Passions Update Monday 9/9/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis
Proofread by Nicole

Pictures by Juanita

Alistair has just announced that Theresa will get a job with the company as a Vice President.  Alistair will talk to Theresa later and see where she will fit in.  He tells her to give his best to Sheridan and both her fiancées.

Antonio and Sheridan are in bed and Antonio is trying to make love to her.  Luis has come into the room and sees them together.  Sheridan is trying to stop Antonio from making love to her, but he will not be stopped.  She indicates that someone else is in the room.  Antonio is upset that the man didn’t knock first.  He tells him to take a hike.  Luis turns and walks from the room.  Antonio makes a deal not to bust in on him when he is with Beth.  Sheridan gets up to start putting her clothes on.  They really should be getting to the party soon.  Antonio thinks that Beth is going to be going to the party with Luis.  Antonio heads to the shower but he tells Sheridan and he and she will pick up where they left off before Luis rudely interrupted them.  Luis can’t stand this anymore and he heads to the shower to talk to his brother.  Sheridan tries to stop him, but she is unable.  He changes his mind and goes into the living room.  He thinks that he stopped them from making love, but the truth is that Sheridan was going to stop him anyway.  Luis worries about later that night after the party.  They can see that Antonio is dying to get her in bed.  Luis is not taking this chance.  He is going to tell his brother the truth right now.  Luis hurts his hand and gets it bandaged up. Sheridan doesn’t know what to do.  If they tell Antonio the truth, his life is going to be over.  Luis doesn’t know how much longer he can take this.  Antonio calls from the bedroom.  He wants her to get dressed so that they can make it to the party.  Sheridan tells him that they will talk later.  Luis will go now, but he hates this.  He heads to the door and is gone.  Antonio comes out and puts his arms around Sheridan.  He tells her again that he loves her now and forever.  She looks at the window and she sees Luis looking back at her.

Pilar has a talk with Theresa and tells her that the Cranes are going to make her life a living hell.  Theresa is not intimidated by the women.  She feels that she can handle Gwen and she is going to give Ethan what was taken from him before.  Pilar knows that Ethan doesn’t care about money and power. She knows that everyone loves power and Ethan does too. He must miss his prior life.  She shattered his life before and this time her plans are going to work. Ethan is going to be hers and nothing is going to take him from her.  Pilar is worried that Alistair is going to want something from Theresa, but Theresa thinks better of her position with the family. She has everything that she needs and now there is only one thing that she wants and that is the man that she loves.

Tabitha and Zombie have come up with a doll for her.  It calls her princess and she gets angry with that.  Only Timmy called her princess. The doll is there to serve her.  Tabitha only wants her Timmy and no one else.  This doll is a girl and she is nothing like Timmy.  They could do girly girl things. They could do makeovers.  Tabitha doesn’t want to do any of those things.  Zombie thinks that Tabitha needs a makeover.  Zombie tells her that having this new doll could be good for her life.  Tabitha is still grieving.  Zombie can smell the little box and thinks that the doll could clean it out for her.  Tabitha thinks that there is something odd about that doll. Something is off about her.  Zombie remembers the spirits in the basement coming from the vent and going into the doll.  Zombie wants her to bond with the doll.  Tabitha doesn’t want to bond with that creepy doll.  Zombie takes off.  Tabitha finds the doll to be strange looking.  Doesn’t matter, she could never take the place of her Timmy.  The doll is unique in a strange way.  There is something really odd about that doll.  Doesn’t matter as she is not going to keep the doll. She is going to take that thing apart. She moves towards the doll and it comes alive grabbing her hand and squeezing it hard so that Tabitha drops her martini and the glass shatters.  The horrifying doll pushes her back on the couch and climbs on top of her trying to choke her.  It chants…”LA DI DA”.

Julian is upset at things that are happening.  He thought that Sheridan was dead, she is engaged to 2 Lopez-Fitzgerald boys.  Rebecca wants to know the history with Antonio, but Julian doesn’t want to talk about that.  Julian thinks back to his problems.  Ethan is living in his house and Theresa is making his life miserable.  Also, Ivy is constantly there and he can’t bare that.  Rebecca is the only bright light in his life. She is the only one that he loves but he can’t marry her because of Theresa.  He imagines Christmas and introducing the family.  He hates the idea.  Rebecca rubs his shoulders. She knows that he is just tense and hates having to deal with all the people there.  Julian gets an idea. He wants her to be a patient and he will be the doctor. 

Theresa goes to talk to Ethan and they talk about how things are. He wants her to remember that things are different and they are not together.  She only remembers their love and someday, she knows that she is going to make him remember their love too.

Ivy sees that Pilar is upset. She has had better days.  Ivy knows what she means.  This should be a happy time. Theresa is alive and Antonio has come home.  Ivy can see that the problem with Antonio and Luis is really getting to her.  Eve told her that Antonio may die if he is told the truth.  She prays for her son to come home and now it seems that Luis could kill him.  Ivy hates that Theresa is getting a job at Crane Industries.  Ivy knows that Theresa is just trying to get to Ethan.  Ivy tells Pilar that Theresa is not going to be with Ethan.  Pilar has already warned her daughter of the Cranes.  Pilar is afraid of what is ahead for all of them.

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