Passions Update Thursday 9/26/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Antonio rubs Sheridanís shoulders. Sheridan says that dinner should be there soon. Antonio suggests that they skip dinner, and make love. Sheridan says that she wants him to eat dinner so he can take his pill. Antonio tells her that she is the best medicine for him. Antonio kisses Sheridan, and she pulls away. She tells him to take it easy because he passed out earlier. Antonio tells her that he is fine.

Mrs. Wallace tells Luis that they can just take a cab. Beth pinches her mother's shoulder. Mrs. Wallace yells, and Luis asks her if she is OK. Mrs. Wallace says that a blood-sucking bug just bit her, but she is fine. Luis smiles. Luis sees a dinner tray and walks over. The maid tells him that Sheridan called, and asked for a light dinner but Antonio called and asked for a romantic dinner. Luis looks at the food. He sees strawberries with whip cream. The maid tells him that Antonio must have a lot of romance planned for Sheridan. The maid leaves to deliver the food to Sheridan and Antonio. Once again Mrs. Wallace say that she and Beth can just take a cab. Mrs. Wallace tells Luis that she doesnít him to leave, and Antonio puts the moves on Sheridan. Luis asks her if she is sure. Beth tries to say no, but her mother jumps and says that it is fine. Luis thanks her.

 T.C. tells Whitney he loves Simone, but he and Whitney have a connection. T.C. asks Whitney if she is going to win those trophies for her grandfather. Whitney says that she will. Simone runs in and tells them that Eve passed out. T.C. goes to leave and Whitney stops him. Whitney asks him if winning those trophies is really important to him. T.C. says that it is. They all leave to go see Eve.

Eve asks Chad if she called him, son. Chad says that she called him her baby. Chad says that he knows why. Eve remembers her vision, and asks him how he knows. Chad tells her that a lot of people are having visions. He tells her that he and Whitney had one, also. She asks him what it was about, but before he can say, her family runs out to them. T.C. asks Chad what happened. Chad tells him that she just passed out. Chad explains that a lot of weird things have been happening. Simone says that something weird happened to them, too. T.C. asks her what she means. Simone tries to change the subject, but T.C. makes her tell. Simone tells him that she was in a car accident. Eve asks her what she was doing in their car. Simone says that she wasnít in their car, she was in a Crane car. Simone tells them that Chad and Whitney had a vision, and they were hugging. She tells them that she walked in on them, and she freaked out. She explains that she grabbed the first car she saw. She tells them that she could drive the car.

Antonio kisses Sheridan; someone knocks on the door. Sheridan answers it; itís their food. Sheridan asks what all this is. Antonio tells her that it is a romantic dinner for two. Sheridan remembers the romantic dinner she and Luis had before she was buried alive. Antonio goes to open the champagne, Sheridan tells him not to open it. Sheridan tells him to save it for later. Antonio suggests that they make love. Sheridan says that she wants to eat dinner. Antonio agrees, they sit down to eat.

Luis goes up to Sheridanís door. His mother shows up and tells him to stop. Pilar tells him that she canít let him do it. Luis says that the only thing missing from their dinner was a box of condoms wrapped up in a bow. Pilar tells him that she knows how hard it is for him. Luis says that she doesnít have any idea how hard it is. Pilar reminds him that if he tells Antonio the truth, he will die. Luis says that it might not happen. Pilar says that she is not going to let him do it. Luis tells her that he loves her, and he would do almost anything for her, but he canít let Sheridan sleep with Antonio. Pilar says that she is not asking him to do that. Pilar tells him that Antonio cannot be upset. Pilar reminds Luis that Sheridan said she wouldnít sleep with Antonio. Pilar asks Luis why he doesnít trust Sheridan. Luis tells her about the vision Sheridan had. Luis tells Pilar that Sheridan thought that he would be happier with Beth.

Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she barely talked to her in the car. Beth tells her to shut-up. Mrs. Wallace reminds Beth of all the things she sacrificed for her. Beth tells her that she doesnít want to hear it. Beth calls her mother a nasty bitch. Mrs. Wallace opens a chest and prays for Beth. Beth goes into her room. Mrs. Wallace asks the angels to help Beth. Beth walks out with a suitcase. Mrs. Wallace asks her if she is going to try and shack up with Luis. Beth says that she is not going anywhere. Beth tells her mother that she is putting her in Sweet Serenity. Mrs. Wallace says that she doesnít want to go there, she will be good.

Whitney doesnít say anything. T.C. asks to see the car. Simone takes him to it. Eve asks Whitney if she is in love with Chad. T.C. yells for Eve to come and see the car. Eve tells Whitney that when she gets back, she wants the truth. Chad says that they will just tell her the truth. Whitney says that Simone will be so upset. Chad says that he parents will be with her. T.C. and everyone else comes back. T.C. says that the insurance better pay for the damage, because he wants nothing to do with the Cranes. Simone says that she has some money saved up if it doesnít. T.C. says that she is grounded from driving for a while. Simone says OK. Simone says that what she saw wasnít real. Eve asks Simone what she would do if what she saw was real. Eve asks Whitney if she has feelings for Chad. Whitney hesitates and says that tennis is her love.

Beth tells her mother that she is going whether she likes it or not. Mrs. Wallace goes to her candles and angel statues and asks them to help her. Beth tells her that she is going in the morning. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she is not going. She tells Beth that she is stuck with her for the rest of her life. Beth says no. Mrs. Wallace tells her to look around, this is her life. She tells her that she will never have Luis. Beth gets upset and picks up a vase; she throws it on the floor. Beth falls to the floor and begins to cry. Mrs. Wallace walks around her and sings "Glory, Glory."

Sheridan and Antonio finish dinner, and Sheridan gives him the pill. Antonio gets up and grabs Sheridan and kisses her.

Luis tells Pilar that he tried to tell Sheridan not to make too much of her vision. Pilar tells him that she might not have. Sheridan walks outside, and sees Luis and Pilar. She asks them what they are still doing there. Luis tells Sheridan that he was not going to let her stay there with Antonio by herself. Luis asks Sheridan if she is ready to tell him the truth, or tell him something so they can be alone. Sheridan says that she is going to stay with Antonio tonight. Sheridan tells Luis that she gave Antonio a sleeping pill, and he is knocked out on the couch. Luis and Sheridan go and check on him. They walk back outside. Pilar tells them that they solved their problem for one night. She asks Sheridan what she is going to do about tomorrow. Sheridan says that she doesnít know. Pilar tells them that they have just postponed the inevitable.

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