Passions Update Friday 9/20/02

Passions Update Friday 9/20/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Hecuba, Connie, and Tabitha are watching everyone at the party, and Simone is in her car getting ready to drive off in anger.  She would rather be dead than be without Chad. She starts the car, and gets ready to drive off.  Tabitha didnít want things to be happening this way and is upset over it. Hecuba loves that Grace is angry over Sam and Ivy.  Sam is admitting that he kissed Ivy, and Grace doesnít understand it.  Sam says that Ivy is innocent in this matter.  Ivy sits by and watches.  Poor Sam and Grace.  They donít even know yet what Kay is up to.  Charity is going to find out that Charity and Miguel had sex while she was frozen in ice.  Tabitha gets thoughts of the vision of her being a nun again and shudders.

Kay is talking to Charity and Miguel, and she tells Charity that there is something that she has to tell her about making love and Miguel.  Kay is about to tell Charity the truth of the night that she made love to Miguel, but they hear Simone, Chad, and Whitney shouting nearby, and all the kids head over to the car to see what is happening.    Simone drives off in the car and instantly crashes as Chad and Whitney watch!  Their eyes are filled with horror at what they see.

Antonio and Beth are together, and havenít been affected by the green smoke yet.  Beth would like Antonio and Sheridan to stay together, so that she can get Luis.  Beth tells Antonio that he is going to be with Antonio forever soon.  Beth reminds him of the talk that they had about Antonio and Sheridan eloping.  Beth suggests that they get married that night.  Beth is pretty sly, but the green smoke may change things.

Luis comes to Sheridan, and asks her if she wants out of the relationship.  Sheridan wants him to be happy, even if that means him being with Beth.  He demands to know what is going on.  Is she giving him up because she would like to be with Antonio?  He demands an answer.  She loves Luis, and he is her whole life.  He would like to believe her, but why is she trying to get rid of him?  She loves him, but doubts that she could make him as happy as Beth could.  She loves him enough to be able to admit that.  He finds her incredible. He is sorry that he accused her of not wanting to be with him.  They make up and kiss.  Hecuba hates that.  She thought that Luis and Sheridan were going to be finished. Tabitha has been trying to tear them apart since the ice age.  A whiff of smoke is not enough to tear them apart.  Hecuba admits that maybe they canít tear them apart, but they can still have fun trying.

Sam and Ivy had a vision that they never broken up, thanks to the green smoke.  Ethan was in the vision, too, as he is their son.  Sam and Ivy were both proud of their son.  David is sitting there, and canít believe what has happened.  Grace had a vision with David, but that doesnít matter to Sam. He still would like to spend the rest of his life with her.  David turns to Ivy, and tells her quietly to watch Sam and Grace. There is nothing that Ivy can do to stop their love.  Grace doesnít think that David is trying to break up their marriage, but Ivy knows better.  Grace says that they are all under pressure lately.  Something has changed.  David has refused to have the annulment because he still loves Grace, and he wouldnít lie on a church document.  Sam wants her to get the annulment anyway that she can, but she canít lie to get that done.  Sam asks her if she wants to stay married to David or if she would like to be with Sam?  It seems that she is doing everything in her power to stay married.  Ivy loves this conversation.  Sam is angry, and ready, and has had enough.  She knows that she is very close to her goal right now.

Mrs. Wallace wonders what Beth is up to. Whatever it is, she will stop the girl.  She heads over to Beth and Antonio, and hears them talking about marriage.  She tells Antonio that he shouldnít elope with Sheridan at all.  Mrs. Wallace brings up Antonioís mother saying that she would be heartbroken if she missed the wedding.  His whole family would feel cheated.  Especially Luis.  Beth is upset with her mother over what she is doing.  Mrs. Wallace wants water, and Antonio offers to go and get it.  He leaves and Beth asks her mother why she has to ruin everything.  Mrs. Wallace isnít going to let the girl ruin Luis and Sheridan together.   Mrs. Wallace feels a little damp again. She tells Beth to come and help her wipe herself.  Beth wonders how much longer she has to put up with this woman.  As Mrs. Wallace heads to the doorway, the green smoke comes and Beth and Mrs. Wallace have a vision together. 

Beth is old and drinking booze while reading a magazine, and someone comes to the door. She heads over to the door slowly and carrying her bottle.  She answers to a delivery man who has a birthday cake for her.  It is her mother that ordered the cake.  Her mother comes from the back room announcing that it is her 520th birthday.

Beth is horrified at that vision.  Mrs. Wallace knows that she better start stocking up on her diapers.

The kids run up to the yellow car, and they find Simone unconscious in the car with her head thrown back on the seat. She has a long cut on her forehead.  Whitney screams in horror at seeing her sister this way and knowing that she was the one that caused her to hurt herself.  Kay comes up and is horrified at seeing her friend this way.  Simone wakes and she is helped from the car.  Simone tells Whitney to stay away from her. She wants nothing to do with Chad and Whitney. She tells everyone that she walked in on Chad and Whitney holding each other.  Charity tells Simone that she shouldnít worry, as many strange things have been happening that night.  She had a vision and Whitney confirms that things have been funny.  Whitney tells Simone that she saw Simone and Chad together.  That is enough for Simone. She runs to Chad telling him that she is sorry for what she was thinking.  She thinks that Chad was just comforting her sister, and trying to help her. She begs for his forgiveness. She throws herself at him saying that she is sorry.

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