Passions Update Thursday 9/12/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer
Proofread by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Whitney is alone in her room. She is getting ready for the party tonight. She has a beautiful pink dress out of her closet that she has selected for the party. She envisions herself in the dress. She is going to look beautiful for Chad. Even though they can't show their love for one another, she can still look her best for him. Simone rushes into Whitney's room looking for a dress. She is in the middle of getting ready too. She has her hair in rollers and is wearing a robe. She rushes to the closet to get the dress that she would like to wear, but it isn't there. Whitney has the dress up against her body thinking how wonderful she is going to look in it. She soon realizes that this is the dress that her sister wants to wear for the party. Simone wants that dress and she grabs it from her sister. She doesn't even acknowledge the fact that Whitney was thinking of wearing that very dress to the party herself. That is the very dress that Simone wants to wear and she runs off with it squealing like a prize pig.

Grace is in her fancy dress and Sam loves the way that she looks. It is black and tight fitting and she looks great in it. She had to do some alterations to it to get it to fit her just right, but it was well worth all the trouble. They kiss. He would like to forget the party and just spend time alone with her. It has been some time since he has had his hands on her in this way and he misses his wife and the way that she makes him feel when they are making love. She knows that is not a good idea. She has made a promise to God to set things straight and that means that they shouldn't be making love until this whole mess with her marriage to David is taken care of. He knows how she feels about that but they have been married for 20 years and they should be able to make love in spite of not being married. He knows that God would understand that. He tries to seduce her and she would like to be seduced, but she would like to set a good example for the kids. Sam thinks that the best thing that they could do for Kay is to show that her parents love each other. He doesn't let up and soon they are lying on the couch ready to do the deed. David is outside the house looking in when Ivy calls him on his cell phone. He tells Ivy that Sam and Grace are about to make love. This infuriates Ivy and she tells him that he has to stop them as she wants Sam with her tonight and not Grace.

Rebecca is ready for the party, but Julian is not. He has no inkling to go to this party. The people at that party have been making his life a living hell, and he doesn't feel like pretending that he likes them in order to get along. Rebecca wants him to go to the party with her. Not only is he her escort, but he has every right to be there. She can see how he wouldn't want to go to the party, but if he is alone there at house, she points out, the person that tried to kill him before, may want to finish the job with him alone in his room. She is trying to make him see that he is safer with her at the party, with everyone else than alone in his room. He thinks about that for a moment.

Sheridan and Antonio show up at the party together. She is beautiful in her light blue gown and sequined top. Antonio hugs Beth telling her that he is happy that she is with Luis. She loves to hear that. She is hoping that she can make it true one day soon. Beth is happy that he is with Sheridan and she tells him so with the biggest smile that she can muster up. She is beautiful in her mouse brown sequined gown, but not as stunning as Sheridan is in her dress. No matter. She still feels that she can get Luis's attention soon enough. Antonio suggests that Luis hug his sister-in-law to be. Sheridan goes to Luis and he tells her quietly that he has found a way for them to be together that night. She tells him to stop this talk, but he will not be stopped. He has definitely found a way that they can see each other. Pilar joins the group and they all learn that Spanish music is going to be played that night. That is a delight to all that are present. Everyone loves Spanish music, especially Luis and Sheridan. Someone asks about Beth's mother. Beth explains that her mother couldn't make the party as she is ill and needs to be in bed. Everyone talks of the way that she has given up her life to take care of her mother. They think that she is a saint. It has been difficult for her at times, she admits, but Beth tries to keep a positive attitude, no matter what and she just plods on and does her best to take care of the woman that gave her life. Antonio wants to have a talk with Beth as they have some catching up to do. He used to know her back in the day, but then he left town and this is going to be the first time that they will get to talk of personal things. He walks off with Beth, and leaves Sheridan with Luis. Luis isn't sure how much more of this he can take. Pretending to be Sheridan's friend is weighing on him more than he thought that it would. He has had many moments where he was ready to tell the man the truth, even if it killed him.

Chad comes to Eve's house and he is dressed to a tee. Whitney comes out dressed for the party and Chad tells her that she is gorgeous. TC comes down ready for the party too and he greets Chad. TC shows her a brochure for tennis in the next week. If she is to go into the grand slam, she is going to have to give it everything that she has. Simone comes down dressed for the party and Chad tells her that she looks pretty in the dress. TC makes Simone and Chad pose for a picture. After all, this is Simone's first big date. Chad looks over at Whitney longingly and Eve catches the stare.

Sam and Grace are getting into it on the couch when David comes to the door. Grace lets him in, and that makes Sam very unhappy.

Mrs. Wallace is telling herself that she is not going to let her daughter get her hooks into Luis. One way or the other, she is going to find a way to stop Beth.

At the party, Kay asks for a drink and Miguel leads the way for them to get some sodas.

Antonio and Beth are alone outside of the party and he brings up that she and Luis where engaged and never married. She explains that there were reasons why she didn't marry Luis. Luis felt obligated to take care of his family, but that is the only reason that Luis didn't marry her. Antonio feels that his leaving the family was the reason that Beth and Luis didn't marry. Beth was Luis's first love and they should be married and have children now. Antonio knows that he was the one responsible for them not getting married. He thinks back to threatening Julian, who told him that he should leave town and not wreck things for his whole family. She comes up with the idea that he and Sheridan should elope and get their marriage over. Antonio likes this idea. She tells him that they should keep this secret to themselves and he agrees. Antonio thinks that she is the best choice for his brother. She has something to do, and he guesses that she has to call her mother. That wasn't what she was going to do, but she does it anyway. Something weird is going on as the phone keeps ringing. The woman must be in bed already.

Tabitha is on her way to the party, and she knows that the doll is on her way there, too. She knows that the doll is nothing but trouble. She is with Jessica and Reese and tells them to go ahead to the party without her and she will take a cab.

Inside the house, the party is starting and Luis and Sheridan sway slowly to the Spanish music. He can't stop himself from snuggling her ear. That feels so good to her. She has missed these times. They should have been married by now. All this craziness happened when their boat exploded and Julian was the one that caused it. She could just kill him for that.

Julian is dressed for the party now. He doesn't want to be alone while the party is going on and so he has shown up. Rebecca thinks that he has nothing to fear. He agrees and they both enter the fray. He sees Luis and Sheridan dancing closely and he goes up to them and greets his sister. He tells her that he is delighted to have her at home. She pulls back and slugs him right in the chops. Everyone at the party stops and stares. She tells him quietly that she knows that he is the one that caused her to be away for a long time. She warns him that if he interferes in her life again, he is going to wind up dead. Julian knows that he has to get out of there when he sees Antonio. He heads up the stairs and Antonio follows him.

Mrs. Wallace is on her walker slowly making her way to the party. She is not going to be thrown away that easily. She is going to make sure that Beth does not marry Luis.

Zombie shows up to the party. When she sees the guests that are there she is happy with glee. She knows that this can only mean TROUBLE!

Kay would like to dance with Miguel, but has Charity on the brain. She thinks that he isn't dancing with her as he is mad at her for sleeping with him. He isn't and to prove it, he dances with her.

David, Grace and Sam all arrive together. Sam and Grace head to the dance floor. Ivy wants to know if they slept together, and David assures her that they haven't. Sam is a very sexual creature and Ivy knows that he will not be able to do without a woman for long. David can't stand talking to Ivy like this and he walks off.

Rebecca tells Grace that she looks good in her designer dress. Rebecca had a dress like that and wonders where Grace got hers. Grace bought her dress at a consignment shop. Ivy tells Grace that she looks wonderful in her dress, as not every woman has good taste as she does. She wheels herself off to where David is. David knows that her comments were for Sam's benefit. She will do whatever she can to get what she wants.

Grace and Sam see that Kay is coming on to Miguel. They know that this has to stop as someone is going to get hurt. Namely Kay.

Kay, Reese and Tabitha talk and discuss how the car has mysteriously arrived at the party by itself. Someone must be playing tricks on them.

Zombie sees Kay and Miguel having fun and she goes over to the drink table and laces Miguel's drink with booze. She is unseen at this party and stands back to watch the fun.

Antonio finds Julian in another part of the house. He grabs him with one hand by the scruff of the neck, up against the wall. He hates the man. Antonio tells him that he could just kill him right there and right now. Julian warns him to unhand him. There are eyewitnesses in their midst. Rebecca walks into the room and Julian implores her to tell Antonio that she will testify if Antonio hurts him. Antonio puts the man on notice. If Julian hurts his family, he will make the man pay. He lets go of Julian and Julian heads to the booze. Rebecca asks him again to tell her what happened so long ago. Julian really doesn't want to tell her what happened so long ago. She suggests that they go back to the party. Something interesting always happens at a Crane party and she doesn't want to miss it.

TC and Eve arrive and he can't believe that they are there after promising never to return after the last party.

Simone and Chad arrive with Whitney in back. Simone says that she just loves this music and she drags Chad off to dance. Whitney asks about Theresa and learns that she is still up in her room. Whitney heads over to the stairs to see her friend. Eve sees the look in her daughter's eyes as Chad and Whitney dance. She thinks that is so sad. TC doesn't understand and thinks that she is talking about Whitney having to play tennis. He tells her that is the best thing for Whitney.

Miguel and Kay talk and Grace is thirsty, so she gives him some of her drink. Grace tastes the booze in the drink and asks Miguel about it. He thought that is tasted funny and he takes to glass leaving to get rid of it. After he is gone, Grace suspects that Kay has spiked Miguel's drink. She denies doing it, but Grace finds a bottle of booze in her purse. She denies again that she has spiked Miguel's drink in order to get him drunk. What does her mother always think the worst of her.

Antonio, Sheridan, Luis, and Beth are all together again. Antonio tells them all that he knows that there has been problems with Luis and Beth getting together, but he now knows that they belong together and he is all for them getting married and starting a life together.

Tabitha finds a place alone at the party and the doll appears. Zombie shows up, too. Tabitha grabs the doll telling Zombie that the doll is dreadful and is going to ruin all her plans. Zombie doesn't care about that. Zombie feels like a mommy. She has raised a doll and she is going to send that doll out into the world to raise havoc. Zombie has to go but she tells the doll to be very bad. Zombie leaves and the doll tells Tabitha to get out of her face. She kicks Tabitha in the shin and challenges her, "Catch me if you can!"

Grace finds Kay telling her that she has been caught red-handed trying to get Miguel drunk, so she shouldn't deny it.

Ivy and David are talking and they see that she has just argued with Kay. Ivy tells him to go over to Grace and make her feel better. David walks off reluctantly.

Sam comes over to Ivy, thanking her for saving Grace from being embarrassed by having a second hand dress. Ivy reminds him that she is the same woman that she has always been. She assures him that she has no ulterior motive talking to him now, she has just been very lonely.

Julian and Rebecca return to the party to see what has transpired since they were last there.

Mrs. Wallace arrives at the party announcing to the help that she is an invited guest and that her daughter will be very glad to see her.

Luis gets Beth alone and apologizes for Antonio wanting them to be married. He thanks her for being there for him. She acts like she is upset by Antonio's wishing that they were married. He even kisses her head. Sheridan sees them alone on the dance floor and Antonio remarks that what she is seeing between Luis and Beth is true love. Sheridan only smiles at that.

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