Passions Update Tuesday 8/27/02

Passions Update Tuesday 8/27/02

By Jennifer

Pilar thanks Luis for not telling Antonio about him and Sheridan. Luis tells Pilar that he will find out about him and Sheridan sooner or later. Pilar tells Luis that the shock might kill Antonio. Luis asks Pilar what is really wrong with him.

Antonio tells Sheridan that he is lucky to have her. Sheridan just smiles and nods. Luis listens as Antonio tells Sheridan that he really wanted to spend the night with her and make love to her. Sheridan jumps and says; “ Well you are just going to have to stay here.” Sheridan tells Antonio goodbye. Antonio pulls Sheridan into a kiss, but she pulls away. Sheridan goes to leave when Antonio tells her to get Luis for him. Luis walks in and Antonio tells him to take care of Sheridan for him. Luis says “ Yes, I will defiantly take care of her.” Luis and Sheridan leave.

Grace thanks David for being there for her. She pours him some Brandy. David starts to manipulate Grace by asking her why Sam left her alone after what happened to Charity. Grace tells David that Sam didn’t want to leave her but he had to question Julian.

Sam tells Ivy that he came to see her too. Sam asks her about the tape with Ethan and Julian on it. Ivy denies everything, and says that Theresa is lying. Ivy says that she would never do that to Theresa. Sam doesn’t look like he believes her. Sam says that Ivy has changes. Ivy tells him that she is the same girl that he fell in love with. Sam tells her that she isn’t the same. He reminds her about what T.C. said about her and David. Ivy tells him that she didn’t do that. Ivy asks Sam if he think she is innocent. Sam tells her that he doesn’t know what he believes anymore. Ivy yells at Sam to get out.

Zombie watches as Tabitha strangles a pillow. The door bell rings and Tabitha goes to see who it is. It’s Julian; he asks her if this is a bad time. Tabitha tells him that is timing couldn’t be more perfect. She invites him in, Zombie hides. Julian tells Tabitha that this is the first time her has been in her house. Tabitha whispers that this will be his last. Tabitha grabs a fire poker and raises it above Julian’s head. He turns around and asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she wanted to make a fire. Tabitha asks Julian if he is good at making fires. Julian says he is good at making a fire for Rebecca. Tabitha laughs. Julian starts make her a fire and tells her a story about his family history. He tells her that until the mansions built they never had fireplaces. Tabitha asks him why and he tells her that a woman was burned at the stake for being a witch and she cursed the Crane family and all of it’s descendants. Of course, that woman was Tabitha. Tabitha dreams of pushing Julian into the fire. Zombie calls Tabitha over and tells her to hurry up and kill him. Tabitha tells her that she will. Zombie gets bored and leaves. Tabitha then offers Julian a drink, a martimmy. Julian tells Tabby that Timmy truly did love her.

Eve tells everyone that she thought that Chad and Whitney were together. Shocked, Simone asks Whitney if that is true. Whitney tells her that she was not sneaking around with Chad. Simone asks Eve why she thought that Chad and Whitney were dating. Eve turns to Chad and asks him what is going on. T.C. says that Chad was just testing them to see if he could really spend time with the girls.

Luis and Sheridan drink some wine and Luis tells Sheridan that he will never let anyone or anything ever come between them again. Sheridan tells Luis that Antonio said the same thing. Luis says, “ Well I found you first, he’ll have to deal with it.” Sheridan smiles as Luis says, “ Now I promised that I wouldn’t tell Antonio, but I didn’t promise that we wouldn’t make love.” Sheridan smiles and takes off Luis’ shirt.

Antonio gets out of bed and gets dressed. He says that he is going to see Sheridan.

David asks Grace why she is upset. Grace tells him about the fight that she and Kay had. She also tells him about the evil that she has been sensing. She starts to freak out and says that she might be the reason evil has come back. Grace says that she wants Kay to be good, but she herself is not good. She says that she is not legally married to Sam, she is still married to David. Then Grace says that maybe she and Sam should separate. Grace looks at a picture of her and Sam, it suddenly turns into Sam and Ivy.

Sam starts leave, but Ivy breaks a glass and purposely cuts her hand. Sam runs in and helps her.

Tabitha tells Julian that she can’t believe that Timmy is really gone. Tabitha says that she was probably the only one that loved him. Julian tells her that, that is not true, he loved him. Julian then remembers the time that he and Timmy spent together. Tabitha and Julian then become really drunk and see halos on each other’s head. Julian throws his glass into the fire and so does Tabitha. They stand up and KISS! Tabitha picks up Julian and carries him away.

Eve tells T.C. that there is something off about Chad and Simone. She asks T.C. if he was pushing them together. T.C. tells her no and asks her why. Eve tells him because of Whitney and her tennis.

Simone goes up to Whitney’s room and apologizes to her for what she accused her of. Chad knocks on the window. Simone sees him and lets him in. She tells him that he went to the wrong window.

Luis and Sheridan lay on the couch together only covered by a blanket. Sheridan tells Luis that she hopes Antonio is Ok when he finds out. Antonio then walks up the window and sees Sheridan in Luis’ arms.

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