Passions Update Thursday 8/15/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer

In the hospital, Pilar begs Luis not to tell Antonio about him and Sheridan. Hank walks up and asks Luis what is going on. Pilar tells him that Sheridan and Antonio were more than friends on the island. Luis jumps in and tells him that they were lovers. Pilar asks him to talk some sense into Luis. Hank tells her that Luis doesn’t listen to him but he’ll try. Luis tells Hank that he is going to set Antonio strait. Hank reminds him that Sheridan is alive because of Antonio. Luis tells him that Antonio needs to know the truth, he needs to know right now.

Antonio tells Eve that he and Sheridan are going to spend their lives together. He calls Sheridan his beautiful fiance. Antonio then says that if anyone tried to come between them they would regret it. Sheridan stops Antonio and tells him that he is scaring her. Antonio apologizes and asks Sheridan what is going on, she has been acting really weird. Sheridan doesn’t say anything at first and then tells him that there is something he needs to know. Eve interrupts and tells Sheridan that she needs to keep Antonio calm and rested until they get the test results back. Sheridan says that she won’t let him get upset.

With Rebecca wondering what’s going on, Ethan helps Theresa change the baby’s diaper. Ethan says that he has a real connection with the baby. Theresa tells Ethan that she is glad he is there to help. She starts talk about "their" future together. Ethan stops he and tells her that they have to future together. They broke up a long time ago and nothing has changed.

Meanwhile, in Gwen’s room, Ivy comes in and tells Rebecca that she thought the fire alarm was going off, but it was just Gwen snoring. Rebecca begs Gwen to wake up but she is knocked out. Ivy starts to talk about how Theresa has won this one. Rebecca tells Ivy that she can’t believe that she would give up so easily. Ivy asks her how they are going to wake Gwen up. Rebecca pulls more drugs out of her bra. Ivy tells her that she could open her own pharmacy. Rebecca gives Gwen a stimulant.

Miguel tells Kay that he would have never made love to her if he knew it was her. Kay says that this is all her fault. Miguel tells her that there is no way this is her fault. He says that they were just pawns of evil. Kay tells Miguel that she loves him and he tells her that he loves her to as a friend. The nurse comes out and tells Miguel that he can go see Charity now. Miguel tells Kay that he will tell Charity that she will stop by later. Kay doesn’t want to. Miguel tells Kay that Charity loves her and it would make her feel better to have seen her. Miguel goes in to see Charity. Father Lonigan walks up to Kay. Kay bursts out into tears and tells Father that Miguel never loved her, he loves Charity.

Luis says to Hank " Sheridan is mine, Antonio should not have fallen in love with her." Hank tells him that any man would fall in love with Sheridan, he did. Hank reminds Luis that Antonio is hurt and he is not going anywhere. Luis then decides that he can wait to tell Antonio, but just until her is better. Pilar, Hank, and Luis then go to see Sheridan and Antonio.

Eve leaves the room, and Antonio pulls Sheridan into a kiss, just as Luis walks in. Sheridan sees Luis and pulls away. Luis looks at Sheridan and says " What the hell do you think you’re doing?"

Gwen wakes up but she is really groggy. Rebecca tries to help her walk around a bit. Gwen and Rebecca then fall on top of Ivy. Rebecca is sitting on the joystick and they end up flying into the wall. Gwen says that she just wants to go to sleep, she’ll worry about Ethan and Theresa tomorrow. Rebecca splashes water in her face and Gwen wakes up. Gwen goes to Ethan and Theresa. She walks in and Ethan goes right to her. Theresa tells Gwen that she was really snoring. Ethan says that it was adorable. Gwen snuggles up to Ethan and tells him that she wants to spend some time together. Ivy looks at Theresa and says she has something up her sleeve.

Charity wakes up and Miguel tells her that he loves her. Charity asks him what happened, she remembers saying goodbye to him, but everything else is a blank. Miguel tells her that he will fill her in later, now he just wants to be with her.

Father Lonigan tells Kay that Miguel’s heart has always belonged to Charity. Father tells her that Miguel has been honest with her, now she should be honest with him. Kay tells Father that she will not tell Miguel what she did. Father tells her that Miguel will never leave Charity. Kay tells him that she just hasn’t tried hard enough. Father Lonigan goes to pray for her. Kay walks over to Charity’s room and looks in on them.

Antonio tells Luis that he was just kissing the women he loves. Sheridan stares at Luis. Luis looks at Sheridan and says " Sheridan, we need to tell him, either you tell him

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