Passions Update Monday 8/26/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis

Ivy finds Julian in the house in the sitting room.  She isn’t used to having him in the house. He reminds her that she is only a houseguest.  She reminds him that she is his wife. He thinks that it is funny that 3 women think that they are each his one and only wife. She leaves the house and David is out there hiding.  She wants him to try again to break up Sam and Grace’s marriage. She has damaged many lives by making lies and trying to ruin others. She doesn’t care what he says about her.  She tries to do all these things and it gets her nothing.  Sam and Grace are as solid as a rock and she has to understand that she will never have Sam Bennett.  He has been taking every opportunity to get close to Grace and that isn’t working. He has done everything that he has been told to do. She is not interested in having a romance with David.  Ivy thinks that he should step things up a bit.  If David could get Grace, he would get over it, but David can’t do anything while Sam and Grace are in love.  Ivy is sure that Sam is loyal to Grace, but he is not in love with her.  She is not delusional.  She still thinks that David has a chance with Grace. She demands that he just do as she says. He is handsome and charming and she is sure that he can sweep a country girl off her feet. She reminds him that she has dirt on him and she will use it. 

Grace is upset that Kay was mean to her that day at the hospital. That was like a knife through her heart.  Sam is going to straighten her out.  Grace thinks that she should be the one that talks to her daughter.  Sam knows that no one should talk to Grace that way.  She has done nothing wrong and she has been the most wonderful mother in the world.  Grace thinks that maybe Kay is right that she has been ignored and in Charity’s shadow.  Kay is a teenager and in love with a boy that isn‘t in love with her.  Grace hopes that he is right.  Grace can’t shake the feeling that something really terrible is going to happen to them.  They hope that the kids will be okay in the morning. She suddenly gets a terrible headache.  It is a vision.  There are triangles swinging from the sky and she is ducking to avoid being hit by them. Sam sees that she is seeing something and he makes her sit down and relax. They get a call from that station, but he refuses to leave his wife. She tells him that she is fine.  She wants him to go and do his work.  She will be fine.  He goes back to the call and says that he will be right over.  He has to question Julian about his shooting.  He should have done that earlier, but with Charity’s surgery, he hadn’t the chance. He leaves and Grace sits down to think on the vision that she had.

Antonio has found Luis and Sheridan hugging in the hallway and he doesn’t like the looks of that.  He demands to know what is going on.  Someone has to tell him what is going on.  Luis tells him that he has to stay calm.  Mrs. Wallace, Beth and Pilar all walk up and hear that Antonio is demanding to know what is going on with Luis and Sheridan.  Eve offers to tell him what is going on.  Antonio wants to get out of the hospital and spend the night with Sheridan but Luis tells him that he is not going to spend the night with Luis.  They explain that there are other tests that have to be run and Antonio will not be out that night….Beth follows her mother and tells her that she is very devious to have Antonio go and ask about the truth.  Mrs. Wallace knows that the truth is going to come out sooner or later.  She thinks that it is better that Luis get the truth out.  Beth thinks that her mother only wants her as a slave to empty her bedpan and take care of her. She doesn’t want to see her daughter happy.

Julian knows that Ivy is up to something, but what?  He has been married to her for many, many years and he knows that woman.  He looks out the window and sees Ivy talking, but it looks like she is talking to herself.  He hears the voice of a man and thinks that she is having a secret rendezvous.  He heads to the bushes and moves the leaves to catch the man that she has been talking to, but no one is there.

Tabitha remembers when she was burned at the stake.  Not one of those Bennetts came forward to help her.  She was tied to the stake and she still vowed vengeance on all the Bennetts, even in death.  She makes a zap at Grace’s family.  She, Sam and others are going to suffer.  Tabitha knows that Grace is having premonitions, but they will mean nothing until she can figure them out.

Sam comes to see Julian and they discuss his staying away after everyone thought that he was shot.  Julian really has no information, but he will be back to talk to Julian another time.  Sam is on his way out and he bumps into Ivy. He tells her that Charity had to have a heart transplant.  He was saved, but Timmy had to give up his heart.  Julian almost chokes on his drink.  That was his little friend.  Julian is truly broken up about this.  “Oh no!”  Ivy and Sam are shocked to see such emotion come from someone so ruthless and evil.  He leaves the room and Sam and Ivy are shocked at Julian’s reaction.  Some strange things have been happening in Harmony.  The truth is that Sam is there for another reason.  He came to see her. 

Simone announces that she is with Chad and he cares for her.  Funny, her father has no problem with Simone dating Chad.  Whitney wants to clear things up right now. Her father thinks that she is going to tell him that she wants to date too.  He wants her to focus on her tennis and forget about boys.  TC is sure that Eve will be happy that the kids are going out.  Eve comes home and doesn’t hear what is going on correctly and she thinks that Chad and Whitney are the ones that will be going out.  That makes Simone very unhappy.  Everyone thinks about Whitney first and then her.

David comes to see Grace and he can see that she is shaking. She is not sure that she is all right. She is glad that he is there and that he can be a good friend.

Tabitha is on top of Julian in the house and she is choking him. This is payback for everything that he has ever done to her.  She is only holding a pillow and pretending that it is Julian, but she looks scary anyway.  Zombie sees her and loves the fury and anger in her actions.  Someone is at the door.  She goes to see who it is and Zombie hides.  She opens the door to Julian and invites him in.  He walks in, and Tabitha can see that this is going to be her chance to do to Julian what she has always wanted to since her Tim-Tim passed away.

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