Passions Update Monday 9/2/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis

Julian is back home now after spending a glorious time with Tabitha. He reaches for the paper and finds the article on Timmy's death. Julian remembers being on the run with Timmy. Timmy couldn't understand why Theresa was being executed when Julian is still alive. Timmy sees that Julian knows more than he is saying. Julian thinks that Theresa must have confessed but Timmy knows that he knew all along that Theresa was going to be killed for his death. Julian knows that Sam will never find out the truth as to how Theresa came to be in the death chamber. Julian misses Timmy. "I miss you my friend."

Theresa tells Rebecca that she has lost. Theresa is the one and only Mrs. Crane and that is the end of the story. Rebecca thinks that this isn't the end of the story. Rebecca is planning her downfall which is just beginning. Gwen calls Theresa to talk to her in the other room. Gwen tells her that she knows that Theresa is just trying to get Ethan back. Theresa thinks she wouldn't be worried if Theresa really didn't have a chance. Gwen denies that she feels threatened. Theresa is more determined than ever. Theresa has wonderful news and she head over to Ethan to tell him. Sheridan is alive. Ethan is so happy that he picks up Theresa and twirls her around and around as Gwen watches. Ethan rushes off to she Sheridan and Theresa tells Gwen that Sheridan being alive is a miracle.

Kay has just hit her mother and David is there to stop her from seriously hurting her mother. Grace is shocked at what has just happened and she leaves the room. David holds Kay's arms as he tries to make her listen to reason. Sam comes and tells Kay that he is really disappointed in her for hitting her mother. David's phone rings and it is Ivy calling to make sure that he is going to show up for their meeting. She warns him not to be late. David tells them that he has to go now. Sam tells David that he is sorry for treating him badly earlier on. David leaves and once outside, he reprimands himself for not standing up to Ivy. He loves Grace and he hates that he has been trying to tear her family apart. Inside the house, Sam goes back to Kay and tells her that what she did was wrong and what she did is going to cause her to be punished. She tells him that she is not 10 years old and she can go where she wants, when she wants. She turns and goes running from the house. Sam follows, but can't catch her.

Miguel comes to see Antonio in his hospital bed. Hank is there. He witnesses the brother meeting again for the first time. Miguel seems all grown up now. The brothers have missed each other. Antonio knows that his life wasn't perfect, but now that he is with his little brother, everything is great.

Pilar, Luis and Sheridan meet with Eve and she tells them that Antonio is going to die. She has no time period for them to follow. He can go at anytime. She has checked with other doctors and her prognosis is correct. There is nothing that they can do. He can be around for a while, but sooner or later, his condition is going to kill him. Pilar cries as her son and his fiancée comfort her. Eve says that things are complicated. When he crashed the first time, he suffered trauma, but the last crash made the condition fatal. Antonio has swelling on his brain and the pressure of that causes the blindness. As long as he is calm and on his medication, he can live for a period of time. Luis is broken up by the news. His brother has been gone for so long and now that he is back, he is going to die. He needs to be kept calm and free of emotional upset. Sheridan assures her that they will do their best to keep him happy and calm. He can have no emotional shock. That means that Luis can't tell him that he and Sheridan are engaged. The shock may kill him. Luis wants to tell him anyway as Antonio is going to want to make love to Sheridan when he gets out of the hospital and Luis can't let that happen. He is being selfish even if he is being honest. He can't live with Antonio making love to the woman the he loves. Pilar tells him that this is the only way that they can preserve Antonio's life. Eve tells them again that they could kill him with this news. So it seems that the only way to save Antonio, is to let him live with Sheridan and make love to her. Antonio and Miguel are walking through the hospital and Antonio is telling him about the woman that he loves. She is beautiful and bright. He thinks that Miguel might even know the woman. He tells Miguel that he is engaged to none other than Sheridan Crane. Miguel asks him how he can be engaged to her. He can't understand the question. Miguel tells him that he can't be engaged to Sheridan as Sheridan is dead. Eve tells them that she can 't tell them what to do, but they have to understand the consequences. They have to make the decision. Luis doesn't want to kill Antonio. Luis knows that Sheridan would never make love to Antonio now that she has her memory back. He turns to her to get her to confirm that she wouldn't sleep with Antonio. She can't say anything. Luis tries to push her, but she can't say anything.

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