Passions Update Tuesday 9/3/02

Passions Update Tuesday 9/3/02

By Jennifer

Pictures by Juanita
Edited by Nicole

Luis says that he doesnít want to hurt Antonio. He says that Sheridan wouldnít make love to Antonio because she knows whom she wants to be with. Luis asks Sheridan to tell everyone that she wouldnít sleep with Antonio. Sheridan doesnít answer. Sheridan says that she is sorry. Sheridan tells Luis that she wants to be with him, but Diana was with Antonio. Luis yells that if she sleeps with Antonio she will be Sheridan, not Diana. Luis asks her if she can last without giving Antonio what he wants. Sheridan says that she will make up some excuse not to sleep with him. Luis tells her that it wonít work forever. Sheridan screams that Antonio doesnít have forever.

Miguel tells Antonio that Sheridan Crane is dead. Antonio gets a sharp pain in his head but it goes away. He tells Miguel that Sheridan is alive. Miguel tells him that he canít be engaged to Sheridan because she is engaged to someone else. Shocked, Antonio asks whom. Antonio demands that Miguel tell him whom Sheridan is engaged to. Hank overhears and walks up to them; he tells Antonio that he needs to go back to bed until Dr. Russell gets back. Antonio says that he is not going anywhere until Miguel tells him the truth. Miguel asks him if he has talked to Pilar or Luis. Antonio says that they didnít tell him anything about Sheridan.

Charity picks up a mirror and a hairbrush. When she looks into the mirror she see Luis and Antonio fighting. Antonio falls to the floor;  Sheridan runs to him and tells Luis that he killed him.

David tells Ivy that the plan failed. Ivy tells David to make Grace leave Sam. David asks Ivy why they have to meet in the park. Ivy says that she doesnít want anyone to see them together. Kay walks up and hears Ivy and David talking about the Bennettís. Kay hides behind a bush and listens. Ivy says that she will destroy David if Grace finds out that she and David were never married or that John is not her son. David says all right and they leave.

Sam tells Grace that Kay is just going through a phase. Grace agrees and says that they have to stay strong. Someone knocks on the door, itís John. He thanks Grace for letting him use her car. Just as they all sit down, someone knocks on the door again. This time is David, and then Ivy. Ivy says that she wants to talk to Grace about the fundraiser at the high school. Kay walks in, Sam tells her that she need to apologize to her mother. Kay tells Grace that she is sorry. She turns around and tells everyone that she has something they might want to know.

Eve agrees that Antonio doesnít have much time, maybe a month. Luis turns to Pilar and tells her that he loves Sheridan and he doesnít want her to be with anyone else. Luis asks Pilar to talk to Sheridan, Pilar says that she wonít. Luis asks her if she wants Sheridan to prostitute herself to other men. Sheridan screams that it wonít happen. Pilar says that she loves both of her sons, she canít choose for Sheridan. Sheridan says that Antonio is dying because of her, she tells Luis about why Antonio raced. Luis tells Sheridan that she is going to be his wife, he doesnít want her with anyone else. Sheridan says that she will put off Antonio, she wonít sleep with him. Luis says OK.

Antonio demands that Miguel tell him. The phone rings in Antonioís room. Miguel answers it, itís Charity. Charity asks him to come to her room right away. Miguel says that he will be there as soon as he is done with his brother. He tells her about Antonio. She asks if their talk has anything to do with Sheridan. Miguel says yes. Charity tells him to come to her room right now. Miguel says that he has to go. Antonio tells him that he canít leave until he knows the truth. Miguel tells Antonio to ask Sheridan. Miguel leaves and Antonio gets another pain in his head. Hank tells Antonio that he will go get Sheridan for him.

Miguel arrives at Charityís room and she tells him about her premonition. Charity tells him that her visions are usually off. Miguel tells her that he thinks that this one will happen. Miguel tells Charity that Sheridan is alive and Antonio thinks that he is marring her. Miguel says that if Antonio finds out that Sheridan is engaged to Luis, Luis and Antonio will kill each other. Charity looks into the mirror and sees more, Antonio is not dead but they are still fighting. Then the vision fades away.

Kay dreams of telling everyone the truth. Sam asks her what is going on. Kay prepares to tell them about Ivy and David.

Hank runs into the room where Sheridan is. He tells them that they have to come quick because Antonio is really upset. They all run to Antonio. Sheridan tells Antonio to calm down. Antonio asks her who she is really engaged to.

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