Passions Update Thursday 8/22/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer

Whitney tries to defend Theresa by saying that she doesnít know everything about infants. Gwen stops Whitney and tells her that she let it slip, Theresa knows enough about infants to take care of Ethan by herself. Theresa tells Ethan that she can explain. Ethan tells her to try and talk her way out of this one. Theresa says that Gwen is twisting everything. She turns to Gwen and asks her if she is happy. Gwen steps in and tells Theresa that she only told the truth, something that Theresa wasnít used to. Ethan tells them both to stop fighting. Theresa tells Ethan that she does know how to take care of baby Ethan, she just wanted to spend time with him. Ethan tells her that she could have come to him and told him that. Theresa says that she was afraid that he would say no. Ethan asks her when he has ever not been there for her.

Grace goes in to see Charity; she asks her how she feels. Charity says that she is ok. Grace asks her if something has upset her, cause she is flushed. Charity tells Grace that the Zombie was there. Grace asks her what the Zombie wanted. Charity tells her about what she saw. Charity tells Grace that Kay already assured that it would never happen. Grace raises her voice a little and projects it towards Kay and says that no one will ever take Miguel away from her. Kay says that she is going to get something to eat and leaves the room. Grace runs after her. Grace stops Kay and tells her that she wants to talk to her. Kay says " Yes mother we need to talk."

Eve checks on Antonio and tells him to stay in bed and stay calm. Antonio begins to think that everyone is keeping something from him. Eve leaves the room.

Beth tells Sheridan that she is sorry that she found out this way. Sheridan keeps saying " You and Luis were engaged?" Sheridan tells Beth that she had no idea.

Pilar reminds Luis that he has to tell Sheridan before someone else does. Luis tells Pilar that he broke it off with Beth. Luis goes to find Sheridan.

Theresa tries to give Ethan a guilt trip by telling him that she knows he liked taking care of baby Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan that he was happy when he was with her and the baby. Ethan admits that he was happier than he had ever been. Ethan tells her that the lies ruin everything. Ethan reminds her that all he wanted was honesty and trust. Ethan asks her why she canít just tell the truth, why she canít stop manipulating him. Ethan tells Theresa that she never trusted his love. Theresa asks Ethan to forgive her. Ethan tells her that he canít forgive her anymore. Ethan grabs Gwen and tells Theresa that they are going to bed. Theresa cries at the door for Ethan.

Grace tells Kay that someone brought evil back to Harmony. Grace asks her if she did it. Kay starts to yell at Grace and tells her that she wonít have her giving her the evil eye anymore. Kay starts screaming that Grace only cares about Charity. Grace tells Kay that she doesnít take sides. Kay tells Grace that she is sick of her accusing her. Kay says that what Charity is more important than what she wants. Kay asks her mother to name one time that she took her side over Charity. Grace stands in silence. Kay yells that she canít because she never gave a damn about her own daughter. Grace tells Kay that this is different, because Charity needs everyone's support. Kay says " This time itís because of her heart, last time it was because she lost her mother." Grace says that something evil took her away. Kay says " Well Iím surprised, because evil did that and you didnít blame me." Kay tells her mother that when Charity came to live with them, she became an orphan not Charity. Grace goes to touch Kay. Kay yel

Charity sits up her bed and says " Someone doesnít wish us well Miguel." Miguel tells her to calm down and get some rest. Charity asks him not to leave, Miguel says he wonít.

Luis walks up to Sheridan and Beth. Beth tells Sheridan that she is sorry. Luis tells Beth that itís ok. Sheridan looks at Luis and says " She did nothing wrong." Beth tells them that she will give them time alone. Luis touches Sheridanís arm and tells her that they need to talk. Sheridan pulls away and says " Yes we do need to talk." Luis says " Iíll explain." Sheridan interrupts him and says " Yeah, I would love to hear why it is that you can be engaged to someone else, but I canít" Luis tells her that he is sorry. Sheridan tells him that being with him again was heaven but what he did to her was hell. Sheridan tells him that he put her through hell because she was with Antonio, but the whole time he was with Beth! Luis asks her to forgive him. Sheridan tells him that she canít , that she just wants this to end. Luis asks her if she wants their relationship to end. Sheridan says that she doesnít want that to end, just all the chaos. Luis looks relieved, Sheridan tells him not to be relieved because she

Beth runs off and Mrs. Wallace asks her why she is running. Mrs. Wallace asks her if she wants to hear Luis say that he doesnít love her.

Antonio gets out of bed and walks around.

Pilar runs into Eve and asks her about her son. Eve tells Pilar that she is really worried about Antonio finding out about Luis and Sheridan. Pilar agrees that she is worried. Antonio walks up and asks Eve what is going on. Eve tells him that she hasnít gotten all of the test results back yet. Eve tells Antonio to go back to bed. Antonio says he will and walks away. Antonio tells himself that heíll go back to bed as soon as he gets some answers.

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