Passions Update Friday 8/23/02

Passions Update Friday

By Glynis

Gwen and Theresa get into a fight and Ethan stops the fight.  Ethan tells her that he has to go and he and Gwen leave the room.  They lock the door behind them and Theresa gives her baby to Whitney and tries to get in the door.  Whitney sits Theresa down and tells her that it is time to give up on Ethan and the dream to be with him.  Theresa needs him and she will not let Julian be with that child.  Chad chimes in and tells Whitney that he understands what Theresa is doing as there is no way that he would let his child be the child of Julian Crane.  Whitney thinks that she should date someone else.  She can’t do that. She knows who would be the best father and husband in the world for her. She is not doing this only for herself anymore.  Ethan would be the most positive role model for her son.  They have to get over this tiny road block she believes, then they can get married.  Chad tells her that she lied to Ethan and that is what is making things difficult.  She knows that she was wrong.  She wants to them to leave her so that she can go to bed.  Whitney thinks that she is up to something.  She pushes them out as she is going to brush her teeth. After they are gone, she goes into her room.  Whitney is worried about Simone and what hypocrites they are. They have to tell Simone about them right now or they will be as bad as Theresa.

Eve tells Pilar that Antonio can’t hear the truth until he is strong enough to hear it…Antonio knows that people are not telling him things.  He is going to sneak around the hospital and try to find out what is going on…Luis and Sheridan are arguing about the situation that they are in.  She is getting angry with him.  She knows now that he was engaged to Beth and she is angry as he had his memory and chose not to be with her.  He tries to calm her down, but there is no doing that.  Mrs. Wallace is listening to them arguing and she remembers her daughter and how she thinks that she is going to get Luis back.  She knows that her daughter is going to get blown right out of the water. She is going to see her daughter unhappy.  She knows that Luis and Sheridan are going to get back together and everyone will see how in love they are…Sheridan says that she wants to be with Luis, but to him, it took her a long time to  come to that decision. She wants an apology for him being upset with her for doing the same thing that she did.  He thinks that by explaining his side, he is making things right.  He refuses to apologize and she tells him that they have a problem.  They have a big problem…TC and Sam discuss the problems with Kay and Charity.  TC is sure that his girls wouldn’t ever let a guy come between them…Simone is telling Charity that nothing is going to go wrong in her relationship with Miguel. She uses her relationship with Chad as an example.  She knows that true love always wins out…Eve is concerned about Pilar.  She watched her house burn down, she watched her daughter get executed and she finally has found out that both her sons love the same woman.  Pilar has been sustained by her faith.  Pilar doesn’t think that her faith is going to be enough. She only wants to know if her son will die if he is told the truth about the woman that he loves. She wants him to say that he was wrong for being angry with her for doing  something that he himself has done.  He suddenly grabs her face and kisses her madly.  She fights at first and then she hugs him…Eve admits that the shock of learning the truth about Luis and Sheridan may kill him…Antonio finds Mrs. Wallace and they discuss his hospital bills being paid.  Mrs. Wallace says that she can find out more information for him if he wants her to.  Antonio finds this very interesting…The kiss has worked.  Sheridan is back to thinking that Luis is okay and she isn’t angry anymore. She understands his anger, but he is not sure that she does understand his anger. The love that they shared is like nothing that they have ever experienced before.  When she told him about his brother, that floored him.  She didn’t remember him and thought that he was dead.  He understands that now, but he still thinks that Antonio knew better and was taking advantage.  He moved on with Beth as he thought that he was doing only what she wanted him to do.  He even sent messages to heaven to see if that was the right thing. She did the same thing.  He thought that everything was okay and that he should move on with his life.  Their love is stronger than ever. They will do whatever it takes to make the other happy…Pilar thinks that what is happening to Antonio is not fair.  Eve tells her that they only have to be careful what they say around him to keep him alive…Antonio wants to know how he can learn what the big secret is around the hospital.  Mrs. Wallace tells him that he should just go to Luis and Sheridan and ask them what is being hidden from him.  They will tell him as they are so close to him with Sheridan being his fiancée.  Antonio is sure that is the answer. He is going to ask Luis and Sheridan straight out. She even tells him where she saw them last so that Antonio might catch them in the act.  Antonio thanks her and heads off in the direction of the corner.  Mrs. Wallace is proud of herself.  Antonio turns the corner and finds Luis and Sheridan hugging each other a little too closely.  He interrupts them, “What in the hell is going on here?”

Charity tells Simone and Miguel that she feels negative energy around them. Someone wishes that bad things will happen to them…Grace talks to Kay and sees that she has no sympathy for herself and Charity.  Kay feels that she is not being treated the same as Charity is treated. Her mother tries to move closer to her but Kay tells her to get her hands off.  “You bitch!”  Grace will not be spoken to like that.  Kay doesn’t care what she is going to do to her anymore.  Kay has learned that she can’t depend on her mother or anyone else anymore. She has to take what she wants in life from now on.  This is real life.  Everyone in the town things that Grace is a super mom and Kay things that her mother doesn’t give a damn about her.  Grace has no idea what to say about what her daughter has just said.  Grace walks away.  Kay shouts at her that her mother can’t take the truth when it hits her in the face…Charity agrees to stay positive from now on even though she doesn’t feel it in her bones.  Simone looks out the window and sees Grace and Kay arguing.  Grace hates that her daughter is cursing. She tells her daughter that whatever has gotten into will have to stop. She stomps off.  Simone comes out to Kay to see what is going on.  Kay says that it is not her fault that Grace loves Charity more than her.  She is not going to hurt everyday of her life. She is going to make herself happy.  Miguel is going to be hers.  She swears by it.

Gwen and Ethan are alone now and she is asking him about his emphasis on honesty in a relationship. He thinks that he has the right honest relationship with Gwen. She loves hearing that. 

Theresa hears the music playing in the room beside hers.  She knows that Ethan and Gwen are about to make love. She knows that Ethan should be with her and in her bed.

Grace goes to Sam and tells him that happened with Kay.  She tells him that Kay feels terrible hostility towards her cousin.  Grace doesn’t know what to do.  Sam tells her to stick with her instincts and do what she thinks is right.  How can Kay not feel something as wonderful as love in her life? 

Kay vows to herself that Miguel is going to be hers. She swears it.  No matter what she has to do to get to that point, he will be hers.

Chad and Whitney are talking about Simone and how emotionally fragile she is.  Chad thinks that she may find out all this from someone else and that is the big risk.  TC is another one that is going to freak out when he learns that they have been together.  TC is in the house behind them and he comes out to tell Whitney to get in the house right now.  He also calls for Simone to come downstairs.

Ethan and Gwen are starting to make love and they are kissing passionately.  She is glad that they could spend some time together.  They are passionately kissing.  Gwen hams it up for Theresa as she is sure that Theresa  is listening.  “Oh!  Ethan!”  Theresa can’t believe her ears.

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