Passions Update Thursday 9/5/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer
Proofread by Nicole

Sheridan asks Antonio how he is feeling. He says that he feels fine. Eve asks him if his head hurts, he says no. Antonio tells Sheridan not to worry about him. He tells her that everything will be smooth sailing from now on. Sheridan just looks at Luis.

Hank pulls Luis away and asks him why Sheridan lied about whom she was engaged to. Luis explains to Hank that Antonio is dying, and if he finds out about Sheridan and him, he will die of shock. Luis asks Hank what he should do because he doesnít want his brother to die, but he doesnít want Sheridan with him. Hank says that he doesnít know what to tell him. Luis then asks Sheridan if he can talk to her. Eve steps in and tells Antonio that he needs to go for some blood tests. Antonio asks if Sheridan would like to go with him. Sheridan goes with Antonio instead of Luis. Luis looks as if he could cry. Pilar pulls Luis aside and tells him to be strong. Luis says that he canít stand to see Sheridan with him.

At Sheridanís cottage Ethan calls Theresa. He asks her where Sheridan is. Theresa says that she doesnít know, maybe she went for a walk. Gwen tells Theresa that she will never get Ethan back. Theresa reminds Gwen that Ethan hugged her when he found out about Sheridan. Theresa says that Gwen will need a miracle to get Ethan back. Theresa tells Gwen to " Put that in her pipe and smoke it." Gwen tells Theresa that she has a way with words. Gwen then asks Theresa if she is lying about Sheridan. Theresa asks her why she would say that. Gwen says, " Well, when in doubt lie." Theresa tells Gwen that she is not lying. Ethan shows up and says that he still canít find Sheridan. Theresa tries to call Luis but he doesnít pick up. Theresa then calls Hank; she asks him where Sheridan is. He tells her that Sheridan is in the hospital, but she is fine. They all head to the hospital.

Grace and Sam ask Kay what is so important. Kay says that it will effect everyone. Grace pulls Kay aside and tells her about the premonition. Grace asks Kay if what she has to say has anything to do with Charity and Miguel. Kay says that it has to do with her parents. Kay tells Grace that she just wants to help her. Grace says that she doesnít believe Kay. Kay gets really angry and tells Grace that when her marriage is torn apart not to come crying to her. Kay leaves and goes into the kitchen. Tabitha tells Zombie that Kay is going to ruin everything. Zombie sees Kay walk away from Grace and goes to see her. Kay tells Zombie that she is going to have Miguel, no matter what. Zombie goes back to Tabby and tells her that Kay has changed her mind. Tabitha rejoices. David asks Ivy if she thinks that Kay knows. Ivy says that there is no possible way. Ivy warns David what will happen if he tells though. Grace asks Sam where she went wrong with Kay.

Luis asks Pilar why this is happening to him and Sheridan. Luis says that he is losing her again. Pilar says that she doesnít know what to tell him. Theresa, Gwen, and Ethan show up. Sheridan walks up and sees Ethan, they hug. Theresa says that she is going to throw a party for Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan sees Gwen and hugs her, completely forgetting about Theresa.


Antonio comes back and Sheridan goes to him. Ethan, Theresa, and Gwen all stare at them. Pilar grabs Theresa and tells Antonio that they are going to plan for the party. Eve goes with them. Theresa asks Pilar why Sheridan is with Antonio. Pilar and Eve tells her everything. Theresa and everyone else go back into the room and act like everything is fine. Antonio asks Luis if he is going to attend the party, Luis says no. Antonio thinks itís because of the Craneís. Antonio reminds him that Sheridan is a Crane, he asks him if he hates Sheridan. Luis jumps and says no. Antonio grabs Luisí hand and puts it in Sheridanís hand. Antonio says that he wants them to be friends. Luis and Sheridan stare at each other.


Zombie asks Tabitha whatís wrong. Tabby says that nothing is the same without Timmy. Tabitha leaves. John goes into the kitchen and asks Kay if she is OK. Kay says that she is fine. Kay apologizes to Grace and asks John if he wants to go visit Charity. John says OK and they head out. David stops Kay and asks her about the big news. Kay says that she was just overly excited about something and leaves.

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