Passions Update Monday 8/19/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis

Ethan and Theresa sit with the baby in the nursery when Chad and Whitney arrive.  The two girls rush to each other and hug.  Soon, Ethan and Chad are alone and Chad asks Ethan why he canít trust Theresa anymore.  The woman was ready to take a lethal injection for him.  Ethan knows what he is saying but Ethan knows that he might not be able to go back. She failed all the truth tests before.  Chad thinks that he has been looking pretty cosy with Theresa.  Ethan knows that is true, but he isnít ready to start a life with Theresa.  Gwen is behind them and hears Ethan talking.  Ethan says that he is ready to start a life with Gwen.

Pilar leaves Antonio for a moment and Eve walks by with some papers.  Beth and Mrs. Wallace arrive at the hospital.  Beth says that her mother fell on the floor.  Mrs. Wallace was going to tell Eve what happened but Beth wouldnít let her.  Eve takes the woman and wheels her off to get treatment.  Beth sees Antonio in bed and learns that he came back to town a short while away.  He says that he is in the hospital for no big deal. He is going to be out soon.  He has the love of a beautiful woman now and everything is going to be fine.  Mrs. Wallace comes to talk to Antonio too.  He tells her that he is getting married to Sheridan Crane.  Beth listens carefully to the news.  Antonio explains how he brought Sheridan back to Harmony and then she remembered everything. The ladies see that something is strange.  Antonio doesnít see that Luis is one of the men that are fighting for Sheridan.  Antonio thinks that Beth is the one that is going to marry Luis.  Beth tells him that he is really confused.  Even Mrs. Wallace doesnít know what to make of this.

Luis is still waiting to hear who it is that Sheridan loves. This isnít easy for her.  She had previous lives with Luis and they are special for each other.  She tells him that in a previous life Luis died and she married a policeman afterwards. She saw the graves of everyone from their past lives.  She tells him that the man that she was married to in the past life was a man that was named Antonio.  Sheridan doesnít know what she is to do. She is still getting back to normal and she canít turn her feelings off for Antonio.  Luis is not blaming her for any of this.  Luis is having a hard time too.  She has been honest with him and he is going to be honest with her.  It was wrong of him to put her on the spot but the thought of she in bed with Antonio killed him and he doesnít think that he will be able to get over that. He needs to know.  Now that she remembers the both of them, does she feel the same about him? Does she love him? She has to choose. She has to decide. Who is it going to be?  Luis?  Or his brother?

Charity has called Kay in to talk to her and Charity thanks Kay for thinking of her. She takes Kayís hand in hers.

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