Passions Update Monday 9/23/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Hecuba, Tabitha, and Connie are together stirring up trouble.  They are off together watching everyone else through visions that they get in a pool.  They see Theresa, and know that she is going to cause pain for everyone else.  Connie can’t wait to see what she is going to do…

Theresa is talking to her baby when her mother comes in hearing her tell the baby that her daddy is going to be a part of her life.  Pilar fears that Theresa is talking about Julian being a part of the baby’s life. That is not what Theresa means.  Theresa explains that Julian is the biological father, but she is sure that Ethan is going to be the father that her baby will know. She is going to marry Ethan, and make him the father of her baby.  Theresa has something to tell her mother.  She shared a vision of her future with Ethan, and she learned that they are going to be together, and she is going to make that happen.  She thinks that they are going to be together as Ethan saw the same vision as she did.  The vision was what would have happened if she didn’t get together with him.  Ethan thinks that the vision didn’t mean anything.  Theresa is sure that Ethan will see this as a warning.  It is a second chance for them to be together.  She feels that she is destined to be with Ethan.  Pilar tells her that the vision is from evil that is trying to ruin her life.  The phone rings.  Theresa goes to get it, and it is Alistair…

Eve and TC are in the Crane mansion and TC is talking about how much he hates Julian.  TC thinks that Julian being alive is going to be more of a punishment for him. The 3 women that are connected to him are only interested in his power.  Eve sees what he means.  Eve feels sorry for Julian when she hears her husband talking about Julian this way.  TC is glad that his wife isn’t connected to the man. He would only cause her pain.  TC knows that he has the most wonderful life that a man could have.  Eve likes hearing that.  They hear bells, and turns to see Rebecca with a donkey walking into their area.  She is dressed like a senorita.  She is looking for Julian, and when she doesn’t find him she continues on her way. She speaks Spanish to them, and that leaves TC baffled.  TC wants to leave the house now and go home. They go off to find the girls to leave.

Julian is alone thinking about when he first met Eve and heard her sing.  He was mesmerized by her. If only…  If only…  Rebecca finds Julian alone in his study, and she tells him that she would like to take him with her for a ride. She has her donkey with her.  She wants to play, but Julian is not in the mood. There is not going to be any swinging for him that night. They are listening to music and Rebecca recognizes the voice, but thinks that the voice is depressing.  She always hears him playing that song now. She thinks that he is keeping a secret from him. She says that she is going to change the tape, but he stops her.  He wants to keep listening to Eve sing.  Rebecca gets the donkey, and leaves the room.  He goes back to his couch, and downs his drink.

Hecuba, Tabitha, and Connie watch Julian dream in the pool, and they know that he has no idea what is coming for him.  Hecuba is glad that everyone is going to be destroyed.  The events with Luis and Sheridan are going to kill Antonio. 

Beth talks to her mother, and Mrs. Wallace knows that the truth is going to come out.  Beth is never going to get Luis ever.  Beth tells her mother that she is vicious as she would rather have Antonio dead than see Luis with Beth.  Beth knows that if her mother kills Antonio with the news, that would make her a murderer.  Beth thinks that she has to stop Antonio from finding out the truth, but her mother stops her, and tells her that Antonio will die if that is to happen. She is holding her daughter in a menacingly manner, and Beth breaks free and runs off.

Antonio sees Luis hugging Sheridan in a not so brotherly way, and he panics.  He thinks that they could be in love and he vows that will never happen.  Antonio goes to Luis and Sheridan, and asks them why?  Luis and Sheridan panic when they see Antonio watching them.  Antonio grabs his head and falls to the ground.  Luis and Sheridan rush to him.  He is unconscious on the floor.

Tabitha thinks back to the night that she spent with Julian when they made love.  There was a donkey there.  Connie is shocked to hear that Tabitha and Julian did the deed.  She did it, but that was all in the past.  Hecuba asked her where the fourth baby came from in the vision.  Tabitha remembers back when the baby appeared.  Tabitha doesn’t understand the omen.  Hecuba didn’t say that the baby had anything to do with Julian, but she thinks that Tabitha should ask the babies herself.  They turn to look at the wall, and the babies appear.  Tabitha wants to know what is going on, but Hecuba will not tell her right now.  Maybe if Tabitha asks the babies herself, she will know.  Tabitha goes to the babies and starts asking them questions.  “Who is your mother?”  the babies say nothing but run away.  Tabitha runs after them.  Hecuba knows that Tabitha is going to find out the truth soon enough.  Hecuba would like to forget about the babies, and get back to what is happening with the mortals.  They look into the pool…

Antonio gets up off the floor, and Luis tries to get him to sit down.  He will not sit down. This is the second time that he has found them together like this.  Antonio would like to know the truth. Someone better tell him the truth now!  Luis wants to tell him the truth, but Sheridan tries to stop him.  Luis tells her that Antonio really wants to know the truth, and he is going to get it now.

Connie knows that Theresa wants Ethan so bad that she doesn’t care what she has to do to get him. She is playing into their hands.

TC and Eve are looking for their daughters to take them home.  TC remembers Chad with Simone and he knows that his little girl is in love.  That was the way that it was with he and Eve.  Eve is ready to go. She realizes that she has lost a charm on her charm bracelet.  She is going to look for it and meet him in the car.  He leaves her and Eve thinks of Chad and Simone being married.  She is glad that she found out that Chad really wasn’t her son.  The DNA tests were negative, so he can’t really be her son.

Hecuba and Connie are watching Eve, and they laugh as they know that tests can be wrong.

Eve is looking for her charm, and finds Julian listening to her tape from years ago.  She gets angry with him.  That takes her back to the worst time of her life.  When she was with him.

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