Passions Update Friday 8/30/02

Passions Update Friday

By Glynis

Sam had to sleep alone and he wasn't very happy with that. Miguel comes in to announce that Charity is doing great. He has come home to grab a shower before going back. Kay overhears saying that he is going for a shower and decides to have a shower herself. Sam and Grace get ready and they discuss Kay and how she has been treating Kay. Sam thinks that she has treated all the kids fairly. Kay is the only one of the kids that acts the way that she does. She has always been extra sensitive. Grace has to find a way to make Kay see that she is like everyone else. She can still have a happy fulfilling life. She wants love with manipulation and you can't get it that way. People either love you or they don't. he is ready for work now and she has a flashback to the picture of she and Sam being changed to he and Ivy. That makes her very uncomfortable. David is watching her all the while on his monitors. Sam is telling Grace that she will make up with Kay soon enough. He is sure of it. He will stay if she wants him to, but she insists that he should go and she will try to reach Kay and make her understand how she really feels. Sam leaves and Grace heads up the stairs.

Ivy gets news from David and he tells her that this will be the last time that he talks to Ivy. He is going out of town and he isn't going to do this anymore. She threatens him again. She is a rotten, disgusting little. She will make sure that his son despises him for the rest of his miserable life. He turns and someone has been listening to his conversation with Ivy. He asks the person, "How long have you been standing there?"

Theresa says that she wants a job, but Julian will not hire a Crane woman. Ethan thinks that it is great that Theresa wants to work. That will make a great example for her son.Gwen doesn't believe that Theresa really wants a job. She and her mother are sure that this is all about Ethan. Someone is at the door and Theresa tells the maid to answer as she is expecting someone. Ivy gets angry when she sees her personal shopper enter. It is Carla and she has brought some things for Theresa to look at. They snap fingers and a table with jewellery is brought in front of her. It is like being in King Tut's tomb over there. Gwen wishes that it were Theresa's tomb.

Luis and Sheridan try to explain to Antonio what has been going on. Luis remembers telling Sheridan that he vows that nothing is going to be separated ever again. She made that same promise to Antonio once. That is too bad for Antonio as Luis found her first and he is not giving her up. Luis gets back to the task at hand. Antonio is in the hospital and looking like a little child as he listens to his brother. Eve and Pilar enter and tell Antonio that he is fine really. They give him some IV and Eve tells Luis that he should wait to talk to Antonio about whatever it is that he would like to say. She orders them out. Pilar and Hank leave. Luis and Sheridan start heading to the door and Antonio asks his fiancée for a kiss. She goes over to him and gives him a nice big wet one. Luis knows that this better be over soon. Once out of earshot, Luis turns to Eve to find out why she interrupted his telling Antonio that he is engaged to Sheridan. Eve can 't talk now. She will be back to talk to them later. Sheridan knows how he feels.

Miguel heads to the shower and pulls back the curtain to find Kay standing in there butt naked and soaking wet. She turns when she hears the curtain drawn back and faces the boy that she loves, smiling. Miguel apologizes for coming in and finding Kay naked there. Kay tells him that she actually wanted him to find her there. Grace walks into the bathroom and demands to know what is going on in there.

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