Passions Update Wednesday 8/21/02

Passions Update Wednesday 8/21/02

By Glynis

Pilar is torn. She knows that both her sons love the same woman.  She is hurt that Antonio is going to be devastated with the news that Sheridan is in love with Luis and is going to stay with him.  Sheridan loves Luis and wants to be with him and nothing can change that it seems.  She has no idea how she is going to tell Antonio that she is going to be with Luis…Beth is thrilled that Antonio thinks that he is going to marry Sheridan.  It was clear to her that Antonio hasn’t got all the information that he should.  He thinks that he is going to marry Sheridan, but the word on the street is that he is already out of the picture.  Luis came to her already and told her that he was going to be with Sheridan.  He wouldn’t do that if it weren’t true, would he?  Mrs. Wallace is not that thrilled at the news. She doesn’t want Luis with her daughter. Her daughter is not a good person and she doesn’t deserve a person like Luis.  She prayed to God that Luis would be alive and she is.  Now something has to be done to make Luis realize that he needs to stay with Sheridan no matter what.  She was about to tell Antonio that Sheridan is going to marry Luis, but that Dr. Eve came in and pushed her wheelchair out of the area so that she wouldn’t divulge the secret.  They know that Sheridan hasn’t broken off her engagement and Beth still has hope.  Beth is sure that she can still get Luis back….Luis and Sheridan decide that they are going to tell Antonio the news together.  Luis leaves to ask Eve if it is okay to tell Antonio the news about he and Sheridan now.  Sheridan is sorry that she has brought such hurt to the woman’s son’s…Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter that she has lost again.  Beth is trying to eavesdrop on what is going on in the hospital so that she can get more information on the situation…Sheridan is worried that this is going to break up Pilar’s family and Pilar has that fear too.  She knows that she is committed to Luis but what scares her the most is that her son’s could kill each other.  Beth is listening in on their conversation.  Sheridan doesn’t want to hurt Antonio, but the love that she has for Luis is so different.  Luis is in her heart and her soul. She thought that he was dead and now she finds that he is alive.  Luis was faithful to her and stayed true to her memory.  Beth nearly falls off her chair when she hears that Sheridan thinks that Luis has been true to her.  She remembers differently.  She tells her mother that she is wrong.  Beth sees that she still has a chance with Luis.

Tabitha is thinking of Luis, Sheridan and Antonio. She is going to add a little zing to the mix.  She is also going to mess with Chad, Whitney and Simone. The Russells are never going to get over this.  Zombie shows up to see what Tabitha is up to.  Zombie is going to see that Miguel’s life is destroyed forever.

Charity is out of her bed when Miguel shows up to pick her up and put her back in bed.  Charity tells him that the Zombie is back. The other kids come to see what is wrong.  They heard her screaming.  Kay hears her talking about a Zombie and knows that what Charity is about to say is true.  The Zombie told Charity that what is going to come is only going to get worse for them.  Charity tells them that the Zombie showed her the future and Miguel was with Kay.  She saw things that she never wanted to see ever in her life.  Miguel tries to calm her down. She is scared.  Miguel tells her to put all of this out of her mind.  Charity knows that what she saw was real.  Miguel tells her that she was having a terrible dream, but Charity doesn’t believe her.  Kay knows that what she is saying is true and she is sorry that she missed the visit.

Zombie likes that Tabitha seems to be in the swing of things again. There is nothing like destroying lives to cure what ails one. It is nice to be up to old tricks again. She is going to ruin lives and destroy families. She is going to be better than ever.  Zombie has seen nothing yet.  Tabitha has a lot more in store now.  Tabitha is going to work overtime to cause misery and make it run rampant in the town.  Tabitha feels good to be back in action.  She sits with a bowl of popcorn and she and Zombie talk.  Tabitha has a few things brewing but she doesn’t want to tell everything at once.  She would like to spread things out.  Zombie thinks that she should stretch things out a bit.  Things need a bit of jazzing up.  Zombie wants to know everything.  Tabitha tells her. She conjures up something that appears immediately in her hand. Tabitha goes to the window and chants.  “Blow…Blow…Blow them away…Change their souls with all their might.”

Gwen is eavesdropping and she hears Theresa telling Whitney that she can’t let Chad get away as she too is going to fight to keep Ethan.  Gwen vows that she will fight tooth and nail to keep Ethan for herself.  Ethan and Chad come up with the baby and they find Gwen at the door.  They all go in and Theresa takes the baby.  Theresa asks about checking the temperature of the baby’s bottle and Ethan explains everything to her.  Gwen watches as this little scene is played out.  There is a lot that Theresa has to learn.  Ethan is sure that she will be fine with this in a little while.  Ethan tests the milk for her to make sure that it is not hot.  Theresa offers the baby to Ethan so that he can feed him and Ethan is glad to do it.  The three of them sit on the bed and Gwen is seething with fury.  Whitney asks Chad to leave the room with her and she tells him that she has been doing some thinking about them and their situation.  Whitney thinks that Simone is going to be hurt badly.  She loves Chad and thinks that Chad loves her too.  Whitney can’t bear to take happiness from her sister.  Chad sees where this is heading.  He is not going to let her do this.  They have a love that is real and he is not going to let her walk away from that…Gwen thinks that Theresa is faking all of this to get Ethan to spend more time with her. She is sure that she has babysat in the past. She tells Ethan that Theresa is lying to him and manipulating him and that is just what she has been doing in the past…Chad tells Whitney that they have to stay together no matter what.  They have waited long enough…Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa knows how to look after a baby.  Theresa denies that she has been faking knowing what to do with a baby.  A wind suddenly  comes through the window and the curtains and their hair fly in the air.  Chad and Whitney come back in after hearing the wind.  Gwen asks them if they ever saw Theresa baby-sit.  Whitney says that she has babysat with Theresa lots of times.  Ethan turns to Theresa and tells her that he was right not to trust her.  People don’t change.  Theresa tries to explain.  Gwen would like to hear that explanation, and Ethan waits to see what she is going to say now.

A wind comes into Charity’s room and all the kids hug themselves from the breeze. They turn to see the door to Charity’s room open.

Luis is looking for Eve so that he can make sure that he can tell him about he and Sheridan.  Pilar tells him that he really should tell Sheridan about Beth.  Luis has totally forgotten about that.  He knows that if Sheridan hears about Beth from someone else, that will have a very bad effect on his relationship.

Beth comes out to see Sheridan for the first time.  Beth says that she saw Luis and heard that Sheridan had returned.  Sheridan didn’t know that Luis had been to see her.  Beth tells her that she fell in love with Luis all over again and they were engaged.  Beth can tell by the look on Sheridan’s face that she didn’t know that Luis was engaged to anyone else but she.  Mrs. Wallace is listening to her daughter spin her tale and she knows now that her daughter is a wicked girl. She is a very wicked girl.

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