Passions Update Friday 9/27/02

Passions Update Friday 9/27/02

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Sheridan tells Luis that she thought that they werenít going to see each other anymore. Luis says that he didnít agree to that. Luis tells her that they have been through so much, and that he is not going to let go of her. Sheridan reminds Luis that Antonio canít find out about them. Sheridan reminds Luis that if Antonio dies, everyone is going to blame them. Luis says that they are not going to blame anyone. Luis tells Sheridan that he has something planned for her. He tells her that Hank and Phyllis helped him. Luis walks with Sheridan over to a hot tub surrounded by candles. Sheridan tells Luis that it is beautiful. Luis asks Sheridan if she would like some dessert. Sheridan says that some would love some later. Luis says that he wants his dessert now. Sheridan asks him if they are talking about the same dessert. Luis says that he thinks they are now. They kiss.

In the cottage, Antonio starts to have a nightmare. He dreams about Sheridan. Itís really foggy, he sees Sheridan with another man. He wakes up and calls for her.

Pilar asks Theresa how the assignment is going. Theresa tells her that she is learning. Theresa tells Pilar that this reminds her of high school, how she used to bring her food when she had homework. Pilar says that she wishes things were still like that. She asks Theresa why she is working with Alistair. Theresa says that she is securing her future. Pilar says that is a lie. Pilar says that she is doing this to get Ethan back. Theresa says that Ethan loves her. Pilar tells her that she is working with the devil. Pilar fears that Theresa will lose her soul.

Gwen dreams of making love to Ethan. Ethan wakes up, and decides to go to Theresa and help her.

Ethan walks up to Theresaís door, and overhears her conversation. Theresa tells her mother that there is something that Ethan has to realize. Ethan walks in, and asks her what that is. Theresa tells him that he has to realize that she is taking her job seriously. Ethan says that he knows that. Ethan says that there is a case that Theresa should read; itís in the library. Ethan goes to get it. Pilar says that she wishes Theresa would stop it.

Gwen wakes up, and notices that Ethan is not with her. Gwen knows that Ethan is with Theresa. She gets up, and says that she is going to stop her. Gwen goes to the door and hears Pilar says that she is leaving. Gwen hides as Pilar leaves the room. Gwen goes into the room, and tells Theresa that she is going to stop pursuing Ethan now. Theresa tells Gwen that she canít stop Ethan from thinking of her. Theresa tells Gwen that Ethan got out of her bed tonight, and came to her. Gwen says that Ethan is not interested in Theresa, he is interested in the work. Gwen tells her that Ethan loved working for the Cranes, but she took it all away from him. Theresa says that it is not true. Gwen tells her that when Ethan went to bed, he grabbed her hand, not Theresaís. Gwen says that he made love to her tonight. Theresa says that she doesnít believe it.

Eve asks Whitney if she is in love with Chad. T.C. says that Whitney loves the game, not some guy. Eve tells Whitney to tell the truth. Whitney says that she loves tennis. Whitney says that she is not in love with anyone. Simone says that she knew Whitney was committed to tennis. Simone says that Chad is committed to her, and they are going to get married someday. Eve and T.C. tells her that she is not getting married for a while. Simone says that she knew everything would work out. Eve tells her that they still have to figure out what to do with that car.

Chad goes to Whitney, and asks her what she is doing. Chad asks Whitney if she still loves him. Whitney says that she does love him; she just didnít want to hurt her sister. Whitney tells him that she found her father crying over a tennis trophy that he wanted to win for his father. Whitney says that it would mean so much to him if she won it. Chad asks her if she is giving him up.

In the hot tub, Luis feeds Sheridan strawberries. Luis tells her that he hopes that pill last for hours. Sheridan asks him if he thinks he can last hours. Luis says that he will try.

Antonio looks around the cottage for Sheridan. He canít find her so he goes outside to look.

In the library, Julian lays down, and listens to Eveís tape. He wonders why he had that vision. He says that his life is strange, since he is married to Theresa. Ethan walks in on him. Ethan apologizes to Julian, but calls him father. Ethan says that he called Julian, Father, so many times, itís hard to stop. Ethan says that he remembers that song. He says that Julian must have really liked it. Julian asks him what he is doing in the library. Ethan tells him that he is getting a book for Theresa. He says that she is really working hard. Julian says that he want to tell him something about Theresa that will effect who he chooses to marry. Ethan says that he doesnít want any advice about marriage from Julian. Julian asks him to hear him out. Ethan says that he loves Gwen; he and Theresa are finished. Julian asks Ethan if he heard him correctly. Ethan Julian that there is nothing between him and Theresa anymore. Julian asks him if he left Theresa because she lied to him. Ethan says that is right.

Gwen tells Theresa that she never had sex with Ethan the way she does. Gwen shows Theresa a hickey on her chest that Ethan gave her. Gwen tells Theresa that she lost him. Theresa starts to cry.

Eve and T.C. tell Simone that if the insurance doesnít pay for the car then they will take it out of their savings account. Eve tells Simone that she will have to pay them back. Simone agrees, and admits that what she did was wrong.

Whitney tells Chad that she is not giving him up. Chad says that it is too late. Chad tells Whitney that it is over between them.

Luis and Sheridan get out of the hot tub. Luis tells Sheridan that there is something he wants to do. Luis gets up and puts his clothes on (he was in a robe.) Sheridan asks him what he is up too. Luis says that they are engaged, but they donít have anything to symbolize it. Sheridan says that she lost his grandmotherís ring in the ocean. Luis says that is not true. He reaches into his pocket. and pulls out her ring. Luis says that he found it in his shirt. Sheridan tries to take i,t and put it on. Luis says that there is some thing he has to do before she can wear it. Luis gets down on one knee. He says, ď Sheridan, I am so crazy in love with you. I have been praying for this to happen. I love you with all of my heart and soul. I wanna spend our life together. I wanna to have babies, lots of babies. I wanna grow old together. I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I know we have done this before, but I have to do it again. So, will you make me the happiest man in the world? Will you be my wife?Ē Sheridan says Yes. 

Antonio walks around nearby. He wonders if Sheridan went to the hot tub. He gets close, and has a head pain. He doesnít see Luis and Sheridan yet.

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