Passions Update Tuesday 8/20/02

Passions Update Tuesday 8/20/02

By Jennifer

Luis tells Sheridan that he knows how hard it must be for her to decide, but she has to. Sheridan starts to cry and tells Luis that no matter what she does, someone will get hurt. Luis hugs her and tells her that he loves her. Luis says that he hates to see her cry. Luis asks her how much Antonio knew about her. Sheridan says that Antonio didnít know anything about her. She tells him that Antonio doesnít know about them, that they were lovers.

Mrs. Wallace tells Antonio that there will not be a double wedding. Antonio asks her if she is confused. Antonio tells her that he is marring Sheridan and Luis is marring Beth. Beth smiles as Antonio tells her what she wants to her.

Eve and the other doctor agree that the slightest upset could kill Antonio.

Miguel leaves Simone and Kay to go get a soda. Simone tells Kay that she will never have Miguel. Simone asks her that since she canít use evil anymore, how will she get him. Kay tells her that something will happen, she will have Miguel no matter what.

Zombie shows up in Charityís room and yells " Iím Back!" Zombie tries to give Charity a gift, a box wrapped in black paper and a white bow. Charity says that she doesnít want it. Zombie says "Fine, Iíll open it then. Itís a glimpse into your future."

Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan never stopped loving her. Whitney asks her when she is going to give it up. She canít stop living for a man that will not come back to her. She tells her that she has to live for her baby. Theresa says that she loves her baby. Whitney tells her that Julian is the father of her baby, not Ethan. Theresa says that she will not let Julian anywhere near her baby. Theresa tells Whitney that she and Ethan have a connection, because they made love. Theresa says that when Whitney makes love to a man she will know what she is talking about. Whitney then tells her about Chad. Theresa congratulates her on being honest with herself. Whitney tells her that this will really hurt Simone. Theresa says that Simone will be hurt but she will get over it. Theresa tells her that Simone never had Chad to begin with. Whitney says that she canít be with Chad.

Chad asks Ethan if he thinks he is being fair to Gwen. Chad tells him that he is not ready to be with Gwen if he still loves Theresa. Ethan admits that he does love Theresa but he canít be with her because he doesnít trust her. He tells Chad that she could have told him about Julian, but instead she lied. Chad tells Ethan about Whitney and Simone. Ethan says that he has to tell Simone the truth. Chad tells Ethan that he is worried that Whitney will break up with him because she doesnít want to hurt Simone. Ethan asks him if she would really do that. Chad tells him that she has done it before. Chad tells Ethan that he now understands why Theresa didnít want to tell him, because she didnít want to hurt him.

Sheridan tells Luis that she loves both him and Antonio. She tells him that when she was lost, Antonio became her whole world. Luis then tells her that he understands, she is choosing to be with Antonio. Luis tells her that he just wants her to be happy, and if happy is with Antonio then so be it. Sheridan stops him and tells him that Diana did fall in love with Antonio, but she dreamed of him. She tells him that she is Sheridan, and not Diana. Sheridan tells Luis that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him!

Mrs. Wallace tells Antonio that he needs to be set strait. Eve walks in and stops Mrs. Wallace. Eve pulls her out of the room and tells her that Antonio will die if he finds out about Sheridan and Luis.

Beth asks Antonio if Luis knows about him and Sheridan. Antonio tells her that Luis was just in here with Sheridan and him. Beth then says " So Luis knows!?"

Zombie opens up the gift; itís a remote control. She points it to a monitor, and plays a tape. Charity watches as Miguel leaves her and goes to Kay. Charity says that it is not true. Zombie tells her that it will happen.

Simone shows Kay the note that Chad gave her. Kay tells her that there is no name on it, it could have been for anyone. They start to talk about Theresa and Ethan. Kay says that Theresa lied, and now she has the Crane name, mansion, and soon she will have Ethan. Simone says that if Theresa gets Ethan back, it will be because their love is pure. Kay says that Theresa will get Ethan back because she is smart. Miguel walks up and gives Simone and Kay sodas. They hear Charity scream and they run to her.

Chad tells Ethan that Theresa lied to him because she didnít want to hurt him. Ethan continues to say that he canít trust her. Chad asks him if he can spend the rest of his life without her.

Theresa tells Whitney that Simone will find out anyway, even if they do break up. Chad canít pretend not to love you, and he canít pretend to love Simone. Whitney agrees. Theresa tells Whitney that she will have Ethan. Gwen walks up to the door and eavesdrops. Theresa says that even if she has to roll over Gwenís dead body, she will have Ethan. Gwen says, " Weíll see about that Bitch."

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