Passions Update Wednesday 9/4/02

Passions Update Wednesday 9/4/02

By Glynis
Edited By Nicole

Whitney argues with Chad again about Simone learning the truth about them.  He thinks that she is being foolish worrying this way about Simone.  Surely, she can deal with a bit of news like an adult. What is she going to do anyway?  Who knows?  But they do know that she is going to be devastated.  Chad wants Simone to know that he is not her boyfriend.  It has to be done, but that is up to Whitney to decide when she should be told. She is grateful that he is not pushing her on this.  Whitney thinks that there is going to be a time when Simone is going to be ready to hear the truth. They can only hope that the time comes really soon.  Until then, she can’t tell her sister that she is in love.

Simone comes to see Miguel and Charity and learns that Antonio thinks that he is engaged to Sheridan.  Simone guessed that something was wrong by the look on their faces.  That is terrible that Antonio is going to be hurt.  Antonio doesn’t know that Luis is engaged to Sheridan. Miguel accidentally told him the news while talking to him and didn’t know that it was to be kept a secret.  Now Antonio suspects that someone is after his woman and that is all that he can talk about.  That is going to be like throwing gas on the fire when he hears that Luis and Sheridan are an item.  What is Luis gets angry and hurts him?  If Antonio is attacked, he will die. Everyone will suffer because of this.  He should have been told the secret right from the beginning.  Charity knows that the truth is very important.  Charity thinks that Antonio has to be told the truth right away.  She knows that lies are very hurtful and can cause terrible pain to others.  Miguel thinks back to the time when he slept with Kay and he decides that Charity is right.  It is at that time that he decides to tell her the truth.  Secrets kill people and he wants to tell her something that happened to prevent anything else going wrong.  He asks Simone to leave the room and she does.  She knows that they need privacy.  She is reluctant to go, but she does so anyway.  Miguel sits with Charity.  He tries to explain.  When the Zombie was around, a lot of strange things happened. She looked like Charity and things got confusing for him.  What happened affects the relationship that he and Charity have now.  He is hoping to stop that confusion and trouble by bringing everything into the light.  He is about to talk some more when the nurse comes in.  Miguel has to leave while Charity has her examination.  Once outside, Simone asks Miguel if he told Charity the truth, but Miguel didn’t have the chance.  She thinks that telling her isn’t a good idea. Charity is going to be in pain. She had a dream thinking that he was going to be with someone else and that upset her greatly.  Miguel remembers that dream.  It wasn’t true, but it did have a horrible affect on Charity and he doesn’t want that to happen to her again.  Simone thinks that he should hold off on telling Charity the truth as that could destroy her.  He would like to wait and he is worried about how she is going to react but he feels a greater duty to tell the news. He would rather her hearing the truth from him.  He thought that he was making love to Charity and he was a victim as well as Charity when that happened.  He is going to try to make her see things his way.  Chad and Whitney show up and Simone is glad that her boyfriend is there to see her.  She latches on to him as she thinks that this is something that he likes.  If she only knew the truth.  Miguel tells them that he is going to tell Charity something that is going to upset her. Chad and Whitney are very curious as to what that news could be.  It has to do with another girl, Simone says.  Miguel says that something happened and it is complicated.  He doesn’t want anything between them.  As long as he keeps the news from Charity, there will be a wall.  If someone else tells her, she will be hurt and he doesn’t want to do that by lying to her or repressing the truth.  That is a terrible situation.  Whitney can understand how he feels.  Miguel asks Chad what he would do?  Would he tell the truth and hurt the one that he loves, or would he leave the issue and hope that it goes away?  Simone knows that she wouldn’t want to know about another woman in Chad’s life if that were the case. She thinks that would make things way better.

Luis and Sheridan come to see Antonio with Eve and Pilar.  Antonio is mad that people are keeping things from him.  Miguel told him that Antonio isn’t engaged to Sheridan as she is engaged to someone else.  He knew that something has been kept from him and he is now getting more and more information on the secret.  He demands that Sheridan tell him who she is engaged to.  He knows that there is more to tell and that people are hiding thing.  He wants to hear it all.  Luis tells him that Sheridan did meet someone else before she met him.  Antonio wants to know the guys name.  His monitors go off.  He leans back on the bed as Eve looks at his machines.  He gets a terrible pain in his head as he waits for the news to come.  Antonio says that he is fine, but that is not entirely true.  The news of who has stolen Sheridan’s heart is more important to him than his own life.  She is all that he lives for.  His monitors sing even louder.  Sheridan whispers to Luis that she has to be the one that tells Antonio the truth.  It has to come from her.  Luis only wants this to be over with, and with that, he allows her to move closer to Antonio to deliver the blow.  Sheridan sits with Antonio to tell him the truth of the man that she met and fell in love with.  She says that she met this man before she met Antonio and he was different from any man that she had ever met before.  He didn’t want her money, only her.  It wasn’t love at first sight.  They hated each other but there was something there that never went away.  A spark. There was a deep attraction that drew them together and they couldn’t deny it.  The monitors start singing again.  Antonio wants her to continue with her news.  She says that she was going to spend the rest of her life with this man but then she lost her memory and was away for a long time.  Eve asks Sheridan to stop, but Antonio wants to know the truth now.  Everyone in the room wants her to stop, but Antonio insists that she tell him who she is engaged to right now.  He has never been more certain about anything in his life.  He begs Sheridan to tell him who this man is.  The monitors are whizzing now at an astronomical rate.  Sheridan speaks.  “The man’s name…The man’s name is Jean Luc”.  Luis looks at her a little disappointed. She was to tell him the truth and she has found a way to get out of telling the news once again.  He knows that she is only concerned for his health but he would like to get this over with.  Antonio knows that he shouldn’t be surprised that she had a man in her life.  He wants to know about the man. Where is he?  She says that the man is not around.  He is gone.  He is no longer alive.  Antonio understands now. That man that she had memories of is no longer alive.  Antonio’s stats get back to normal now.  He is comfortable that the man is not a threat to him or her as a couple.  Sheridan peers up at Luis knowing that he is staring right back at her.  Antonio is sorry that Sheridan’s partner is dead, but he was afraid that he had lost her.  She wonders if she still has the love that she had for him.  The man is gone, but she loves him still.  Antonio understands that but is glad that things are going to be the way that they were.  He doesn’t want to lose her.  He just wants things to be the way that they used to. He hugs Sheridan.  He only wants to get married to Sheridan.  Luis thinks that he has just lost the woman that he loves.

Zombie is ecstatic that things are going wrong in everyone’s lives, but she sees that Tabitha is not as happy.  Grace is going to be devastated that John isn’t her son and Sam is going to rip David and Ivy limb from limb.  Tabitha tells her that this is all happening too soon.  She had plans for the way that things were to go in this whole scheme and Kay is messing everything up.  Things were working out perfectly with her trying to destroy the families before Kay got her ideas.  If Kay exposes what David and Ivy have been scheming, that is going to destroy all Tabitha’s plans.  Zombie will talk to Kay and get through to her.  Tabitha thinks that is an excellent idea, but Tabitha will have to distract everyone else while Zombie works on her.  Tabitha gets an idea and they move into action.

Kay has called a meeting of certain individuals.  Sam, Grace, David, Ivy, and John are all there to see what it is that she is dying to say to them.  Sam demands to know what she wants.  Grace has a reaction to Kay’s behaviour. She feels such sorrow.  There has been pain in the house and loss.  Kay rolls her eyes at her mother.  What a drama queen she seems to be saying.  Grace doesn’t think that things are going to get better.  She can feel it in her bones.  Kay thinks that things are going to get even worse.  She is sure of it.  She is going to blow things wide open soon enough.  Grace has pain.  John wants to know what is causing her pain. She just had an overwhelming sense of people suffering.  It is in the room with her. She can feel it. Something terrible is going to happen.  Sam decides to take her to the kitchen to calm her down.  David offers to help but Sam is adamant about taking care of Grace himself.  Once alone, Ivy asks David if Grace is any the wiser about them.  David assures her that she knows nothing.  Kay knows more than Ivy and David think.  If they only knew.  John is worried about Grace.  He has something for Charity and would like to give it to her.  Kay thinks that is nice.  They used to hate each other.  Kay thinks that they could get together if Charity and Miguel break up.  John reminds her that he is Charity’s cousin.  Kay says he isn’t.  Tabitha arrives asking everyone if Timmy was there. She says that she has been hearing his voice everywhere.  Grace tells her that Timmy is gone.  Grace knows how hard this must be for the woman.  Tabitha starts crying.  She was hoping that Timmy would be alright Grace makes her sit down and Sam offers to get her something.  Tabitha asks Kay to get her a cup of tea.  Kay really wants to share her news now.  Kay reluctantly goes and gets the tea.  Tabitha is just stalling and it is working just great. She has stopped Kay for now from telling what she knows.  Grace wonders if this is what her premonition was about…Kay is in the kitchen when Zombie arrives.  Zombie says that she would like to help her. She knows that Kay is going to tell her mother and father about David and Ivy in order to break them up. She would like Kay not to do this.  Kay thinks that her mother deserves to have her life turned upside down.  Kay thinks that Grace should have her heart broken like Kay has.  Zombie tells her that if she exposes David and John, they will be out of her life and Sam and Grace will be focused on her and every move in her life.  Zombie thinks that she should let David and Ivy continue with their scheme and do nothing.  That way, David would just break up their marriage.  Sam and Grace will be so busy that they will not be able to focus on her and she will be able to focus on Miguel.  Kay says that she is not going to take the advice. She is not going to let anyone break up her parents marriage.  No one!  She goes back to the front room and says that she has something that she has to say.  Zombie appears as a tiny character sitting on a candle beside Tabitha.  She apologizes to Tabitha for not being able to stop Kay.  All Tabitha’s plans are lost now.  Sam asks Kay again what it is that she has to say.  Everyone waits to hear the news.

Miguel and Simone are back in Charity’s room and she starts getting those feelings again.  It is another premonition.  It is something that is not that specific.  She sees pain and suffering for everyone in Harmony.  Heartache is on its way and this time, it is going to be worse than ever.

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