Passions Update Tuesday 8/6/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Jennifer

Julian tells Rebecca that Sheridan is alive. Stunned, she asks if anyone stays dead in this town. Julian says that he is going to have Luis and Antonio killed tonight. Rebecca asks him why he has to kill Antonio. Julian tells her about Antonio being with Sheridan. Rebecca says that itís kinda romantic, having two young men fight and sweating over her. Rebecca asks him where Sheridan is. He tells her that she is at the pool with Luis, and soon they will be heading to the cottage. He tells her that he is going to send Antonio over there.

Holding a picture of Sheridan, Ethan talks to Antonio. He almost shows him the picture but the baby cries. Antonio goes to the baby. Theresa tells Antonio that she is glad to have him back. Antonio tells her that he really likes children and that he and Diana are planning to start a life together in Harmony. Luis tells Sheridan that he really missed her while she was gone. He tells her that he is never gonna let her go. He goes and gets Sheridan a drink and while he is away.   Sheridan has flashes of Brian and Liz. He comes back and she looks weird, he asks her if she is Ok. She says that she had some memory flashes. She tells him that she remember a couple (Brian and Liz.) He asks her if she brought her purse; she says that it is at the cottage. He tells her that he might be able to help her. They head for the cottage.

Miguel begs Charity not to leave. Charity starts twitching; Miguel asks Eve what is wrong with her. Eve tells him that Charity is just reacting to being taken off life support. She then says that Charity is stabilizing. Miguel says that he is not going to let her go. Charity then opens her eyes and says "Miguel". Kay pulls Father Lonigan aside and says she needs to confess something. Father Lonigan tells her that he knows what she wants to confess. He says that he knows she used the vial. Kay tells him that she didnít mean to hurt Charity or Timmy. Father tells her to look at the pain she cause everyone around her. Kay asks him to forgive her; he tells her that he can not.

Theresa tells Antonio that she hopes that he and Luis can resolve their problems. Antonio tells her that everything is in the past, there is nothing to fight over anymore. Phyllis walks up and tells Antonio that she called every hotel in Harmony, Diana is not at any of them. Julian walks in and tells Antonio that he can help him find Diana. Julian tells Antonio that maybe she is still on the grounds. He tells Antonio about the cottage, saying maybe she is there. Brian leaves to find Diana.

In her purse, Sheridan finds a boarding pass with no name. Luis tells her that it is Ok, he can use the police computer and find out the names of the people on the flight. Luis goes to the computer and Sheridan stays in the bedroom. She remembers Brian making love to her, and proposing to her. She sits up and says that she was going to marry him. Luis finds Brian and Diana on the list but no Sheridan. Sheridan walks out and says to Luis ď I have to tell you something.Ē

Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she will never marry Luis. She tells her that she has been praying for Sheridan to come back to Luis. Mrs. Wallace gets down on her knees and prays for Sheridan to come back. Beth yells for her to stop. Beth goes over to the computer and IMís Luis. Sheridan and Luis hear the instant message sound. Sheridan tells Luis to check his message because she needs to get her head together. Luis goes over to the computer and sees that the message is from Beth. They talk, and Luis tells her that he will be right over. He tells himself that he has to tell her that Sheridan back and that the wedding is off. Luis walks over to Sheridan and tells her that he will be right back, and when he gets back there is some he has to tell her. Sheridan says that she needs to tell him something too. Outside, Antonio prepares to enter the cottage.

Charity tells Miguel that she knows sheís dieing. She tells him not to cry, because she will always love him. Miguel tells her that he doesnít want to lose her. Charity says that he will never lose her because she will always be in his heart. Charity thanks Grace and Sam for taking care of her. They tell her that they love her. Kay goes into see Charity. Charity tells her to take care of Miguel. Kay runs out crying Simone tells Kay that Charity has no idea that she put her there. Kay goes back to Father Lonigan. He tells her that he can only forgive her if she tells Miguel what she did. Kay tells him that she canít do that. Charity tells Miguel that she wants him to fall in love again. Miguel says that he will only love her. Charity asks him to kiss her goodbye. He does, and she goes to sleep. Theresa asks Ethan to stay with her until she goes to sleep. He says he will and they go upstairs, Ethan doesnít even look at Gwen. Rebecca tells Gwen that she canít just give up. She tells her to fight fire with fire.

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