Passions Update Friday 9/13/02

Passions Update Friday 9/13/02

By Glynis
Proofread by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

At the party, Theresa is fantasizing about how Ethan is going to react when he sees her.  She envisions that she comes down the stairs and Ethan is struck by her beauty.  He leaves Gwen standing alone and goes to her.  Theresa is sure that this is just how her entrance is going to play.

Mrs. Wallace arrives at the party unexpectedly. She wants to find her way through the crowd to surprise her daughter.  She wants to see the expression on her daughter’s face.  Mommy’s coming.

Eve tells her husband that she knows what he wants, Whitney to be a tennis start so that she will not get involved with Chad.  TC thinks that Whitney is focused on her tennis.  One day she is going to be on top.  Eve tells him that he is living vicariously through his daughter.  He is sure that she is on fire for the game of tennis.  TC gets angry with his wife and walks off. 

Beth got upset when Antonio gave his blessing for she and Luis to get married.  She apologizes for getting upset.  She promises to be fine.  Hank offers to dance with her all night.  Mrs. Wallace sees her daughter talking to Luis and Hank, and she knows that the party is about to be over.  Luis wants Beth to be okay with pretending that they are still going to get married.  She is fine with it.  He thinks that she is amazing. She hasn’t been to a wedding like this before, so she is going to make the best of it.  Mrs. Wallace makes her presence known.  “HEY BETHIE!”  Beth and the others at the party turn in horror to see Beth’s mother standing with her walker waving frantically to her daughter. She comes over to her daughter and her group telling her that she finally made it after all.  Luis tries to hide his embarrassment for Beth.  Mrs. Wallace is glad to be at the wedding and tells them that she used to cut a rug.  She tells everyone that if you want to know what a woman is going to be like, look at her mother.  Hank says that Beth is going to be a beauty.  Beth disagrees.  She thinks that she is a lot different from her mother.  Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter that she will be exactly like her mother in every way.

Antonio is glad that Luis and Beth are getting married, as they should have been married after high school.  If they had done that, they would have had kids and a life together.

Theresa tells Whitney that she has gotten back with Ethan, but not yet.  Theresa is sure that this is going to happen.  Theresa is sure that this is going to happen in the hall of Crane Industries. She has a job there as Vice President of ‘Who Cares’. The point is that she is going to have all the Crane power at her disposal, and she is going to return the power that Ethan has lost to him. That is going to bring them closer and closer together. She is sure that this is going to work.  Whitney knows that she got this plan from somewhere.  It must be from some dark evil spirit.  Theresa wants Ethan back and she is going to use everything that she has to get him.

Eve can’t understand why TC can’t see what he is doing to his daughter. She is alone in Julian’s study.  He enters and tells her that the last time that she him was in that same room.  She threatened him but he still finds her incredibly attractive.  He moves towards her and she pushes him back.  He has something to say to her, but she doesn’t want to hear it. He says that he has done a lot of soul searching. When he was gone and thought to be dead, he thought about mistakes that he had made.  He realized that the thing that was crystal clear to him was that he should have stayed with her.  She can’t believe what she is hearing. He nearly destroyed her life.  She has TC and the girls now. She knows what he wanted from her all along.  He admits that she was right.  She still was the best thing that ever happened to her.  He should have treated her better, but he didn’t.  When he found out that she was pregnant, he just tossed her away. She is everything that a man could want, and he loved her.  He didn’t have enough courage to stand up to his father. The idea of a black Mrs. Crane was horrible to Alistair.  He should have stood up to Alistair.  Julian knows that he was terribly wrong.  He admits it freely.  She thinks of their son and how she was told that the child died. She thinks that the child lived. She remembers being in the hospital and seeing someone dressed in black walking out with her child. She was pounding on the glass shouting, but no one came to help her.  Julian is sorry for that memory that she has.  Eve is sure that Alistair might have been behind this so that he wouldn’t have a grandchild that was African-American.  Part of Julian thinks that having a child out there would be wonderful.  If their son is alive, what then?  What would happen with their lives?  TC would kill him. What would he do to Eve?  All that Julian is saying is that their son could destroy her family.  TC walks in and finds his wife with Julian. He warns the man to stay away from his wife. 

The doll is in a private room in the Crane house, and she intentionally breaks things as she finds them.  She drops a vase and the room starts to shake.  From the vase comes a line of smoke.  The doll wonders what that is.  A figure appears.  It is a miniature of Hecuba.  “Who dares disturb me?”  Hecuba can see that the doll is a different creature.  Hecuba is not afraid of the creature. She has done many things in her life that would make a billy goat puke.  Hecuba thinks that maybe they can help each other, as they both want to create suffering.  Hecuba has the perfect way.  They are going to work together.  First they will make a deal…Tabitha is nearby and hears Hecuba telling the doll how to set her free.  She has to find a bottle.  Tabitha has to stop this before things get any further.  Hecuba tells the doll that they can help each other. Do they have a deal? They have a deal.  Hecuba tells her to go and find the bottle that Hecuba is trapped in, open the bottle, and set her free.  There is a vial nearby.  Tabitha hears everything and knows that the vial is a terrible thing.  The doll takes the vial and learns that evil is in the vial and will cause trouble all over.  Hecuba promises that with freedom for her, the doll will be able to deliver hell.  The doll seriously considers all that she has been told.

Gwen and Ethan discuss Sheridan’s plight of trying to get with Luis.  Gwen is sure that she will make her way to Luis.  She uses them as an example of what she is trying to say. She is scared of losing him again.  She is afraid that something is going to happen to take him from her.  He assures her that nothing is going to take him from her again.  He leaves and she vows to herself that she will not let Theresa take him from her again.

Chad remembers coming to Whitney’s house and seeing her in her gown for the party. She was gorgeous and looked really nice.  Simone finds him thinking, and knows that something is wrong.  He tells her that nothing is wrong.  She thinks that he is thinking about his parents.  He thinks that it is not possible that his parents are still out there.  Simone is sure that if he keeps at it, he will find his parents.  She is going to do everything that she can to help him find his parents.

Antonio and Sheridan talk and they discuss Katherine, her mother.  She loved her daughter very much.  Sheridan is sad with the discussion, and he holds her to comfort her.

Mrs. Wallace knows that Luis is pained by seeing the woman, that he loves, with his brother.  Luis knows that they have to keep up the pretence that Antonio is really engaged to Sheridan.  He may die if they don’t do that.  Beth is standing off and hearing her mother talk to Luis.  Mrs. Wallace reminds Luis that no matter what, Sheridan is his one true love and no one should get between them. 

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