Passions Update Monday 8/5/02

Passions Update Monday 8/5/02

By Glynis

Antonio has revealed himself to everyone in the Crane mansion.  He hears Julian trying to claim his child and that angers him.  He goes over to Julian and roughs him up a little bit.  He doesn’t like hearing the man threaten his innocent sister and her child.  Antonio orders Julian out of the house but he will not leave.  Julian assures everyone that this house is his and that is the way that it will stay.  He storms off after hearing Ethan say that he will not have full reign of the house anymore.  Antonio wishes that he had gotten there sooner for his family.  It is obvious to him that they need him now and needed him before.  He could have helped Theresa with her pain and he is upset with himself about his not having been a help to her.  Theresa tells him that now that he is there, everything is going to be fine.  The past is something that they don’t have to worry about anymore.  Theresa introduces him to the baby.  He is an uncle and that idea finally dawns on him.  Ethan tells them that Julian hasn’t got a right to be in that house or order anyone around in it anymore.  Theresa is the only Mrs. Crane that matters now.  Ivy cringes as she hears that. She vowed once that this day would never come and yet, here it is…Julian has gone to his study in anger, and Rebecca follows him.  He is holding a tissue to his face where Antonio has hit him.  Boy that smarts.  He is going to make the Lopez-Fitzgeralds sorry that they ever crossed him.  They think that they are going to take over everything but he is not going to allow that.  Rebecca loves it when he talks this way.  Rebecca would like to know what happened between him and Antonio.  He will not talk about that right now. That is going to stay for the moment between he and Antonio.  He is only going to concentrate on getting those Irish Latinos out of the house as soon as possible.  He goes to the phone and calls the police to report that there are hooligans living it up in his living room.  As he is talking, the phone goes dead and Julian turns to see Ivy holding the connection to the phone. She has pulled it out of the wall.  Ivy tells him that Theresa has every right to be in the house as his wife.  This is all Julian’s fault and he has no one to blame but himself.  Theresa is the last of his worries.  He should think twice about calling the police.  What did Julian do to Antonio in the past to get him ever so angry like that?  Just what did Julian do?  Ivy is as curious as ever.  Alistair and Julian talk on the phone and Alistair tells Julian that Antonio has brought Sheridan back to town and that they are engaged to be married.  Turns out that Sheridan has had amnesia. She has seen Luis and has forgotten her time with Antonio. She was going by the name of Diana.  The point that Alistair is trying to make is that if Antonio sees Luis and Sheridan together, they will kill each other and they will be in the clear.  Rebecca and Ivy hear only Julian’s side of the conversation and they know that when a Crane smiles like that, someone is going to get hurt…Antonio thanks Ethan for trying to save Theresa’s life.  Ethan can’t take the credit for that.  Gwen stands by and watches Ethan and how he relates to Theresa and her brother.  Ethan goes over to a picture of Sheridan and he wonders if she too could be brought back from the dead.  He would give anything to see her right now.  Gwen feels his pain and she holds him…Julian and Alistair laugh at what is going to happen when Antonio walks in on his fiancée making love to his brother.  They are up at the cabin and Julian is going to make sure that Antonio ends up there too…Antonio goes over to Ethan holding Sheridan’s picture and Ethan explains that the picture is of his aunt Sheridan.  Antonio hasn’t seen the picture yet…Gwen goes over to Theresa and hears the girl saying that everything is working out exactly the way that she wanted.  Theresa assures Gwen that she will be staying right where she is.

Luis and Sheridan are lying in bed together after making love.  The moment that she saw him, it all came rushing back to her and she realized who she is but has forgotten her time spent with Brian.  Luis and Sheridan have found each other at last.  They vow never to be apart again.  She has no recollection of the past and where she has been since she last saw Luis.  That seems to worry her greatly.  Every once in a while, she looks at the washer that she is wearing on her finger.  Where did she get that and why is she wearing it?  Luis tells her how he tried and tried to find her after the explosion, but he couldn’t.  Search teams went out several times and Luis went out with them, but they came up with nothing.  They found a body but Luis couldn’t accept that it was her, even thought the DNA matched. Who would do a thing like that? Someone went to the trouble to make sure that the body appeared to be Sheridan’s even though it really wasn’t.  Who is powerful enough to pull something like that off?  Julian is the person that comes to their minds.  He has never wanted them to be together and is the only one that could finance something like that.  They will always be together, as that is the way that it is supposed to be.  Nothing can keep them apart.  She promises that she will never let anyone get between them again.  Sheridan is more determined now than ever to learn the truth of what is behind the feud between his family and hers.  Sheridan can’t wait to see Theresa.  He tells her that his older brother is coming to town that night, but he doesn’t want her to have anything to do with his brother.  Whatever the feud is that Luis has with his brother, maybe he should just forget it.  Luis can’t do that.  Antonio left his family to fend for themselves.  This guy doesn’t sound like a son that Pilar would have.  Sheridan thinks that maybe things can be sorted out between the two brothers.  Luis assures her that they will never be friends again.  Antonio didn’t even use his real name when he left Harmony.  Luis feels that he has been embarrassed to be associated with his family.

Tabitha talks to her Timmy and then she senses that something is wrong. He looks even more still than ever.  She shouts out for Eve and she comes dutifully to see what has been happening.  Eve is sorry, but Timmy is so badly damaged that there is no way that he will recover.  There is nothing that she can do.  She has told Tabitha this over and over, but Tabitha doesn’t get it. She will always think that there is a chance for her Timmy.  Tabitha thinks that he has survived a lot and that he can survive this too.  She will never give up hope.  She sits by the boy’s side again and decides to talk him into helping himself out of this mess. She tells him that if ever he wanted to do something for her, this is the time.  She will do anything that he wants, just so he gets himself off that bed and well enough to come home with her.  Timmy suddenly opens his eyes.  He has moments of lucidity like this and that renews her hopes every time.  She swears to him that if he can pull through this, she will take the best care of him ever.  She assures him that he is going to get better and come home, but he has to work, he has to fight.  They will have the best adventures ever once he is home. He likes the idea of having adventures with her like the old days.  He will have to exert every ounce of strength to fight this oncoming death. She needs him to fight.  He starts slipping away again, and Tabitha can do nothing but watch…In Charity’s room, Miguel has pulled a gun and he keeps everyone from Charity.  He managed to pull Sam’s gun from his holster and will kill anyone that gets in his way of keeping Charity alive.  Sam tells everyone to stay back.  This is going to be between he and Miguel.  Sam knows what he is going through. He knows what it is to love someone with everything that you have, as he loves his wife.  He would panic if he was to lose Grace, but he wouldn’t keep her body alive if she was suffering.  The most humane thing to do at a time like that is to let your loved one go.  The priest begs Miguel to give Charity that last gift of love, and free her from the pain that she must be suffering with that battered and broken body.  Kay pleads with him, “Miguel please…” she is mistaken as she thinks that she is close to Miguel and that he will listen to her.  He doesn’t want to talk to her either and he orders her to get back!  There is a sudden movement and Miguel shoots.  A doctor comes and says that he is going to call the police.  This can’t be tolerated in a hospital.  Sam tells him that he is the Chief of Police and can take care of the matter.  He orders that the police are not to be called.  The doctor leaves the room, not wanting to be a part of any of this.  No one has been hurt by the gunshot that Miguel let off, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous to everyone in the room.  Charity looks as if she is sleeping to Miguel.  Maybe the doctors don’t know what they are saying.  Eve demands that he put the gun down before someone gets hurt.  This whole matter is getting completely out of hand.  Pilar comes in and orders that he put the gun down, but he will not do that until he is assured that Charity will be left alone and still plugged into the wall at the end of the day.  Eve tells him again that Charity’s body has sustained all types of trauma and that there is no way that she will live.  They are actually hurting her by continuing her pain with this machine. 

Miguel will not listen to this anymore.  If Charity dies, then he feels that he might as well die with her.  He holds the gun in a different way now, almost as if he is ready to shoot himself.  Pilar knows how her son feels. She felt the same way when her husband died. She wanted to take her own life but she didn’t because of her family and her commitment to them.  She would have been taking the cowardly way out by killing herself.  It would have been selfish of her to do a thing like that.  She pleads with her son, and soon Miguel is crying. He always did listen to his mother. She is a wise woman and she is strong to have raised such beautiful, good children.  She talks to him in Spanish and slowly he walks to her with the gun outstretched. He gives it to her and she takes it, and then gives it to Sam.  Kay is crying now.  She knows that she is responsible for this happening. She almost lost the one thing that she has wanted all along.  Pilar holds her son in her arms as if he is a little baby.  In a lot of ways, he is only a child…Timmy talks to Tabitha some more.  Tabitha even talked to God, but he won’t listen to her, she thinks.  She is going to have to talk to the forces of evil. She calls up Beelzebub and Lucifer. “I ask you to save my precious Timmy and take me instead…” Suddenly, Timmy can’t breath.  A nurse comes in to give him something to help in his IV.  Timmy calms down as Tabitha holds him.  Tabitha thanks the nurse, but the medication is only going to work for a few minutes.  She is afraid that Timmy isn’t going to last much longer.  Timmy tells Tabitha that he is going to die as Charity is going to die.  Tabitha will not hear anymore of this.  The nurse tells her that Timmy doesn’t have much time left.  She looks down at the little body…Grace sits by her sweet Charity.  “It’s me, aunt Grace…I hate what is happening with my whole heart but the only consolation is that I know that when you leave us, you will be with your mother.  I love you.” She gets up and Kay sits next with Charity.  “Hey Charity…It’s Kay!  I am the one that put you here.  I am so sorry…I never meant for it to happen this way.  I hear that sometimes when people are dying, they see a white light and then they turn around.  You shouldn’t turn around Charity, you should go to the light as I will be here to take care of Miguel.”  Simone wonders what Kay is saying to Charity.  Grace goes to get Kay.  It is time to go.  Kay tells Charity that it is time to go.  Miguel doesn’t like her saying that. He is not going to give Charity permission to leave. He wants her to stay with him forever.  He tells her, “They want to turn off your ventilator, but that doesn’t mean that you have to die.  Charity please, don’t go.  Fight it kicking and screaming every inch of the way.  Come back to me. Please…Please.”  Charity makes no movement even though Miguel wills her with everything that he has in him…Eve thinks that the right decision has been made.  Eve offers to turn off the respirator, but Sam says that a family member should be the one that does it and he walks over to Charity’s bed.  Miguel is there with his mother and she leads him away from there.  Kay is thinking to herself.  “I am so sorry…” Sam hits the button on the respirator and the last bit of air in the machine is pushed out.  The family and friends stand around crying.  Eve walks over and removes the mouthpiece from Charity’s face.  Suddenly, there is activity on the heart monitor.  Miguel demands to know what is happening…Timmy calls out for Charity.  Tabitha wants to know what is going on.  Timmy tells her that it is time.  He then goes to sleep.  Tabitha tries to talk to him some more but he doesn’t revive.  She holds his hand and it limply falls from hers.  She looks up at the wall and sees the little red light above his head slowly going out.  Tabitha knows what they mean. She cries and cries over her little friend.  “No!  No!  No!” She buries her near his pillow.

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