Passions Update Wednesday 8/28/02

Passions Update Wednesday 8/28/02

By Glynis

Ivy has a cut on her hand and she loves that Sam is helping her with it. He bandages her hand as if he is an expert. Being a cop has its advantages. He came over to the house to talk to Julian, to find out more about h is shooting, but he didn't have any answers for him. That turned out to be a waste of time. Ivy was there, so he is now talking to her. While they were talking, Julian heard that his little friend that helped him to survive, Timmy, was killed. Julian becomes very sad. That is the most emotion that either Sam or Ivy had ever seen from the man. Usually he doesn't care about anything or anyone. He is touched with emotion and with that , he dresses and leaves the house in a hurry to make an important visit. Ivy, who is alone with Sam now, loves to remember the night when she was with Sam. He jumps back from her when she starts talking of the love that they shared. She still remembers it as it if were yesterday, but it has been over for Sam for a very long time and she needs to realize that. It was on her wedding night with Julian that they made their love. She left Julian to be with Sam that night, but that was to be the only time and the last time that he would allow her to do that to him. That was the night that their son was conceived. She could have stayed with Sam and proved her love for him, but she ran back to Julian and that hurt Sam very deeply. She chose money over love and that will never be forgotten by Sam. That ended everything for him and now he is with Grace who is the true love o f his life. She would never leave him for anyone else. Of that he is sure. Theresa is listening to their conversation. She is noticing things that she wasn't aware of before. Ivy tells him that she is the same person that she has always been. He has to go now. He hates having this conversation over and over with Ivy. She just never gets it. She offers to see him to the door. Theresa runs to hide as they hit the foyer. He has band aged her hand and tells her to make sure to keep her cut clean. He leaves and Theresa comes out of hiding. Ivy asks what she is doing there. Theresa reminds her that the house is hers. Ivy sees that as a temporary situation. Theresa realizes something about Ivy. They both have things in common. They are both in love with men that belong to other women. Ivy will not be likened to Theresa and furthermore, she will never let her precious son get entangled with that woman ever again. Theresa tells her that she will have Ethan, but Ivy says no way. Theresa wants to get around the woman and get her on her side, and she offers to become Ivy's ally in the fight for Sam. Ivy finds that to be a bizarre proposal. Theresa tells her to think about it. Theresa has a lot of resources at her fingers now that she is the current Mrs. Crane. Theresa leaves the room and Ivy answers the phone.

Grace is with David in her house, and she can feel evil creeping back into their lives. She has been upset because of Kay being mean to her and telling her that she has been a terrible mother. She looks at a picture and sees Ivy with Sam in the picture. It looks like they are involved and Grace panics at the sight of the picture. They actually look like they are moving and glad to be together. David has a look and sees a picture of G race with Sam. She was mistaken. Her mind is playing tricks on her. David tells Grace over and over again that he isn't with Ivy anymore. She really has nothing to worry about. David remembers Ivy telling him that he has to keep trying to get together with Grace or she will ruin him. He has no choice at this point but to do as she says. Grace will be hurt if she ever finds out that David has been scamming her all along. Grace is glad that David is there to be with her. She doesn't want to be alone right now and Sam had to go. He has come there and comforted her. He would do anything for her. She has to know that by now. He is a good friend to her , but there are things that she has to figure out on her own. Her relationship with Sam is threatened she says. If she can't work things out with Sam, their family is going to be torn apart. David is naturally interested in why she believes that her relationship is over. She doesn't want to talk and she offers him something to drink and eat until morning. David offers to stay but Sam has appeared and tells David that there is no need for him to stay there with his wife. Grace explains that David was only there to get something to eat. David leaves and Grace tells Sam that she has been doing some thinking and has come to some conclusions. She was talking to David about their marriage and Sam is not happy to hear that. Grace tells him that they have to stop living together as man and wife. She tells him that she likes being his wife, but they have never been legally married as man and wife. She was married to another man and she still is married to this other man. She still wants the annulment but until it comes through, they shouldn't sleep together. Sam doesn't understand this . Why is she doing this now? She wants to set an example for the kids. Sam thinks that this has to do with Kay. Grace thinks that if Kay sees them living by the rules of the church, she will change. This is a chance that they should take for her sake. This is not going to be easy for Sam. He has been with her for 20 years. Things are not going to be easy for her either, but she thinks that waiting for the annulment is the right thing to do. Sometimes annulments take a year to get. Sam doesn't want to be apart from her for a year. She will talk to Father Lonigan and see what he has to say on the matter. She will feel better. He can't talk her out of her decision. If they don't live by the rules of the church, how can they expect their children to do the same. Where is Sam to sleep? She hadn't thought about that yet. She leaves him to go and get him some blankets to make himself a bed. It has all been recorded. David has been in his room watching the conversation with Sam and Grace. Ivy is going to love this.

Julian is finding Tabitha irresistible and they are kissing and hugging and she uses her powers to zap open her bedroom door. They go in and they are back in the 60s. Tabitha gave him something to drink and now he is wi ld with passion for her. He sees her in a new light and she sees him in a new light too. He's dressed really psychedelic now. "Shag me baby!" She tells him that the best is yet to come. She can provide any fantasy that he wants. She is the ultimate lover and he can't believe that he hasn't seen that in her before. He doesn't know what has gotten into him, but he would like more of it. They fall onto the bed, mad for each other. Rolling like children in the yard. They roll around for a while and then they change clothes. The are now dressed as cave man and woman. There are jungle animals around and all make noise. Julian has a scary Tarzan wig on. There is even a swinging vine in there. He has hit the sexual fantasy jackpot of his life. This everything that he has ever wanted in a woman. Tabitha wants him to swing with her. She starts climbing the vine an d swinging from the ceiling. Her curly, long blonde wig flies in the air as she swings from wall to wall. He falls on the bed and thinks that he can get used to this. She falls from the vine on top of him and smothers him with kisses. He can't resist her. They kiss and ravage each other as the animals watch. The love is over and he would like to scale that mystical mountain once more. My God! He can't get enough of her. He makes a move for her and then Julian suddenly falls flat on his back with his eyes closed. Tabitha tries to wake the man but she can't. She fears that her new lover may be dead. Zombie appears and admits that she has been the one that has spoiled Tabitha's fun. Zombie hates that Tabitha has been having push-push with Julian Crane. Is she nuts? This is the same guy that she wanted to kill not too long ago. Tabitha isn't sure why it happened but she knows that it was incredible. It was the most incredible sex that she has ever had, and she has had lots of it. Zombie reminds her that Julian Crane is the enemy. She reminds Tabitha of the horrible things that Julian has done. She reminds her of her dead friend Timmy and how no one cared for him. Julian wouldn't' think twice about lighting her shiskebob. Zombie tells her that she has to snap out of it. She should be finishing off Julian Crane now. Zombie orders her to kill Julian Crane. She looks down at the man's face. He is out like a light, but what a big smile he has on his face. She is trying to see things as Zombie wants her to, but she is having a difficult time as she really cares for this man. Zombie doesn't believe that Tabitha actually thinks that Julian is smitten with her. That offends Tabitha. Zombie thinks that he is trying to trap Tabitha. Maybe Alistair has set this up. Tabitha is starting to believe this line of thinking. Zombie is glad that she sees the light and she snaps her fingers and disappears. Tabitha heads to the bed and her lover wakes up ready for another round. He has lost track of the rounds. She goes to him and puts her hands around his neck. She proceeds to strangle him. Suddenly, there is a presence. It is Timmy and he is trying to get her to d o good. Tabitha knows that it is her friend. She begs him not to go. She can be good but she has always been evil. Zombie returns thinking that Julian is dead as he is lying still with his eyes closed. Tabitha thinks that she won't be getting to heaven anytime soon.

Luis and Sheridan have just made love and are in bed naked discussing the issue regarding Antonio. They both agree that they have to tell him as soon as possible. Besides, they would like to be together and stop hiding their love to spare Antonio's feelings. He is going to have to know the truth. They would have told him already, but he has a condition and may die from the shock of the news. Eve is looking into his condition and trying to learn more about it. Till then, everyone has to walk around Antonio with kid gloves. Antonio is outside the cottage and he looks into a window. He sees Luis and Sheridan in bed together and he just stares. He can 't believe what he is seeing. "Oh no.this can't be happening." He Sheridan is kissing Luis now. Soon there is knocking on the door. Maybe it is news about Antonio, Sheridan thinks. Sheridan gets a robe and heads to t he door. She opens it to find standing Antonio there. He is facing her and he is not happy at all. He tells her that he can't believe it. She is lost for words. She doesn't know what to say to him. It seems that they have been busted for being together. They were worried about telling Antonio about their relationship, but it seems that isn't a worry anymore. He seems to have found out for himself. He faces Luis in the room who is too scantily dressed. Luis hurries to cover himself and get dressed. Luis waits to see how Antonio is going to react to this scene. He tells them that he is blind. Luis and Sheridan breathe a sigh of relief. They are not happy that he is blind, but they are glad that the news isn't out yet about them. He isn't even sure how he made it to the front door of the cottage. Something must be terribly wrong with him. Luis asks him if he i s sure that he is blind. Antonio is shocked to hear Luis's voice. "Luis! What are you doing here with Sheridan at the cottage?" Antonio then remembers that he asked Luis to keep an eye on Sheridan for him. He thinks t hat his brother is a good man. Sheridan leads Antonio to the couch. Luis has to straighten up the couch so that he can sit on it. Antonio was fine and then he wasn't fine. They want to take him to the hospital, but Antonio doesn't want to go. His vision is starting to come back now. He doesn't want to go back to the hospital. He can see some light now. He would rather be with the woman that loves him and his brother. He knows that t hey will take care of him better than the hospital. He can see his hands now and Sheridan. He is back to 100% and he is glad as not being able to see was pretty scary. Antonio sees a blanket and asks about it. Sheridan says that she was cold before. She tells him that he should really get some sleep if he isn't going back to the hospital. She takes him to the bedroom and puts him to bed. Luis comes in and watches her talk to him. S he tells him that she will be outside if he needs anything. He wants her to stay with him, but knows that Eve wants him not to get excited. Luis says that he will stay too. Antonio thinks that is a little strange, but Luis wants to be there if he needs anything. Antonio tells them that he is fine and he feels very lucky. He knows that Sheridan wouldn't' do anything to hurt him.

David calls Ivy to tell her that Sam is out of Grace's bed. He congratulates her. She is going to have a shot at Sam after all. Ivy loves this and has some serious thinking to do. They hang up and David has to wonder h ow low he will go to make Ivy's plan work. If he is not careful, he will not have a future with Grace.

Theresa shows her baby a picture of Ethan telling the boy that he is so handsome and kind. She tells the child that Ethan will always be there for him.

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