Passions Update Tuesday 8/13/02

Passions Update Tuesday 8/13/02

By Jennifer

Pilar and Sheridan run to Brian and Luis. They find Brian on the ground with broken glass surrounding him. Luis is standing over him. Sheridan asks Luis what he has done. Pilar tells Luis that he killed his brother. Luis bends over to Brian and finds that he has a pulse and he is breathing. Sheridan holds Brian and looks at Luis as if she blames him. Luis tells her that he didn't do it. He just found Brain like this. Sheridan doesn't look like she believes him. Luis admits that he came there to beat Brian up, but he didn't get the chance. Sheridan begs Brian to wake up, he doesn't.

In the operating room, Eve tells the nurse that she has done all see can. It is up to God now.

Miguel wonders what he can do to help Charity. Sam tells him to pray for her. Grace starts to pray and Sam tells her that it might not be God's will to keep her alive. Grace asks Sam why evil is targeting her family. Sam says that he doesn't know why. Grace then vows to protect her girls. Jessica hears Kay say Amen, she immediately thinks that she was praying for Charity to die. Jessica tells Kay that if Charity dies, Miguel will never be the same. Kay says that she would make Miguel happy. Miguel walks up and Kay asks him how he is doing. Miguel looks at her funny and tells her that he's been better. Then Eve walks out of the operating room. Everyone looks at her and awaits her results.

Simone and Whitney sit down as Whitney prepares to tell her about Chad. Whitney says that she should have told her sooner, but just before she can say anymore the phone rings. Simone answers and Chad tells Whitney that they have to tell her now. Whitney says that Simone will be devastated. Chad says that she will get over it. Simone comes back and tells them that the phone was for her father. Whitney tells Simone that she loves her and that since she lost her best friend she knows how important life is now. Simone realizes that she did not tell Whitney about Theresa yet. Simone jumps up and tells Whitney that Theresa is alive. Whitney and Chad don't believe their ears. Whitney tells Simone that can't be true because she saw Theresa die. Simone explains that Alistair made it look like Theresa died so Julian would come out of hiding. Whitney can't believe that Julian and Theresa are alive. Simone tells her that she is up at the Crane Mansion right now with her baby.

Pilar says that there is something terribly wrong with Antonio. Sheridan then tells Pilar about the race car crash. Pilar says that they have to get him to the hospital right away. Sheridan holds Brian and looks at Luis again. Luis looks like is heart has been ripped out.

Eve tells everyone that Charity's heart transplant is complete. She says that the next 24 hours are very critical. Reese runs up to Kay and grabs her. All the teens say that they hope the evil is gone. Reese wonders who keeps bringing the evil back to Harmony. Jessica immediately says that he is wrong, it's not Tabitha. Reese asks her how she is so sure. Jessica says that she wouldn't do anything that would hurt Timmy. They all hear what Eve said about Charity. Miguel asks to see her. Eve says it Ok, but only for a minute. Kay goes by Father Lonigan and he asks her if she told Miguel the truth yet. Kay says that she can't and she won't. Father tells her that she will lose her soul forever. Miguel kisses Charity and they take her to recovery. Miguel says that he is going to go to the chapel and pray for Charity. Jessica and Reese join him. Kay says that she is going to stay behind. Sam and everyone else decide to go get something to eat. On their way out they run into Luis. Sam asks him why he is there. Luis tells him that his brother got hurt. Sam says " Miguel is in the chapel." Luis says " Not Miguel, Antonio." Sheridan turns around and everyone says " Sheridan!?" Sheridan tells them that she didn't die in the explosion, someone rescued her. They ask who, and Luis tells them that it was Antonio. Sheridan tells them that she had amnesia and that is why she didn't come back sooner. Sam tells Luis that he is happy for him, he got the love of his life back, his sweet Sheridan. Luis is just like " Yeah" and walks away. Hank asks him if he is happy that his brother is back. Luis just blows him off and walks away. Sheridan tells Eve about Antonio's racing accident. Eve says that she has to talk to the other doctor, Sheridan gives her the number. Sheridan walks around and runs into Luis.

Whitney jumps up and down screaming that Theresa is alive. Whitney says that she is going to go see her. Simone says that she is going to go back to the hospital. She grabs Chad's hand and says lets go. Chad pulls away and says that he is going to go with Whitney.

Sam and Grace say that Luis must be so happy to have Sheridan and Antonio back in his life. Hank says that he is not so sure about that. Kay walks up and asks what's going on. They tell her that Sheridan is alive and Antonio is back. They asks her to go tell Miguel. She heads towards the chapel and walks in. The statues then come to life and start yelling, " Evil, get out."

Sheridan asks Luis if he is worried about Antonio. Luis says that he is more worried about her. Sheridan tells him again that she thought he was dead, that is the only reason she let herself fall for Antonio. Luis tells her that he was dead, on the inside. Sheridan says that there was one more thing that she didn't tell him. Luis asks her if she and Antonio slept together. Sheridan says " Yes, Antonio and I made love." Luis looks at her like he can't believe what she just said.

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