Passions Update Wednesday 9/18/02

Passions Update Wednesday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Whitney and Chad wonder what their life would be like if they ever tell Simone. The green smoke makes it’s way to them and shows them just what they asked. In their vision, they see Whitney as a professional tennis player. She comes home to a big house. Simone runs out and screams that Whitney is home. Whitney asks Simone if their parents are home. Simone says that they are in Florida enjoying their retirement. Whitney asks if anyone else is home. Simone tells her that Chad is home. Chad walks out with a little girl in his arms. Chad says that Little Whitney is hungry. Simone grabs the baby and tells her that she has the best Daddy in the whole world. Chad then kisses Simone. They snap out of it and Whitney tells Chad what she saw.

In the hospital, John and Charity bond over poetry. Charity reads a poem that she likes, and asks John to read one, also. John recites a poem to Charity, "The 11th hour is nigh. Should I allow myself a sigh, a moment of regret? Words left unsaid, feelings unexpressed, loves lost forever." Charity tells him that she has never heard of that one. He tells her that he wrote it before he met Grace.

Connie and Hecuba laugh over how lame John is being. Tabitha reminds them that the spell they used is very powerful, and once unleashed it can not be controlled. Hecuba tells her that she has lost her edge. Connie tells Tabby to come over and take a look, Tabby declines.

Simone walks over to Kay and asks her what’s going on. Kay tells her that she can’t wait for David and Ivy to break up her parents. Simone looks shocked. Simone asks her what she meant. Kay tells her to forget it. Simone tells her that there is no way she is going to forget that. Kay tells her that when Grace and Sam are broken up they will be too upset to worry about her. Kay tells Simone that Grace never believes her. Kay tells her about Miguel's drink being spiked, and how Grace blamed Kay. Simone tells Kay to talk to Grace again. Kay says, "No, Simone, she should have believed me the first time that I did it, but she never believes me. She always blames me for everything. But when it comes to Charity and John, oh, they're perfect. They never do anything wrong, only her evil daughter, Kay. She always puts them, and everyone else ahead of me, and I'm just sick and tired of it. And my mom’s going to have to pay for everything that she’s done to me. I hope Ivy just steals my dad right from underneath her nose so that she can suffer the exact same way I've been suffering."

Ivy tells Sam that she loved him very much. Sam says the same thing. Sam leans over and kisses Ivy. Phyllis walks in on them. Ivy asks her if she has ever heard of knocking. Phyllis apologizes, and says that she won’t say a thing. Phyllis leaves. Sam tells Ivy that the kiss never should have happened. Sam says that he doesn’t know what came over him. Ivy says, "I know, Sam. It’s the same thing that came over me. It’s all the love and the needing and the wanting, all the emotions that we have kept pent-up all these years -- all these emotions that are not going to go away until they're satisfied."

David walks into the room that Grace is in and tells her that he heard what Kay said to her. David tells her that he doesn’t want her to be alone. Grace smiles, and tells him that she won’t be very good company. David tells her to talk to him. Grace opens up and says, "I don’t know what to do. I'm just so lost. Kay seems so angry at me all the time. She lashes out in the most inappropriate manner. She seems to blame me for everything. And I don’t know. Maybe she’s right. Maybe I am the reason for her behavior. I set an excellent example, living out of wedlock with Sam. I mean, sure, I had amnesia when I married him, so I didn’t remember I was married to you, but nevertheless, it’s still a sin in the eyes of the church. And that’s why -- that’s why it’s so important that you obtain that annulment so I can remarry Sam." Grace then asks David how the annulment is going. David tells her that he is having a problem with it. David tells Grace that the problem is that he is still in love with her.

John tells Charity that it was really hard growing up without a mother. Charity agrees, and tells John that they have something in common, someone that loves them. John tells her that she has that with Miguel to. John tells her that he doesn’t think he will ever find the right girl. Charity tells him that he will find the right girl some day.

Connie says, "At this rate I'll earn my horns and pitchfork in no time."

Grace tells David that she can’t return his feelings, she loves Sam. David tells her that she fell in love with Sam while she was married to him. David says, " You know, I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if you hadn’t got amnesia, if you'd never met Sam. What would it have been like then?" The green smoke goes to them and shows them what they wondered. David comes home to Grace. She walks out in nothing but a fur coat. Grace says that she found a way to keep him home more often. David asks her what that way is. Grace takes off the coat and jumps his bones.

Ivy tells Sam that they were met to be together. Sam tells her that she would have gone crazy living a middle class life. Ivy says that she would have loved it. Ivy tells Sam that while they were kissing, Grace was the furthest thing from his mind. Sam says that is not true. Ivy then says, "You can’t deny it, Sam. You can’t forget it. You still love me, and you still want me. You want to make love to me, right here and right now." Sam pulls away and tells Ivy that he loves Grace, and as soon as the annulment goes through, they are going to get married. Sam then leaves to find Grace.

Simone asks Kay if she is willing to risk her parents' marriage for Miguel. Kay says that she and Miguel are meant to be together. Miguel walks up and asks Kay if they cam leave the party and go check on Charity. Kay asks him if they could stay a little longer. The green smoke goes to them and makes them imagine things. Kay is in her room, and Miguel walks in. He tells her that he made the football team at college, and got a full scholarship. Kay tells him that is great news. Miguel says that now he doesn’t have to worry about college money. Miguel gets down on one knee, and asks Kay to marry him. Kay says yes, and Charity walks in. Charity introduces herself to Kay as her cousin. Kay shows Charity her new engagement ring. Charity congratulates her. Kay then asks Charity to be her matron of honor. Charity tells her that she would love to. Miguel and Kay wake up, and wonder what happened. Miguel says that it was a nightmare. Kay tells him that they were meant to be together.

Charity gets a pain, so John asks her what is wrong. Charity tells John that they have to go the party, she senses evil.

Chad tells Whitney that he would never marry Simone. They go back into the trace. Simone says that she and Chad made a beautiful baby. Chad says that she looks just like her mother. Simone hands the baby to Whitney. Whitney says that she needs her diaper to be changed. Simone asks Whitney if she would change it for her, she would like to spend some time alone with Chad. Whitney and Chad snap out of it. Chad asks Whitney what that was. Whitney says that she doesn't know. Chad says that they need to tell Simone that they are in love right away. Whitney and Chad kiss and Simone sees.

David and Grace wake up and wonder what that was. David tells Grace that was what life would be like without Sam. David tells Grace that if she wanted to be with Sam, the annulment wouldn’t matter. David tells Grace that she still has feelings for him. David pulls Grace into a kiss.

Sam and Ivy walk by and see David and Grace kissing.

Charity and John arrive at the party. Charity senses that the evil is very close. They walk into the party room and see Kay and Miguel kissing!

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