Passions Update Monday 8/12/02

Passions Update Monday

By Glynis

Eve manages to save Charity once again.  She gets her heart going and gets her back on the respirator.  Their prayers are going to be answered.  Charity is going to survive this horrible ordeal after all.  Kay is upset that Charity has been saved.  Damn her!  She was hoping that Sam and TC wouldn’t be able to help with the generator.

Tabitha is angry that Charity is going to live and has been trying to get her dead! Dead!  Dead!  She has lost her Timmy and she is out for revenge.  Timmy tells her that if she hurts Charity, she will be hurting him too.  That isn’t enough for her to stop her revenge.  She can’t hear him as she is so angry.  His heart is going into Charity’s body and that would be like hurting Timmy.  Tabitha sees that there are others trying to fix the generator to save the people in the hospital.  Well they are going to have to suffer as she is not going to allow anyone to live if that means that Charity will live.  She will show them who is boss.  She puts out her arms in front of herself, getting ready to do some major damage.  Timmy gets in her way and stops her magic.  He tells her that if she wants to kill Charity, then she will have to go through Timmy to d it.  What is she going to do he wonders? She knows that she can’t hurt her Timmy.  She stops the magic. She could never do that. She looks up into the heavens and things of her Tim-Tim…

Everyone can relax now and Pilar gets around to telling everyone that Theresa is alive along with Julian. She has no more details than that.  As soon as she heard the news, she hurried over to the hospital to see about Charity.  Grace can’t believe this, but is glad that Theresa was saved as she wasn’t at fault at all. She would have been executed for no reason.  Pilar is going to go back to the mansion now.  She has to be with the family and help Theresa with the baby.  Miguel sends his good wishes with her…Jessica goes to Kay knowing that she is not happy that Charity is going to live.  Kay tells her to shut up as it is clear to her that Jessica is there to taunt her about her losing out with Miguel yet again.  Jessica knows that Kay has lost again and she hopes that Kay feels that it was worth it.

Theresa comes into the room with tea for everyone.  Rebecca and Gwen tried to drug her cup earlier and Phyllis came in and saw them.  Phyllis took Theresa aside and explained to her what the two women did.  Theresa used the situation as an opportunity to play a trick on them. Theresa drinks her tea, but is not affected by it.  The drug was supposed to make her drowsy and go to bed so that Gwen could come along and take Ethan to bed with everyone hearing them making love and reporting it to Theresa the next day.  The plans were changed.  Theresa switched the teacups.  She offers more tea to Rebecca and Gwen, but they will not touch it.  Rebecca drags her daughter off wondering why Theresa isn’t sleepy as they were sure that they drugged her. Theresa must have  switched cups when Rebecca and Gwen weren’t looking.  They look around uncomfortably wondering who got the tea.  Theresa whispers to Rebecca that she thought that she was trying to drug her.  Theresa sarcastically says that she knows that Rebecca would never do a thing like that.  They look over at Gwen and see her trying to hold herself up with the wall.  Theresa suggests that Ethan take her to bed.  Gwen starts snoring terribly and Ethan picks her up and takes her to bed.  Theresa tells Rebecca to go and make sure that her daughter is going to be okay.  Rebecca can tell when she has been beaten and she leaves the room.

Sheridan is alone with Luis now and she is trying to get up the courage to tell him what he has to know about the things that have happened since they were last together.  There are a lot of things that he would like to say to her, but she insists on talking first. She reminds him that she has had amnesia for a long time. She couldn’t remember who she was and where she came from. She couldn’t remember their love and his face.  He just about lost his mind too after she disappeared.  He felt in his soul that she was alive, but he had no proof and no evidence to support that but the way that he felt.  Because she couldn’t remember him, things happened that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  Now he is getting curious. What terrible thing is she about to tell him?  What is she trying to say?  He assures her that she shouldn’t worry about anything that she has to tell him. They are going to be together forever and so there is nothing to fret over. Things are all in the past now.  He only wants to know what she has to say to him, so that they can get on with their lives. She tells him that when she was lost at sea, a kind, wonderful man rescued her and saved her life.  He nursed her back to health and took good care of her the whole time.  She wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for this man.  He didn’t give up on her when she was going to give up on herself. She was very grateful to the man and she started caring for the man as well.  She fell in love with this man.  Luis jumps back as if stung by a bee. What is she saying? She is the love of his life!  She is sorry for hurting him this way but the truth had to be told.  He is hurt that she couldn’t remember him at all. She waited and waited for her memory to come back, but it never did.  She thought that if he were alive, he would have come to find her. So she accepted the fact that the man that must have loved her must have died.  She thought that he was dead.  Then she met the other man and he was kind to her and good and she couldn’t help herself.  There seemed to be no reason for her not to love him.  Luis asks how close they got.  Thos is the part that is really going to kill him she knows, but she has to get it out.  She tells him that she was engaged to marry the guy.  Luis can barely hide his disappointment.  Luis demands to know who the guy is. She tells him that the person is someone that he knows.  She tells him that the man that she was in love with and engaged to is his brother Antonio.

Simone comes home and finds Whitney alone with a very strange ravenous appetite.  It is night and Simone has come home to tell her sister the good news that Charity is going to be saved after all.  Chad was with Whitney earlier but he left to get the flowers as a surprise for Whitney.  They had been making love all night as the house was empty.  He had finally convinced Whitney that she belonged to him and he to her.  Even though Simone is going to be hurt by their love, they couldn’t deny their desire for each other anymore.  When he returns, he finds Simone there and she sees the flowers thinking that they are for her.  She jumps to the conclusion without any encouragement.  She seems to be under the delusion that the only reason that Chad hasn’t been making the moves on her is because she is too young for him. She is sure that when he turns 18, he is going to come and get her for his very own.  Simone goes on and on about how it feels to be in love the way that she is. She wishes that her sister could have someone too.  She feels wonderful and tingly all over.  She tells Chad to fix Whitney up with one of his boys so that they can double date sometime.  Chad says no, but a little too loudly.  Simone only wants her sister to be as happy as she thinks she is with Chad.  She hasn’t a clue that she is the only one in the room that thinks this fantasy is real.  She wants to make a toast to her feelings for Chad and his feelings for her, and so she goes to get the good glasses so that they can have a drink. She pecks Chad on the cheek and goes rushing out, giggling like a maniac.  There was a note with the flowers  and Simone ready the lovely words meant for Whitney and that has only convinced her even more that Chad loves her and no one else.  Whitney knows that Simone has to be told now that Chad and she are an item.  Simone is acting a lot weirder than Whitney thinks she should be.  They are going to tell her as soon as possible.  She returns with the glasses filled with orange juice and Whitney tells her that they have to talk about a serious situation as she can’t go on like this anymore. 

Pilar arrives at the cottage finding Antonio alone.  She learns that the brothers have made up and they are thinking of having a double wedding.  Pilar is glad to hear that her sons have made up again.  He tells her that the girl that he is engaged to has gotten her memory back.  Also, she is from Harmony and she knows Pilar.  Pilar is really confused now.  Antonio tells her that the woman that he is going to marry, who has been calling herself Diana is really Sheridan Crane.  Pilar knows that she has to get to Luis right away. She can’t believe her ears. She leaves Antonio alone in the cottage.  He knows that she is going to blow everyone away when they learn who he is going to marry.

Pilar makes her way to Sheridan and Luis in the yard and she is glad to see the girl again.  All that matters is that she is alive. They will talk about the problems later.  Pilar knows all the news now. This is a remarkable coincidence.  Luis feels that Antonio took advantage of Sheridan and forced himself on her.  Sheridan corrects him, telling him that Antonio was nothing but a gentleman to her.  Pilar warns Sheridan that both her sons have terrible tempers and will not deal with this well.  Pilar wants to know everything. She tells how Antonio pulled her out of the ocean and she had no memory at all. She was so lonely. She will tell Pilar the story some other time, but right now, there is a lot to straighten out.  They hear  a loud noise and turn to find Luis gone.  Pilar panics.  She thinks that Luis has gone to find Antonio and has in fact found him. Both women go running in the direction of the noise. They are shocked to find Antonio lying in glass outside the cottage.  Luis is standing over him.  Sheridan demands to know what Luis was doing.

Ethan returns to Theresa and the baby after putting Gwen to bed.  Gwen must have been exhausted to fall asleep like that.  The baby coos and she picks him up. She loves him so much.  He is a wonderful little boy.  Sometimes Theresa worries that she is raising a child all by herself.  She hopes that she is up to raising the boy.  Ethan is sure that she will do fine.  Julian will help her. She will not let Julian raise the child.  Ethan reminds her that Julian raised him and he didn’t’ turn out bad. She knows that he is not really Julian’s son and she feels that is why Ethan has turned out so well.  She would have given everything to have Ethan be the baby’s father.  That is not possible though as Theresa was on birth control the night that they made love.  She turns to him asking him a favour. She wants him to be her son’s godfather.  The boy is going to need someone to guide him and look up to.  Ethan will be honoured to be the boy’s godfather.  Rebecca is peeking at Theresa and Ethan through the doorway and Theresa sees her over Ethan’s shoulder.

Gwen is in her room snoring away when Rebecca comes into her room and puts a wooden peg on her daughter’s nose to stop the snoring. She is not going to let that little tramp hurt her baby again.  Rebecca heads back to do some more snooping…Ethan takes the baby to put him to bed and Theresa decides to head out to where Rebecca is peeking at them.  She reaches the door and shuts it to Rebecca’s dismay.  Now she can’t see what is going on inside the room.

Timmy is in heaven and he talks to the Angel Girl.  He is like her now and he has more understanding of things.  She has some good news for him.  He is going to be a very special angel.  He is going to be a guardian angel.  Timmy smiles at the thought.  Suddenly he hears bells ringing.  That means that an angel has gotten his or her wings.

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