Passions Update Monday 9/30/02

Passions Update Monday 9/30/02

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
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Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her. Luis asks her if she will marry him. Sheridan says that she would love to marry Luis. Luis smiles as he gives her the ring. Antonio approaches them. He says his back hurts and he is going to go back to the cottage. He yells for Sheridan . She hears and tells Luis that she has to go but he says he doesnít want her to leave. Sheridan agrees that she doesnít want to go but Antonio might fall and hit his head. Luis agrees, saying that Sheridan can go. Luis asks her if she is going to return and she says sheíll try. Luis doesnít want Sheridan & Antonio sleeping in the same bed. Sheridan tells Luis not to worry, she loves him. As Sheridan starts to walk away when Luis grabs her for one more kiss. Sheridan then leaves to go get Antonio.

Ethan asks Julian whom he was thinking about. Julian replies just about someone. Julian tells Ethan not to make the same mistake. Ethan asks him why he is telling him this, considering he never gave him advice before. Julian says that he is just making up for lost time. Ethan tells him that he has never seen him like this. Julian says that he is a changed man. Julian continues to listen to Eveís tape. Ethan says that he remembers the song. Julian really likes it.

Gwen shows Theresa the hickey that Ethan gave her earlier. Theresa says that she has lost Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa that Ethan canít trust her so that is why he is not with her. Gwen reminds her that Ethan only likes the work. Gwen says that if Ethan proposes she will say yes. Gwen tells Theresa that she will be invited to the wedding so she can see how devoted Ethan is to her. Theresa asks her why she is doing this. Theresa suggests that Gwen is worried that she will lose Ethan again. Theresa says that Gwen is just trying to scare her off. Gwen responds that Theresa is crazy.

Whitney tells Chad that she can explain. Chad asks her what is there to explain. Chad says that Whitney could have told her but she chose not to. Whitney says that she didnít want to hurt Simone or her father. Chad says that she could have told Simone because her parents were there. Chad says that if she would have told her they wouldnít have to sneak around like Luis and Sheridan. Whitney reminds him Luis and Sheridan ís situation is different because Antonio could die. Chad says that is true. Whitney states her father is depending on her. Chad says she is just fulfilling his dreams for himself but Whitney tells him she wants to do just that.

T.C. tells Simone that the right woman can change a manís life. Eve remembers the vision she had with Julian. Simone says she is going to make a good wife, and Chad is going to be a great husband. T.C. tells her to slow down. Eve says that T.C. is the best husband. T.C. thanks her and affirms he is lucky to have Eve. Simone wonders what Julian will say about the car. T.C. replies that everything will be fine.


Julian tells Ethan that he will be back to his old self tomorrow. Ethan says that he has to return to Theresa. Ethan tells himself that it is too bad Julian isnít staying that way. Julian wants to go for a walk, turning Eveís song up really loud so it can be heard outside.

Chad tells Whitney that she could have had it all if she had been truthful. Whitney says she still wants him but Chad tells h it is over. Simone walks up and wants to know what they are talking about. Chad says that he will tell but then T.C. and Eve walk up. Chad says he and Whitney were arguing about who would give Simone her college present. Simone says she has the best boyfriend and sister ever. Everyone hears the song. T.C. says he has heard it before coming from Julianís library. Eve lies by saying she left her pager inside.

Ethan walks in on Theresa and Gwen talking. Ethan asks Gwen what she is doing. Gwen tells him that she woke up without him there. Gwen asks if they can go back to bed and Ethan says in a minute. Ethan gives Theresa the book. Theresa says she doesnít know where she would be without him.  Ethan assures her that she would be fine. Gwen grabs Ethanís hand, leading him towards the door. Theresa says the book will really help her. Ethan turns around to say he worked on the case she is writing about. Gwen starts to bang her head against the door.

Julian yells when he sees his car. He asks himself whom Theresa invited to the party. T.C. and Simone hear him screaming and run over to him. Julian says he wants to know who destroyed his car. T.C. admits Simone did it. Simone says she is really sorry. Julian says that knowing that makes him feel so much better. He then states the taking of his car without permission is theft.  Julian goes on to say he is going to call the police to have her arrested. Simone doesnít want to go to jail. T.C. says sheís not but Julian smarts off, sending T.C. into a rage.

Eve goes into the library to pull the tape out of the player. Using a letter opener to crack the tape, she says that T.C. must never find out about her past and heads outside.

Julian wants Simone to go to jail. Eve comes outside asking what is going on. Simone explains to Julian that Whitney and Chad had a vision and she saw them together so she just took the car. When Julian sees Eve he changes his mind. He tells Simone that his leaving the keys in the car makes it his fault.  Julian says that they don’t have to pay anything, he won’t seize their checks and it doesn’t have to be reported to the insurance company either. Then Julian walks away looking at Eve as she looks back. T.C. asks everyone what just happened. Chad says it has to do with Julian, so it is bad. T.C. states that Julian has a motive.

Antonio tells Sheridan he is sorry he fell asleep. She says that it is OK. Antonio reminds Sheridan that since they have been lovers they have always slept in the same bed together. Sheridan says that they werenít together while he was in the hospital but Antonio reminds her that she slept in the chair next to him. Antonio says that he missed her and gets in bed asking Sheridan to lie down. Sheridan doesnít want to but does it anyway. Luis looks in the window and sees it.  Antonio hugs Sheridan but pulls away. Sheridan asks what is wrong and Antonio says he feels watched.  He Antonio looks out the window but Luis is now hidden. Sheridan says no one is watching. Antonio tells Sheridan that her bedroom used to be his and Luisí shared room. Antonio wonders what they will share now as he closes the curtains and hugs Sheridan . However, Luis refuses to let Sheridan sleep in the same bed with another man. He vows to fix things.