Passions Update Thursday 8/8/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer

Second one by Glynis

Miguel begs Charity not to leave him, she doesn’t wake up. Eve goes to Grace and Sam and tells them that she did everything she could, the injuries were just too severe. They tell Eve that they understand. Eve says that she is going to go get a death certificate form Charity so they can start making plans. She goes to get the certificate when the nurse comes and shows her something about her two patients. Eve says that this could change everything. Pilar tells Miguel that maybe he should talk to Father Lonigan about the funeral. Miguel says that he is not ready to talk about the funeral. Pilar tells him to let go. Kay tells Simone that she didn’t want any of this to happen, she just wanted Miguel to love her. Simone says that Miguel loves Charity now more than ever, and if she can’t see the pain she caused everyone then she is truly evil.

Outside, Tabitha cried for her precious Timmy. She looks in her purse for her hanky and finds Timmy’s old glove, which makes her cry even more. Tabitha then stands up and curses goodness for making Timmy so attached to Charity. Then she realizes that if Timmy died, then so did Charity. Since Charity is dead, then she should get her powers back.

Beth asks Luis what’s going on, he tells her that Sheridan is alive. Beth’s jaw drops to the floor and her mother rejoices. Beth doesn’t believe it and asks Luis how she came back. Luis tells her that he hasn’t figured that part out yet. Beth lies and says that she is happy for him. They sit down, and Luis thanks Beth for taking it so well. Then he says " After all, we were engaged." Beth freaks out and asks Luis if he just said "were". Luis then says the sweetest thing in the world, " I love Sheridan, and I need to be with her." Beth says that she understands, how can she compete with the love of his life? Mrs. Wallace walks out and asks Luis what’s up. Luis tells her that Sheridan alive and that there will be no wedding. Mrs. Wallace acts surprised and leaves the room.

Sheridan asks Brian if Luis is his brother. Brian says yeah, and Sheridan is like " Oh My God." Brian asks Sheridan if she knew Luis. Sheridan says " Oh yeah." Sheridan tells Brian that Pilar practically raised her. Brian says well maybe that why I love you so much, cause you remind me of my mother. Brian tells Sheridan that he remembers a little blonde haired girl from when he was younger, it must have been her. Brian tells Sheridan that her family must be thrilled to have her back. Sheridan tells him that her family won’t be so thrilled, they never lover her. Sheridan then realizes why Luis was so familiar when they danced in Bermuda, cause Luis taught her how to tango. Brian says that he is going to go find Luis and ask him to be his best man. Sheridan tells Brain that he can’t go find Luis. Brian says OK and goes to get some wine.

Luis starts to say lets be friends but Beth cuts him off and says " Please, spare me the lets be friends talk." She asks to be alone and Luis leaves. Beth leans against the door and cries. Her mother walks out and taunts her.

While Brian is in the kitchen, Sheridan tries to call Luis. She goes outside so Brain won’t hear her. Luis doesn’t answer his phone because he doesn’t have it; it is in Sheridan’s bedroom. Sheridan sees his car pull up. Luis sneaks out and goes into Sheridan’s room and puts roses on her bed. He hears his phone ring but Sheridan hangs up before he can get to it. Brian goes into the living room with the wine. Luis walks out and sees Brian. Luis punches Brain. They fight, and Luis throws Brian across the room and he knocks a lot of stuff over. Sheridan hears to crash and runs inside.

Tabitha calls for the dark side to give her back her powers. They answer and give them back to her. Tabitha yells that she is back.

Whitney and Chad go down to the kitchen and make themselves something to eat. Chad asks Whitney why they couldn’t just come down in their robes’ cause they are just going to go back upstairs and make love again. Whitney tells him that she doesn’t want her parents to come home and find them half-naked eating a lot of food. They’re not stupid, they’ll know what they were doing.

Gwen asks Ethan if he wants to go to bed. He says OK and they start to walk away from Theresa and the baby. The baby starts crying. Phyllis says that maybe a bath would calm the baby down. Theresa says that she is still too groggy. Phyllis says that she doesn’t know anything about giving a baby a bath. Ethan says that he will help, they go into the bathroom. Rebecca asks Gwen if she is just going to let her get away with that. Gwen asks her what to do. Rebecca tells her to drug Theresa, then put out for Ethan. Gwen asks her where she could get sleeping pills at this time of night. Rebecca pulls bottles of pills out of her bra.

Eve shocks Charity, everyone asks her what she is going. Eve gets a heart beat. Tabitha walks up and Eve tells everyone that she is going to perform a heart transplant on Charity. The nurse says that it is all because of Tabitha. They are going to use Timmy’s heart. Tabitha says that she won’t let them cut up her Timmy.

By Glynis

Luis goes to Beth and her mother and tells her that Sheridan’s alive.  Beth’s mother is in the back room happy that their prayers have been answered.  She is listening in and she has been praying for this moment from the very start. She thinks that her daughter doesn’t deserve someone as wonderful as Luis and she is glad that there will be no marriage for Beth.  It has been the woman’s belief all along that Luis doesn’t know the real Beth yet and that he wouldn’t like her after he found out how she really is and how she really treats her mother.  Luis hasn’t gotten all the answers yet as to what brought Sheridan back into his life, but a mistake has been made with someone’s plans to hurt her, and he is sure that Sheridan’s family has been behind all of this.  Beth can’t believe it.  This is her worst nightmare come true.  She has been in love with Luis for all of her life and she thought that finally she would get to be with the man and have him for her very own.  Sheridan is really alive.  Who would have thought it?  Beth’s mother knows that Luis is going to dump Beth like yesterday’s trash and she can’t wait to hear it said out loud.  He would like to sit with Beth for a moment to have more of a discussion as to what this really means.  Beth hides the wedding magazines that she has been looking over, under a nearby pillow, perhaps she moves so fast to make sure that Luis didn’t see how desperate she was to get married to him. He appreciates that Beth is taking things so well so far.  He is sure that this is tearing her apart.  This is going to make changes for the both of them.  She hears him refer to their engagement in the past tense and that angers her.  He used the past tense to describe their engagement before he even tells her that he is not going to marry her anymore.  That was insensitive and she doesn’t appreciate that.  Luis is not trying to be insensitive to her, but he has to get her to face what is truly going on here.  That upsets her greatly. She begs him to not treat her as if she were stupid. She knows what Sheridan being back means for her.  It means that she is out and Sheridan is back in where she was so long ago.  She hurt in the past when he used to tell her that Sheridan was the love of his life, even when she was thought to be dead.  She buried her feelings telling herself that there is no way that Sheridan can get to Luis now, so that meant that the way was clear for Beth to go in and get her man.  Beth tried to help him with his loss and she did help him.  She followed him around and searched for Sheridan with him and listened to him go on and on about Sheridan. She did that patiently so that she could make him feel better. That is how much he loved her.  He proposed to her, and she accepted, and now Sheridan is back. What wonderful timing.  How can she compete with that?  Sheridan is back again from the dead.  She is hurting and trying to hide it.  She knows that she has lost her true love.  He tells her that this isn’t a competition.  She shouldn’t look at things that way.  She knows that, but she can’t help it. He wants to be with Sheridan and Beth totally understands that.  She never wins.  She will be stuck there forever with her nut of a mother, but no Luis.  Luis loves Sheridan and he admits it freely. There is no need to hide his feelings anymore. The woman that he loves is back and kicking.  He needs to be with her and her alone.  Beth nods her head in agreement…Her mother is listening and tickled pink. She comes out to see what is going on with Beth and Luis.  Luis tells her that Sheridan is alive and back in Harmony.  The woman feigns disbelief. This is quite a shock for everyone.  She finds this to be good news for Luis. This means that he will not be her son-in-law anymore and Luis will not be Beth’s husband.  Luis has been talking to Beth and he would like to have some more time with Beth for a minute.  Beth is crying her eyes out.  The old woman apologizes to him for interrupting and she turns in her walker to head for her room.  She looks up at heaven on her way out of the room and mouths a quiet, “thank you” to the lord.  Beth is tired from crying. She tells Luis to go ahead. She is going to be all right. She looks like a woman that has been beaten.  She sees him to the door.  He tells her that he will call her soon, but that is not what she wants to hear either.  He leaves and she leans on the door crying.  Her heart is literally breaking.  Her mother comes out happy as can be.  She is so happy that she is going to have a nice long soak in the tub. She orders her daughter to get the tub ready.

Sheridan is talking to Antonio and she learns that Luis is his brother. That freaks her out to no end.  She wasn’t expecting that. She thought that she was going to be the one that caused the shock to him by telling him that she is in love with another man, but the surprise has been for her.  That is too much for her. She looks down at the washer on her finger.  She knows that Antonio proposed to her and that he put this on her finger as a promise to marry her in the future.  He was bringing her there to show her to his family in order that she would have more of a sense of family now.  She has had no one as long as he has known her.  Does she know Luis?  Look at her reaction to the things that she is saying?  Sheridan tells him that she does know his family.  Pilar practically raised her.  That is what he likes about her, as she reminds him of his mother.  They now know that they must have met when they were children.  He used to play in this same cottage and he knows that there was a blonde around at that time. That must have been Sheridan.  He knows that they were destined to be together. They shared a past life together, so that must mean that they must share a life now.  He still wants to marry her even though she is a Crane.  Nothing has changed for him. She tells him that so much has changed for them.  She can’t believe that Luis was the one that was in Bermuda dancing with her back then. She remembers him being familiar to her back then, but she didn’t know why.  There is really a lot that she has to talk about with him.  She thinks that they should talk now, but he thinks that she should get some rest.  He is going to tell his family that the woman that he is going to marry really isn’t Diana, but Sheridan Crane.  She remembers Luis telling her to steer clear of his brother.  Luis only cared that they have found each other again and he isn’t going to let Antonio have anything to do with them.  Antonio gets up to go and tell his family that he has found his fiancée, and who she really is, but Sheridan jumps up to stop him from going anywhere.  “You can’t!” she shouts at him.  She tells him that she has to talk to him. She still refers to him as Brian. She tells him that they have to talk right now about what is going on.  He tells her that he will talk with her, but firsts he will get them some wine from the kitchen and then they will have that little talk. He goes to the kitchen and she heads to the phone and dials.  “Come on Luis, pickup!”  No one answers the phone. She has to get Luis before he returns and finds his brother there with her. He may kill the man. She drops the phone and goes running out the front door of the cottage.  She hears a car coming and thinks that Luis is back…Luis enters the cottage and goes to the bedroom with roses.  He hears his phone ringing and answers, but no one answers him.  He hangs up and heads to the main room to see where Sheridan is…Antonio is coming out of the kitchen and he is holding a bottle of wine.  He is looking for Sheridan too.  He sees Luis standing before him and before much can be said, Luis hits him, knocking him off his feet.

Tabitha is crying g now.  She is on a park bench crying over her Timmy. What is she going to do without him now?  She has to be strong and vengeful. She will have her revenge on all of those people that took her Timmy from her.  If Timmy died, then Charity must have died too. That means that the boys in the basement will have to finally give her back her powers.  Tabitha feels the power return to her veins. She is hit with something much like a thunderbolt. She knows that her powers are back with a vengeance.

Miguel is over Charity’s body now and he is begging her not to go, but it is too late and Charity is gone now.  Eve hopes that Grace knows that she would have done anything to sae Charity but that was not to be.  Eve goes off to get death certificates for Grace to start making death certificates.  Eve goes to the front desk and a nurse comes up with news about Eve’s patients.  The nurse shows her something and she looks at it unbelievingly. “I can’t believe this! This changes everything.”…Pilar tries to get her son to leave Charity so that funeral arrangements can be made for her.  Miguel refuses to leave her side…Simone tells Kay that Miguel loves Charity more than ever.  Kay is going to be there for Miguel to cry on her shoulder.  Then she will be there to kiss away his tears.  Simone wishes that Kay could see what she is doing and wishing is wrong.  Time has to move on for Kay and she will be there for Miguel with open arms when the time is right….Eve has an idea and has to move fast as they don’t have much time. She and the nurse move into action. They get their equipment and stand over Charity with the paddles.  Eve is trying to save Charity’s life even though she has been pronounced dead.  Everyone stands by and watches her at work.  “CLEAR!”  Charity is hit with a blast.  That one didn’t work.  She tries over and over again and finally, they see something on the machine.  A tiny blip. They hook her up to the heart machine.  Grace doesn’t understand this.  Eve said that Charity has a bad heart.  Eve thinks that she can save Charity with a heart transplant.  Eve has been monitoring the situation and now there is a heart available. Charity is going to get a new heart and she is going to live.  Miguel is happy as a clam.  Kay can’t believe that this is happening.  She gets word that the donor is a match.  Everyone is happy.  Tabitha comes in learning that Charity will live after all.  Tabitha is the one that is to be thanked for that.  She signed the papers so that the hospital could get that heart.  She was thinking then.  She didn’t want them to cut up her little Timmy for this purpose.  What has she done?  She leaves the room and realizes that she would never have agreed to do a thing like this if she had known that Charity were going to live.  Charity has to die.  Tabitha will see to it…Miguel talks to Charity telling her that it is only a matter of time before she gets her new heart.

Tabitha tries out her new powers.  She is very powerful indeed.  She cackles into the night now…  In the hospital, Miguel is over Charity consoling her and talking soothingly to her when there is a loud noise and all the electricity goes out in the hospital. Everyone looks around in terror at the darkened room. What must that mean for the patients?  The emergency generators are not kicking in and they have to do something soon or Charity will die.  How could God do this to Charity?  …Simone thinks that Kay is the one that is doing this. She is evil.

Gwen comes to Ethan and tells him that it is getting late now and that they should go to bed.  Ethan says good night to Theresa and walks away, but the baby cries and Ethan returns.  Phyllis suggests that he might need a bath.  Ethan is glad to help with that.  Gwen thinks that Phyllis should be the one that takes the baby for a bath.  Phyllis says that she knows nothing about bathing babies.  Ethan says that they shouldn’t worry, he will be the one that will take care of the child, and off he goes with the baby.  Phyllis heads off to get some tea for all to drink.  Rebecca can’t believe her eyes. What a bitch!  Her daughter is not going to get near Ethan anymore if Theresa has her way.  Rebecca has a way for Gwen to get all of Ethan’s attention.  She has an idea that will help her daughter after all.  She takes her daughter to another room in the house and they hear giggling, but they ignore it.  Rebecca thinks that Theresa is winning because she is being determined.  Rebecca thinks that Gwen should just drag Ethan to bed and do it with him, so that Theresa will hear it. Even if she doesn’t hear it, someone else in the house will.  They will have to drug Theresa to get the best results.  Rebecca happens to have a stash of pills in her bra.  She pulls out the many plastic bags of goodies and holds them up to the light, deciding which pills should be used on the little slut.

Chad and Whitney are in her kitchen after deciding that they are starving hungry. The lovemaking in her room has made them famished.  She has been having the most wonderful time of her life.  He holds her in his arms telling her that there is a lot more where that came from.

Luis and Antonio are fighting like never before. They are trashing the cottage as they throw each other from wall to wall…Sheridan is outside and hears a crash from inside the cottage. She realizes that Luis could have come home and gone in the back of the house.  She goes running in knowing that both brothers must have found each other.

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