Passions Update Tuesday 9/24/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Theresa wonders what the job that Alistair gave her is. She remembers when Gwen said that she would never have Ethan. Theresa tells herself that Gwen is wrong, she will have him. Theresa says that she and Ethan will get married and give Little Ethan lots of brothers and sisters. Just as she says that, Ethan walks in and asks her what she is talking about. Ethan asks her if she is planning to have more children with Julian. Theresa says that she will never have another child with him. Theresa says that she was just thinking about the future. Ethan smiles, and gives her a folder containing her job from Alistair. Theresa tells Ethan that she is excited.

Hecuba says that she wants to check up on Eve and Julian. Tabitha reminds her that the potion will unleash too much horror. They won’t be able to control it. Hecuba just laughs. Tabitha tells her that Julian and Eve are her favorite triangle.

While dancing with Simone, Chad looks at Whitney. Whitney remembers the way Simone reacted when she found out about her and Chad. Whitney wonders how she is going to tell Simone. The song stops and Simone asks Chad if he wants to dance again. Chad says that he wants to take a breather. Simone says that she will get some punch. Chad goes over to Whitney and tells her that they have to tell her. Whitney asks him how. Whitney suggests that they ask her father for some help. Simone walks over with two glasses of punch, and says that she is not even jealous that Whitney and Chad are together. Another song starts and Simone gives Whitney the punch and pulls Chad back out to the dance floor. Whitney tells herself that she will ask her father.

Eve tells Julian that she saw her son. Julian says that he doesn’t understand what she is so upset about. Julian then has the vision. In the vision, their son walks in the room. He face is really blurry. Julian wakes up, and says that they were so happy. Julian says that their life was wonderful. Eve wonders if there was something wrong with their son, maybe he is out there all alone. Eve wonders if the vision was a warning. She says that maybe she should look for her son. The visions come back. Julian and Eve walk in a room. Eve says that she can’t believe Alicia Keys called her name three times for a whammy. T.C. walks in with Rebecca. Eve says that she wouldn’t be able to do it without out Rebecca, her publicist. T.C. says that it has been a great night, Eve won three whammies, and he won the tennis match. They wake up and say "T.C. and Rebecca?" Eve says that she looked like she was so happy with Julian. Julian says that he remembers when they were that happy. Eve says that he ruined it with sex, drugs

Sheridan and Luis lean over Antonio, and yell for him to wake up. Beth, Mrs. Wallace, Pilar, and Hank all run in. Beth asks her mother how she could do this. Pilar tells Luis and Sheridan that their love may have killed her son. Sheridan looks at Luis. Antonio wakes up and asks Luis what he was doing with his hands all over Sheridan. Sheridan and Pilar tell him that he has to go to the hospital. Antonio yells that he is fine. They all take him to the cottage.

Hecuba says that Sheridan and Luis thought that their past lives were bad. Hecuba watches Luis and Sheridan in the pool, the pool water then bursts into flames.

Theresa looks over the papers and tells Ethan that she understands some of it, but some she doesn’t. Ethan asks her if she would like some help. Theresa smiles and gives him the papers. Ethan looks at them, and tells her that he was in charge of the merger the papers are about. Ethan gets up and gets a book. Ethan says that everything is in it. Gwen walks in. Ethan tells Gwen that he was just helping Theresa with her new job. Gwen says that she wants to dance with Ethan. Ethan asks Theresa if she will be OK. Theresa tells them to go and have that dance, she will be fine. Ethan tells Gwen that Theresa has a lot of hard work ahead, and she is not backing down. Ethan looks at Theresa with amazement.

T.C. walks around the mansion. He wonders how the Crane’s don’t get lost. T.C. opens up a door and says "Oh, my God". T.C. walks into the room and sees a lot of tennis trophies.

Hecuba asks Tabitha what is up with him and the trophies. Tabitha tells her that he is upset because he couldn’t fulfill his father’s dreams. Hecuba laughs, and says that she is going to take care of him. Tabitha stops her and tells her that she wants to have him. Tabitha says a spell and makes T.C.’s father appear. T.C. tells his father that he wanted to win those trophies for him. His father tells him that he wanted T.C. to win those trophies for himself. T.C.’s father says that Julian Crane stole that from him. T.C. starts to cry, and says that he really wanted to make his father proud.

Whitney walks around and wonders how Theresa doesn’t get lost in the mansion. Whitney overhears her father crying and walks in. T.C. grabs her and hugs her.

Eve tells Julian that he ruined her life, just like he ruined Theresa’s life, and T.C.’s. Julian tells Eve that they are not talking about Theresa or T.C., they are just talking about themselves. Eve admits that she loved the Crane lifestyle, and that he loved her. Julian asks Eve to admit that she loved him. Eve says that she could never love him. She calls him a pig. She tells him that she is happy with T.C. and her girls. Eve says that Julian comes from a terrible family. Eve says that she is not going to let him hurt her anymore.

Hecuba laughs because Eve has no idea that his daughters are turning out just like her. Connie asks Hecuba who Eve’s son really is. Hecuba tells her to wait and see.

Antonio tells Luis that he would like to know what is going on. Antonio says that Beth would probably like to know what is up, also. Luis starts to say something and Pilar interrupts him and tells him to get Antonio a glass of water. Luis goes over to the corner and Sheridan follows him. Sheridan asks him what they are going to do. Pilar walks up and apologizes to them for what she said about their love. Sheridan and Luis say that everything is all right. Sheridan tells Luis that she is right, if Antonio dies, it’s their fault. Mrs. Wallace walks up, and tells them that they should just tell Antonio the truth. Mrs. Wallace defends her case. Luis says that she is right. Sheridan agrees. Luis asks Sheridan if she is ready. They walk over to Antonio. Luis tells Antonio that he has something to say. Antonio says that he doesn’t want to hear it. Luis says that he is going to hear what it is. Luis tells him that Sheridan had a vision. Mrs. Wallace yells out that she had a vision, too: she was 120 years old.

Tabitha wonders why the dark side is even there, cause some people are evil all on there own. Tabitha says that Hecuba’s mother should have named her Helluba, not Hecuba. Hecuba says that she would laugh if that were funny.

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