Passions Update Friday 9/6/02

Passions Update Friday

By Glynis
Proofread by Nicole

Theresa and Ivy are fighting over the house.  Theresa will do anything that she wants with it.  Ethan arrives and thinks that a party is going on.  Rebecca complains that Theresa’s idea of decorating for the party is making a mess of the house.  Ethan’s grandfather was mayor of the state.  Ethan doesn’t think that the decorations are a big deal.  Ethan and Theresa walk off and Ivy wants an update on when Rebecca is going to get rid of Theresa.  It better be soon.  Theresa and Ethan return with more gaudy trimmings for the room.  Theresa tells Ethan that she is going to get a job at Crane Industries and she would like to use Ethan there when she gets in.  Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy hear her offer to the man.  Gwen thinks that there is no way that Theresa will get a job at Crane Industries…Theresa wants to find Julian so that she can find out if she can get a job right now or not.  She grabs Ethan’s hand and leaves to search of the man in the house.  Gwen and Rebecca hear what she is planning and they hurry after her.

Miguel is upset about his brothers being in love with the same woman. He doesn’t want to go to the party that night, but Charity asks him to go for her sake. 

Pilar brings Luis some tea.  He is in the cottage with Antonio and Sheridan and he can’t stand seeing Antonio with his hands on his woman.  They go into the bedroom to put Antonio’s things there.  Luis tells his mother that he can’t stand seeing his brother with his hands on Sheridan like that.  Antonio and Sheridan come back into the room and Antonio says that he thinks that they should start looking for a bigger place to live.  He expects that soon he and Sheridan are going to have some kids and they will need the extra room.  Luis hates hearing that and he breaks a glass in his hand while holding it.  Antonio leaves the room for a moment and Luis takes that opportunity to take Sheridan outside with him.  Pilar is left standing alone in the room.  Antonio returns to the room and sees that everyone is gone.  “Hey! Where did everyone go?”  She tells him that the others have just left for a short while.  He brings up Sheridan  being engaged to someone else.  He would rather die than lose Sheridan to someone else.

Kay is alone and she convinces Miguel to make an appearance at the party. She is so happy that he is going to come to the party that she throws her arms around him.

Julian talks to Alistair and they discuss Antonio being in the area.  Alistair doesn’t care about Antonio. That is Julian’s problem and not his.  That is true, and it is for that reason that Julian is going to take care of the man immediately before he becomes a huge problem.

Sheridan and Luis are walking through the woods. She wants to know where he is taking her.  He is holding her hand and leading her into some deep woods.  He only wants to be alone with her.  He stops walking after a while and turns to start kissing her.  Pilar finds the couple and tells them that they should go back to the cottage.  Sheridan hurries back on her own.  Pilar asks Luis if anything has been settled between them.  Luis says that he doesn’t care.  If Antonio tries to sleep with Sheridan, he is going to tell the man everything.

There are flashbacks of Timmy.  Zombie Charity suggests to Tabitha that she make another Timmy.  Tabitha says she couldn't because he was too special and the stars were all aligned right.  She reminisces about their times through the ages.  She doesn't want to cause any more trouble for Harmony residents; it's no fun without Timmy.  Zombie Charity doesn't agree and drags out some doll parts so that Tabitha can make Timmy again.  Tabitha won't do it so Zombie Charity says she will.  Tabitha gets disgusted and goes to rest in the attic.  In heaven, the Angel Girl tells Timmy that he is going to be a special guardian angel.  Tabitha is asleep and asks if Timmy can't give her a sign.  A feather falls on her face.  She likes the feeling and says, “I love you Timmy…”    Zombie Charity asks the demons in the basement to help her make a new sidekick for Tabitha so she can still do their work.  Something happens and it makes Zombie Charity happy.

Antonio and Sheridan are alone and he would like to take a shower with his lovely bride.  She talks her way out of having one with him, but he says that she owes him one, and he isn’t only talking about a shower.  He starts taking off his clothes in the next room and when she returns, he is naked. She gives him a towel and he puts it around himself.  He takes this opportunity to give her a little hug. She pushes him off roughly and shouts at him.  “I said…no!”  he is stunned by her reaction to him touching her. She is apologetic for acting the way that she did.  He leaves the room and she goes to change. She takes off her clothes and is in her slip.  He comes up behind her and grabs her shoulders.  It isn’t too late for her to join him in the shower he tells her.  She tells him no, but he is too insisting and he gets her to the bed where he gets on top of her and starts kissing her.  She has her hands on his shoulders and would like to push him off but doesn’t.  Luis comes into the room and finds them lying on the bed and kissing.  The look on his face is one of horror.  This is just what he feared.

Ethan and Theresa find Julian in his study and he is talking to Alistair.  Theresa wants to talk to her father-in-law.  Julian allows her to talk to the man on the speakerphone.  Everyone else in the house is standing around listening to Theresa. She is going to beg for a job and they are sure that she isn’t going to get it.  Alistair tells her that she should know more about the Crane Industries. She should be able to work there since she is part of the family.  He appoints her as the new Vice President. He looks forward to working with her.  Julian can’t believe his ears.  The others in the room looked back and forth at each other in horror.

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