Passions Update Thursday 8/1/02

Passions Update Thursday

By Jennifer

Sheridan tells Luis that she wishes that she could remember what happened to her after the accident. Luis tells her that when she remembers, he would like to meet whoever took care of her. Sheridan says that she wants to take a shower. Luis kisses her and they knock over her purse. They washer that Brian gave her falls out. She picks it up and Luis asks her if that helped her remember. Sheridan tells him that she doesn’t remember anything. He goes to throw it away and Sheridan stops him. She tells him that she wants to keep it. He asks her why it is so important. She says she doesn’t know, he gives it back to her.

Brian and Pilar go together to find Diana. On the way, he tells her how wonderful Diana is. He tells her about the washer. Pilar says that she sounds really special. Brian asks Pilar if she is mad at him for leaving Harmony.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she has to do something before Ethan falls for Theresa again. Gwen asks her how she can compete with her. Rebecca whispers a plan in Gwen’s ear. Gwen walks up to Theresa and Ethan. She tells Theresa that protecting Ethan like that was incredible, that being willing to orphan her son was selfless. She wishes she could see the tape, but it is unfortunate that she doesn’t know where it is. She tells her that she could just be making all of this up and no body would know.

Julian goes to Ivy and tells her that he knows about the tape. He saw the look on her face when Theresa mentioned. Ivy tells Julian that there is no proof. Julian says it’s just a matter of time before they find proof. Rebecca walks up and asks what they are talking about. Julian just blurts out “ The tape that you and Ivy made.”

Timmy tells Tabitha that he will always love his princess. Tabitha tells Timmy that he really effected her life. She tells him that she even cried. Timmy says that he is dieing. Tabitha tells him to fight.

Miguel yells that he won’t let them kill Charity. Simone asks Kay how she could do that to someone she claims to love. Simone says that she would hate to she what she would do to someone she hated. Then she realizes that she is killing her cousin, someone who she hates. Miguel tries to get Jessica to stop them from killing Charity. Jessica tells him that she doesn’t want her to die but she is already dieing. Everyone tells Miguel that Charity won’t get any better.

Whitney watches a tennis tape that she father gave her. She looks at a picture of Simone and remembers how Simone said that she was a really good sister. Chad knocks on the window and Whitney lets him in. He kisses her and she sees the picture and pulls away. Chad asks her what is going on. She tells him about Simone. Chad tells her that Simone will be happy for them once she sees how happy they are together. Whitney agrees.

Luis asks Sheridan if she wants some wine. Sheridan tells him that she would really like that. He walks out to go get the wine. Sheridan puts the washer on her ring finger, but nothing happens.

Pilar tells Brian that she can’t forgive him. That it’s out of the question because there is nothing to forgive. They hug and Brian asks her if his siblings are mad at him for leaving. Pilar tells him that they have nothing but love for him. She tells him that Miguel is in love with Charity. Brian tells her that he knows what kind of trouble Theresa got herself into with Julian. (He doesn’t know about the confession, or the execution.) He tells her that he knows that someone killed Julian. Just before Pilar can tell him that Julian isn’t dead, the coffin is wheeled out. He asks if that was Julian’s casket. She tells him that it was Theresa’s.

Julian calls Rebecca and Ivy bitches. Rebecca says, “The things you say just melt your heart.” Julian says, “ When Pilar gets wind of this little scheme that you pulled off, she’ll rip you heart out, shove it down Ivy’s mouth and use her head as a piñata at the Lopez-Fitzgerald indication party.” When he said that, it sent chills down Ivy’s back.

Gwen asks Theresa how she could think that Ethan would kill someone. Ethan steps in and tells Gwen that Theresa had good reason to think that he killed him. After what he said about wanting to kill him. Ethan tells Theresa that they have to find the tape. He asks her about that guy, and if it was possible that someone put him up to it. She tells him that the person who made that tape probably had something to gain from it. They both look at Rebecca and Ivy. They question them and they deny everything.

Timmy tells Tabby that he wants her to have his Martimmy stuff. Tabby begs him to fight. Timmy asks her to sing him a song. She sings him a lullaby, and Timmy goes to sleep.

Miguel goes to Charity and Eve tells him that she is getting worse. Father Lonigan shows up and Miguel asks him to pray for Charity. He tells Miguel that he was asks to come here to give Charity her last rights. Miguel asks everyone where his or her faith went. He tells them that they should be praying for Charity, not giving up on her. Charity flat lines.

Whitney and Chad make love. They hear her father walking up the stairs. He knocks on the door and they panic.

Luis walks into the bathroom and tells Sheridan that he has her wine. Sheridan opens up the shower curtain and Luis checks her out. He asks her if she wants him to get her some cheese and crackers. Sheridan tells him that it sounds good as long as it’s not eggs benedict. Luis tells her that she doesn’t forget a thing. Sheridan tells him that she can’t hear him because of the water. He walks up to the shower and she pulls him in. He tells her that he wasn’t really hungry anyway. She says that she is hungry

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