Passions Update Tuesday 9/17/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Hecuba, Connie and Tabitha watch as the potion makes it’s way around the Crane mansion. Connie asks Hecuba how she got the potion. Hecuba tells Connie that she made the potion. Hecuba tells Connie that she is glad that she doesn’t talk in the third person like Timmy did. Connie asks whom they should start with. Hecuba says that they could start with Sheridan, but they’ll save her for later. Connie suggests that they start with Sam and Ivy. Hecuba agrees.

In the library, Ivy sees a book that is glowing. She picks it up and a letter falls out. It is a letter that she wrote to Sam while he was on the boat. She figures that her father stopped the letter from getting to Sam. She opens it up and starts to read it. Sam walks in and asks her why she is so upset. Ivy drops the letter and Sam picks it up and asks her what it is. She tells him that it was a letter for him that just never reached him. Ivy says that things would be different if her father would have just left them alone. Sam asks her if she would have been happy being a cop’s wife. Ivy tells him that she would be happy just being with him. Sam tells Ivy that is all in the past; he is with Grace now. Sam turns to find Grace but the green smoke raps around him and Ivy. They start to imagine what their lives would be like. Sam walks in the kitchen to find Ivy in an apron and crying. Sam asks her what is wrong; he turns her around and sees that she is laughing. Ivy says that she read something really funny in the comics. Ivy opens up the oven and says that she made Sam his favorite, tuna casserole. Ivy walks over the table, and asks Sam if he want to walk some donations over to the homeless shelter later. Sam says OK, and tells Ivy that she is the perfect little homemaker.

Tabitha tells Connie and Hecuba that she could have guessed that would happen. Connie asks Hecuba if they should show her more. Hecuba says that she wants to check in on Whitney and Theresa.

Theresa walks up to Whitney and asks her what she is holding; it’s a picture of Chad. Theresa smiles and gets a picture of Ethan, Luis, Antonio, and her together. Theresa tells Whitney that she and Ethan are going to be together tonight. Whitney asks her how she stays so optimistic. Theresa tells Whitney that she just does. Whitney asks Theresa what she thinks would being happening right now if she never went to the carnival with Ethan. Theresa says that it doesn’t matter. The green smoke then makes its way to Theresa and raps around her. Theresa gets dizzy and has visions. She imagines an older version of Ethan and Gwen, they are married. Theresa is their housekeeper. She tells them that dinner is almost ready. Gwen walks out of the room and Theresa asks Ethan if he needs anything else. Ethan says No, and Theresa starts to walk away. Ethan falls to the floor; he is having a heart attack. Theresa goes to him and tells him that she will get Gwen. Ethan tells her that he just wants her. Ethan tells Theresa that he has always loved her. Theresa says that she only worked for him so she could be close to him. Ethan then dies. Theresa comes out of her trance and tells Whitney what she saw.

Hecuba asks Connie if she wants some snacks, while she makes popcorn and candy appear. They then look in on Sheridan.

Sheridan wonders what her life would be like if she met Antonio first. Gwen tells her that it doesn’t matter, because she met Luis and they fell in love. The green stuff then raps around her. She imagines herself asleep in the cottage. Antonio sits down and tells her to wake up. She asks him where their kids are. He tells her that they are at the pool with Pilar and they will be there for hours. Sheridan smiles and they start to kiss. Antonio tells her that he wants to show her how much he loves her. Sheridan says that she wants to do the same. Luis and Beth walk in and interrupt them. Beth says that she is married to the most wonderful man in the world. Sheridan comes out of the trance and tells Gwen that she and Luis were very happy. Gwen asks her what could possibly be wrong with that. Sheridan tells her that she was with Antonio and Luis was with Beth.

Ivy and Sam continue to imagine their twisted visions. Ethan walks in the kitchen in a police uniform. Ethan and Sam agree that Ivy is a wonderful mother. Ivy walks over to the counter and cuts a piece of tomato soup cake. She tells Ethan and Sam that she tried something new. She asks them to taste the cake. They love it. They snap out of it and Ivy asks Sam if she was really wearing an apron. Sam asks her what that was. Ivy tells him that it was proof that they would have been happy together. Ivy tells Sam that she loved him. Sam tells Ivy that he loved her. They Kiss!

Connie asks Hecuba if Ivy made Graces’ disgusting cake. Hecuba says that it’s Ivy’s gross cake now.

The green smoke wraps around Sheridan tighter and she imagines things again. She asks Luis and Beth when they are going to have children. Beth and Luis giggle and say someday. Antonio tells Beth to not let Luis push her into anything, show him who wears the pants in the relationship. Luis laughs and says that Sheridan has Antonio wrapped around her little finger. Sheridan snaps out of it and tells Gwen that she didn’t love Luis at all, she loved Antonio. Sheridan wonders if she goes with Antonio maybe he will live. Gwen tells Sheridan that she loves Luis too much to leave him. Gwen says that Luis would be so hurt if she left him. Sheridan tells her that Luis would be hurt even more if Antonio really does die.

The evil girls rejoice that Sheridan is having doubts.

Ethan walks up to Theresa and asks her where Chad is. Chad shows up and asks Whitney where Simone is. Whitney tells Chad that she went on for a tour of the house. Theresa tells Ethan about her vision. Ethan tells her that he had the same one. Ethan tells Theresa that nothing has changed. Theresa tells him that is not true, they were meant to be together. Ethan says that he came here with Gwen and leaves.

Chad asks Whitney what their life would be like if he came to Harmony at a different time. The green smoke approaches them.

Luis walks up to Sheridan and Gwen and tells Gwen that Ethan is looking for her. Sheridan tells Luis that she would do anything to make him happy, even sacrifice her happiness with him. Luis asks her what is going on. Luis thinks that Sheridan is down about Antonio. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her, and she loves him, and they can do anything.

Hecuba says that this is like a train wreck. A toy train appears with everyone's picture on it and crashes. Hecuba and Connie laugh as they look at everyone. They watch as Sam and Ivy kiss. Theresa looks at Ethan and Gwen together. Luis kisses Sheridan’s cheek. Antonio looks at Beth, Beth looks at Sheridan and Luis.

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