Passions Update Thursday 9/19/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Tabitha tells Hecuba and Connie that they wonít be able to control the potion. Connie asks her what she is talking about. Tabby says that the potion is too powerful. Hecuba says that they have everything under control. Tabby just shakes her head. Hecuba reflects on what she has done. She has flashes of everyone she brought evil too. She once again tells Tabby that she has things under control.

Chad hugs Whitney and tells her to forget the vision. Simone walks up and sees Whitney and Chad hugging. Simone runs to them, and asks them what the hell they think they are doing. Whitney says that they have something to tell her. Simone says that she doesnít want to hear it. Whitney grabs her and tells her that she is going to hear it. Simone says that she already knows. Simone tells Whitney that Kay was right. Simone tells her that she never thought that her own sister would betray her. Or that the man she loves would betray her.

Charity watches as Miguel and Kay kiss. Miguel sees Charity and runs to her. He tells her that he didnít know what he was doing. He asks John why he brought Charity to the party. John tells him that Charity was determined to come. Charity then passes out. Kay whispers that Miguel is hers now. Miguel yells for Charity to wake up, she does. Miguel tells Charity that she should be at the party. Charity says that she senses evil. Miguel tells her that Kay and he had a vision that was the evil. Charity looks over her shoulder, and sees the green smoke. She tells everyone to look. They all see the smoke and say that it wasnít there before.

Hecuba says that once they have seen the smoke, they will never forget their visions. Connie says that they visions will now cause pain.

Sam sees David and Grace kissing. He runs up to them, and tells David to get his damn hand off of his wife. Sam then punches David. Ivy whispers that David is finally doing his job. Grace yells for them to stop fighting. Sam backs off, and asks Grace what was going on. Grace says that it is not what he thinks. Phyllis walks in and tells Sam that she is sorry for walking in on him and Ivy kissing. Grace yells you were kissing Ivy! Ivy tells David that she never liked Phyllis, but now she is her favorite maid.

In her room, Theresa remembers what she saw in her vision. Ethan walks in, and asks her why she is crying. Theresa tells Ethan that they are met to be together. Ethan says that he loves Gwen. Theresa tells him that she loves him, and he loves her. She asks him to admit that he loves her. Ethan tells her that he loved her at one point in time, but he canít be with her anymore. Theresa fakes a pain in her stomach, and tells Ethan that it has been happening since she gave birth. During the whole conversation Gwen was outside the door listening. Ethan goes to get a heating pad for her. Gwen walks in.

Sheridan and Luis go into the Library to talk. Luis asks her why she is still upset about her vision. Sheridan remembers what she saw. She tells Luis that if they never fell in love he would be with Beth. Sheridan asks him if she is keeping him from his true love, Beth. Luis tells Sheridan that he wants to be with her, not Beth. Sheridan tells him what Antonio said about first loves. Luis admits that he did love Beth, but he didnít marry her. Sheridan says that Luis might be happier with Beth. Luis asks Sheridan why she is pushing him away. Sheridan tells him that she is not pushing him away she is just telling him what she is feeling.

Simone yells that she will never forgive Whitney or Chad. She says that she never wants to see them again, she takes off. Chad tells Whitney that they should have told her sooner so they could explain. Whitney says that they have to find her. Whitney grabs Simone, and tells her that she canít leave. Simone says that she canít stand Whitney. Simone gets into an old yellow classic car. Whitney tells Simone that the car is not even hers. Simone says that she doesnít care. She grabs the key, and starts the car. She then speeds away.

Hecuba and Connie yell for her to drive faster. Hecuba hints that she is going to crash.

Sam tells Grace that he can explain. Grace tells him that what he did with Ivy was no different from what she did with David.

Gwen asks Theresa what she is up too. Theresa tells Gwen that Ethan is thinking of her right now, not Gwen. Gwen tells Theresa that Ethan loves her. Ethan comes back and gives Theresa that heating pad. Gwen asks him if he would dance with her. Ethan says that he would love to. They leave. Theresa vows to have Ethan.

Outside, Charity says that everyone has to be on guard, and be honest. Hecuba zaps Kay on the back making her remember her and Miguel having sex. Kay walks up to Charity, and tells her that she has something she has to tell her.

Luis asks Sheridan if her feelings for him have changed. Sheridan says that she wants to be with him. Sheridan says that she just wants him to be happy. Luis tells Sheridan that love is a commitment, and he is not getting that vibe from her. Luis asks her if she is ending their relationship.

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