Passions Update Tuesday 9/10/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Jennifer

Pictures by Juanita

Antonio tells Sheridan that he wants her to spend some time with Luis at the party tonight. Antonio says that Sheridan will love Luis. Sheridan then says, " Iím sure I will." Antonio says that Luis is the best, and Sheridan agrees. Sheridan stands up and Antonio starts to kiss her neck, so Sheridan pushes him away and says that she wants to get dressed. Antonio says that they should get undressed and have there own party. Sheridan says that she wants to get dressed alone. Antonio asks why, so she tells him that she wants to surprise him with what she will wear. Antonio goes into the living room to make a call. Sheridan says to herself that not being with Luis is killing her.

Luis thinks about when he walked in on Sheridan and Antonio kissing. Hank walks in and asks him how he is doing. Luis says that all he can think about is Sheridan. Hank says that Luis will see Sheridan tonight. Luis reminds Hank that Sheridan will be with Antonio. Hank tells Luis that he shouldnít go. Luis says that he will go, just to be close to Sheridan. Hank asks Luis if he can control his temper. Luis says that he will try.

Beth looks at a picture of her and Luis. Her mother asks her what she is up to. Mrs. Wallace says that she will not allow Beth to break up Luis and Sheridan. The phone rings.  Beth picks it up; it's Antonio. Antonio asks Beth if she is going to be at the party. Beth says that she wouldnít miss it. Antonio asks her to bring some pictures of her and Luis, so Sheridan can see them. Beth says OK and hangs up. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is evil. Beth calls Luis and tells him that Antonio asked her to come. Luis tells her that he canít ask her to pretend to be engaged. Beth tells him that she wants to come. Luis says that he will pick her up.

Tabitha is saying that she is going to take Connie apart, when Connie comes to life and attacks Tabitha. Connie starts to strangle Tabitha; she says that she is going to kill her.

Reese pulls up in the Bennetts' driveway with a really nice red sports car. He yells, but Jessica comes out and tells him that Kay when to the party with Miguel. Reese says that Kay is sweet for going to the dance with Miguel since Charity canít go. Jessica sarcastically says " yeah, sheís real sweet."

Tabitha slams Connie's head into the wall; then Tabitha sees Reese and Jessica. She yells for them to help her, but they canít hear her. Connie pushes Tabby to the floor and strangles her. Tabitha gives up and pretends to be dead. Connie gets up and looks away, so Tabitha jumps her. Tabby throws her across the room.

Reese asks Jessica if she wants to go with him. Jessica says that she would love to go with him. Reese says that if he messes up the car, his dad will kill him (itís his dadís car.) Reese then says that he feels bad talking about death because of Timmy. He admits to Jessica that he was wrong for accusing Tabitha of being a witch. He then talks about the whole Luis/Antonio/Sheridan love triangle. He says that it is terrible that two brothers love the same woman. Jessica says that two sisters could love the same man. She corrects herself by saying that one sister could love a man and the other sister could be stringing him along. Reese says that he knows what she is talking about; she has been reading romance novels again. Jessica says "yeah" and looks away. They hear a big crash in Tabithaís house and go see whatís happening.

Sheridan picks up the phone and calls Liz. Liz asks her whatís wrong. Sheridan tells her to come to Harmony right away. Liz says that she will be there in a little while. Sheridan hangs up the phone and Antonio walks in. He tells her that she didnít get dressed. Sheridan tells him that he didnít either. Antonio leaves the room and Sheridan gets dressed. She walks out and Antonio tells her that she looks beautiful. Antonio says that Beth and Luis are going to the party also. Sheridan asks Antonio how he knows so much about Beth and Luis. Antonio tells her that when Luis and Beth were together they were incredible. He tells her that when Beth walked into a room Luisí face lit up. Antonio says that a Lopez-Fitzgerald will always love their first love. Sheridan looks like she could burst into tears. Antonio reminds Sheridan that she is his first real love, and he will never leave her. Sheridan says that they better go.

Mrs. Wallace calls Beth a whore. Beth pushes her mother and she falls on the couch. Beth tells her that if she say anything about Luis she will send her to a nursing home. Mrs. Wallace says that they treat their patents really bad there. Beth starts to sing their theme song and Mrs. Wallace says she wonít say a word. Beth says that her mother does everything she can to make her unhappy. Beth asks her mother why she never told her who her father was. Mrs. Wallace says that she wonít tell. Beth gets dressed. Luis and Hank show up. Mrs. Wallace says that she will be fine alone, all by herself. Luis asks her if she wants to come with them. Beth hums the song to the nursing home, and her mother says that she doesnít want to go. Luis says Ok and they leave.

Tabitha tells Connie that she is busted. Connie says that if she tells, she will really kill Tabitha. Tabitha lets Reese and Jessica in. They ask her what happened. Tabitha says that she was just rearranging and started to think about Timmy and get upset. Reese tells Tabitha that he is sorry for what he said about her and Timmy. Tabitha says that it is Ok. Connie sneaks out and jumps into Reese car. Zombie pops up and gives her the keys. Connie starts the engine and Reese runs out there and sees her. Connie takes off. Reese runs back inside and says that a doll stole his car. While speeding down the road in Reese's car, Connie and Zombie listen to " Highway to Hell " and say that there is hell in store for everyone in Harmony.

Luis and Beth show up at the party and so do Antonio and Sheridan. Luis walks away to get a glass of champagne. Antonio asks him if he is going to give Sheridan a hug. Sheridan smiles and goes to Luis. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her and he will find a way to be with her.

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