Passions Update Monday 9/16/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Ethan promises Gwen that nothing will take him from her.  Gwen knows that she is not going to let Theresa take him from her again.

Antonio can see that Sheridan is upset looking at Beth. He thinks that it is because her mother is there, and that is reminding Sheridan of her own mother.  Sheridan wonders if she will die young like her mother.  Antonio hugs her for comfort.

Mrs. Wallace talks to Luis, knowing that he is in pain, seeing the woman that he loves in someone else’s arms. They have to keep up the ruse. If Antonio knows the truth, that could kill him, and they don’t want that.  Mrs. Wallace thinks that the way that Antonio is holding Sheridan means that he has only one thing in mind. She would like to remind him that Sheridan is his one true love.  Beth is hearing everything that her mother is saying, and she hates her for it.

Hecuba is trying to get Connie to open a vial that will screw up lives big time.  Tabitha is outside the door and shouts to the doll to do as she has been told.  Hecuba would like to have her freedom, and in exchange she will let Connie cause hell.  Tabitha says no. She is not to believe in Hecuba. What is it going to be Connie?  Connie thinks over what the miniature form of Hecuba is telling her.  She would like to cause hell, but should she do this?

Eve and TC make up after he has seen her alone talking to Julian.  Eve remembers Julian warning her that her life will be a shambles if anyone finds out that he and she had a child together.  She has to agree. Why does she come to these parties, as something bizarre always happens.

Antonio assures Sheridan that she is not going to die young.  He tells her that they are going to have a family, and be together forever.  She looks over to Luis who is standing with Beth and looking back over at her.

Whitney wants Theresa to think about the way that she has been acting.  Is all of this worth getting Ethan back?

Ethan comes to talk to Chad about the recording studio, and Simone pries her fingers from holding Chad and gives them privacy.  Chad thanks him for saving her.  This is getting ridiculous, and he can’t find the right time to tell Simone that she is living a lie.  Simone wants to help him find his parents, and that is making it harder for Chad to hurt Simone.

Mrs. Wallace is happy that she is at the party, and that Luis is catering to her. 

Beth overhears Julian referring to her mother as a bag lady, and she is horrified and embarrassed.  Beth tells her mother that it is time to go, but the old woman will not be moved.  Luis offers to get the woman something to eat.  She is happy with that suggestion.  Mrs. Wallace gets a horrified look on her face.  “Oh no.  I am afraid that I had an accident and I wet myself.”  Everyone looks horrified at the old woman and her bodily functions.

Sheridan talks to Gwen and is scared about Beth and Luis getting together.  Sheridan wonders what would have happened if Luis had married Luis back in high school. They would have been together then, and Luis wouldn’t be with her.  She would have never fallen for Luis, and they never would have met. She remembers dancing with him…him trying to save her from drowning…feeding him with her fork…playing in the snow…swinging from a rope when he was given orders to protect her…his getting on his knees and proposing to her…dancing the tango…dragging him fully clothed into the shower with her, and just spending quiet time with him.  He has changed her life, and she loves him with all her heart and soul.  Gwen knows that Luis feels the same way.  Luis didn’t marry Beth, and that means something.  Sheridan worries that Beth may still be in Luis’s heart.  Gwen tries to make her see sense.  Sheridan can’t help thinking that Luis was Beth’s first love.  Gwen knows that Luis was Beth’s love, but what about Sheridan’s first love? Who was that?  Her first love wasn’t Jean Luc.  It was something else. He only cared for her money.  It wasn’t until she had met Luis that she knew what true love was.  If there was no Luis, who would she be?  Sheridan says quickly that she would be with Antonio.  That would be her first love, and that is who she would be with.

Simone talks to her parents. She is happier than she has ever been. She doesn’t disrespect Whitney, but she is happier than she has ever been. Chad is her whole world.  TC can see that his daughter is growing up. She runs off with glee.  TC is surer than ever that Chad and Simone are meant to be.

Mrs. Wallace is upset that she has no diaper. She didn’t think that she was going to need a diaper that night but the punch has gone right through her. She even went ‘no-no’ through the antique chair that she is sitting on.

Tabitha gets into the room where the doll is talking to Hecuba.  Tabitha warns the doll about Hecuba. The doll only wants to destroy lives, and she will pop the cork to make mayhem.  Hecuba tells her to just open the vial and let the devastation begin.  Tabitha tells her that the spell is too powerful.  The doll doesn’t think that Tabitha is much of  witch.  She is a good witch, and she has her own plans. Her plan has to play out on schedule. If the vial is used, then everything will be ruined.  Tabitha reaches for the vial, but the doll doesn’t let her get it.  She says that she is not going to open the vial, she throws it on the floor instead watching the contents ooze out and a green vapor start rising.  Tabitha knows that doom beyond their wildest dreams is about to occur.  Hecuba loves that the ooze is finally out.  Tabitha knows that this is a disaster.  The green fog rises from the ground to Tabitha, and she covers her face. She sees what could have been. She gets a vision of herself being a nun and helping others. That is too bad as the fog will get even worse, and she will see even more.  The doll and Hecuba laugh at her as she tries to avoid the foggy green gas.  More visions come to Tabitha.

She is a nun, and she tells a younger nun that prayer is the way to God. The Lord of our Salvation.  When she is alone she kneels and sings. “Michael row the boat ashore…Hallelujah!”

Tabitha is shrieking in terror at seeing herself as a nun.  Hecuba loves this. She is a witch, and look at the terror in her veins. When the regular human gets a whiff of this stuff, they are going to really freak out.

Beth has been embarrassed enough. She decides that she has to go home, and take her mother with her.  She offers to pay for the couch no matter what it costs.  Mrs. Wallace still sits on the couch unmoving.  Beth knows that her mother is still trying to embarrass her by acting a fool.  Her mother knows that Luis loves Sheridan, and that is all that matters.  Beth swears that Luis will be hers. She swears it.

As Gwen and Sheridan talk, the green vapor rises, and moves into the room along the floor.

Hecuba, the doll and Tabitha are watching the scene upstairs through a pool that gives them vision.  They look down and see Antonio, Sheridan, Luis, Beth, Whitney and Theresa….and Ethan, Gwen, Simone, Chad, TC, Eve and Julian.  Tabitha knows that something really terrible is going to happen, and she hides her face from it.

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