Passions Update Friday 8/2/02

Passions Update Friday

By Glynis

Timmy’s hears Charity’s monitor going off and he wakes up to ask about her.  Tabitha tries to make him feel better about Charity’s condition, but he still worries for her in spite of his own problems.  Poor Tim-Tim, he is such a good and tender soul.  He doesn’t care about his own life, he only cares for Charity…They have had a scare over Charity again.  Her monitor showed that her heart stopped beating again and they saved her yet again.  Eve is upset as this is pure torture for Charity and her family has to know this.  The trauma that has to be performed on the body is not fitting when she is going to die anyway.  Miguel takes that as  sign that Charity is going to live, but the others do not see things his way.  To them, it means that Charity is in terrible distress and should be relieved from her misery.  Eve tells Miguel that he is looking at this all wrong and she tries to explain the situation to him yet again.  Miguel goes to Hank and tells him that his family didn’t give up on him and he has become a better person and made a change in spite of the things that deemed him to be a horrible person.   Miguel feels that Hank is in a perfect position to help convince the others that Charity has to live.  He freaks out:  “Don’t let her die!  Please!”…Timmy tells his princess that he doesn’t hurt as much.  Tabitha can’t bear this any longer. She has to be strong for her Timmy but it is getting harder watching him care for others at this time…Simone goes to Kay and tells her that what she just saw from Miguel is true love and not the selfish behavior that Kay has been exhibiting…The priest tells Miguel that sometimes bad things happen to good people. He is trying to get to Miguel in another way to make him see that maybe it is God’s way to let Charity go.  Charity is going to die no matter what is done to her, and that is apparent by her heart failures.  Maybe her friends should find the strength to let her go.  Maybe that is the message that God is trying to send to them all.  If Eve thinks that it is time to let Charity go, then they should all agree with her and let Charity go.  Eve is a professional and wouldn’t say a thing like this to the family if it weren’t true.  Miguel can’t buy into this yet.  To him, Charity must live if she shows any signs of life and is still breathing.  He returns to Charity’s bed and watches her sleep, unaware of what is going on around her…There are donuts in the area and Kay takes one.  Simone can’t believe that she is eating at a time like this.  Simone knows that every time that Miguel looks at Kay, he is going to remember Charity and he is never going to be able to love her…Sam wants Miguel to understand that they have to take Charity off the life support.  His love for Charity is admirable, but that doesn’t matter now.  The priest goes to Charity’s bedside and he prepares to give her the last rites.  He has holy water and he performs the ceremony to make Charity rise to be with God.  The lord has been their rock…Kay tries to go and be with Miguel, but Simone stops her. How can she pretend to care for Miguel this way?  Kay says that she only wants to make Miguel happy and she feels that she is the one that can make Miguel happy.  Simone knows now that Kay is truly evil…The priest is saying a prayer over Charity.  “…thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…”


***Whitney and Chad are in her room being together when her father comes to the door knocking.  She stalls and worries that Chad is going to be found in her room.  Her father will kill her if he finds him there.  She goes to the door to open it and let him in when the door flies open and TC demands to know what is going on in there. She tells him that she was going to watch a tape.  He apologizes to her for being so angry.  It has been tough on all of them since Theresa’s death.  He tells her that Charity and Timmy have been hurt and they are in the hospital. They are not going to make it.  Sam and Grace have decided to take Charity off life support.  Chad is hiding and he hears what is going on. He feels for his friends.  TC is going down to the hospital to be with his wife.  In times like these, loved ones mean everything. TC is glad that he has a family that watches out for each other. They have to keep each other’s happiness in mind when they do things.  He tells Whitney to go to sleep and not worry.  It is nice for him to know that if there were ever  a crisis, she would be there for her sister.  TC leaves and Chad comes out of hiding.  He has heard everything.  How can Whitney be close to her sister after she finds out what Whitney has done?


Ivy tries to fast talk her way out of her problems with the tape.  A man came looking for a tape, but just because he asked for Mrs. Crane, doesn’t mean that he was looking for Theresa.  She says that setting up Theresa is absurd.  Ethan sees her point.  They have to find this man. Who has access to the security tapes?  Theresa is sure that if they can find this man, they will be able to learn who set this all up.  Whoever made that tape meant to blackmail them or set Theresa up.  Ethan is going to make sure that this person pays.  He knows that anyone that made that tape could have had access to it.  The chances of turning up anything now is slim. They may never find out who made that tape.  If Ethan finds the person or people that did this, he is going to make them pay…Julian tells Rebecca and Ivy that Theresa is not going to give up on this, and she will bring both those ladies down…Pilar has a heart to heart with her son Antonio.  He tells her that he would like to know everything that has been happening.  Pilar doesn’t want to get into it now, but he forces her to tell him everything…Luis and Sheridan are together after making love. She tells him that she has been wearing a washer on her finger hoping that it would help her figure out what has been going on with her life.  They dress and he takes her to the pool to remind her of a time when he met her there.  There were crazy lights in the sky and it was like the borealis.  He swam to be with her when he saw her in the pool.  He held her in his arms, like now.  She can’t remember that time.  Theresa and Hank agreed that something strange was going on at that time.  It was like his love was reaching out to her.  It was magic that night.  It is like heaven to be back with Luis again. She kisses him tenderly…Rebecca decides that she is going to get rid of the tape before Theresa nails them with it.  She walks off.  Ivy turns to Theresa, who is looking at her with that weird spooky smile on her face, like she knows more than she is telling the others…Antonio tells his mother that he is going to make Julian pay for what he has done to the family.  He rushes off.  Pilar begs him to stop.  He is going to make things worse for everyone if he rushes off…Julian is holding his child and telling him that he is a handsome boy.  Theresa sees him holding her son and she tells him to stay the hell away from her son.

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