. The phone rings and again it’s Alistair’s assistant. Theresa asks if her report was received, which was but Alistair is not in a good mood.

Luis and Beth walk into Sheridan ’s cottage. Sheridan gives Luis a “Help me” look. Antonio asks how she got the engagement ring. Sheridan tries to change the subject by asking Beth what she brought for breakfast. Antonio then demands to know how she got the ring. Antonio says neither he or Miguel gave it to her. Antonio looks at Luis saying “That leaves you.” Luis admits he did give her the ring with his mother’s permission. Antonio thanks Luis for giving Sheridan the ring. Antonio says he would have liked to give her the ring but it’s OK. Antonio thanks Beth for understanding. Sheridan goes for some coffee with Luis. Sheridan tells him she knows she should have taken the ring off, but wanted to wear it. Luis can’t keep this charade up any longer, especially since Antonio thinks he is going to marry her. Sheridan wants to marry Luis who doesn’t want to wait to marry her.

Beth asks Antonio if he’s given the eloping idea any more thought. Antonio says he doesn’t know. Beth tells him weddings take months to plan. Since Antonio doesn’t want to wait, he’d rather to elope with Sheridan .

Eve walks up to Grace asking if everything is OK. Grace thinks she is losing her daughter but Eve thinks she is probably just going through a phase. Grace says Kay hates her.  Eve disagrees. Grace states Kay has changed so much because she is being guided by evil. Eve tells her that Simone is having problems too and tells her about the car. Julian walks up. Eve thanks him for what he did.  Julian says it was no problem. He leaves but hides behind a corner to eavesdrop. Grace looks at Eve as she asks why Eve was being so nice to Julian. Eve tells her what Julian did causing Grace to ask if Julian is on drugs. Grace suggests Julian wants her back but Eve says Julian has no chance.

The dancing baby runs outside. Tabitha has no idea where it is going. Connie says that is not good.

When Miguel returns, Charity asks him what he and Kay need to tell her. Miguel wants to wait a minute because he has to show Kay something. Miguel asks Kay what she is doing. Kay wants to tell Charity about them making love. Miguel says they didn’t make love, they had sex. Kay doesn’t want any lies. Miguel thinks Charity is not ready to be told and they are not lying. To Kay, in the eyes of the church they are liars. Kay says the evil is back in Harmony because of them.

Ivy tells David he took his time getting there. David says he was busy. David asks what she wants him to do. Ivy will expose his past if he doesn’t do what she wants. David states he doesn’t have to be manipulated; he will do anything to have Grace. Ivy asks what his vision was about. He tells her and she says that he has to make it a reality. David says they should get to work.