Passions Update Wednesday 7/31/02

Passions Update Wednesday

By Glynis

Tabitha sits with Timmy and she will not say goodbye to him. She refuses to let him go. She has been told that he is going to die no matter what. That makes her very unhappy. She needs him to be there with her.  She loves him and she wants him to live…Kay thinks that Charity should be taken off the life support.  Miguel is upset that Kay has said this.  Kay thinks that would be the right thing to do. She even talked to Charity once about this.  Charity apparently told her that she would like her life to be ended.  Simone is hearing all this and she doesn’t believe that discussion ever happened.  Miguel doesn’t care what Charity said and he is not going to stop believing that Charity is going to live. She has a lot to live for. She is going to have a long wonderful life.  He knows what Eve said but there is always a chance that she is going to live.  He starts talking and begs them all to leave her for a while.  He has been praying that Charity will make it. They all know that prayer works.  Kay says that they shouldn’t go against Charity’s wishes.  Simone finds her too cold and hard…Tabitha thinks that there is something that can be done for her Timmy.  Eve tells her that Timmy’s injuries are too extensive and there is nothing else medically that she can do for him. She has prayed for him with all her heart. The only thing that Eve can do is to be there for him.  Let him know that they are there for him.  The dog can help too. That will be the best medicine for Timmy now.  She leaves and Tabitha turns to her little friend. She calls his name and tries to sound cheerful.  “It is your princess and Jo-Jo too.  We are both here and we are not going to leave you.  I promise.” She strokes his hair…. Sam understands Kay’s way of thinking.  Miguel hates that she has said that and he can’t believe that she would do that to Charity.  Kay tries to explain that Charity shouldn’t be left to suffer this way. 

Theresa attacks Ivy and Rebecca saying that they are the ones that were behind her getting executed.  Everyone in the room turns to the two women.  Theresa remembers them talking over her body and saying that they would be in a lot of trouble if anyone heard about what they had done.  Rebecca stills pretends to know nothing.  Ethan will be very upset if what Theresa is saying is true.  She tells Ethan that she let herself be executed so that she could save Ethan.  Ethan is shocked to hear all this.  Julian too is having some trouble with all this.  He never thought that Ethan hated him that much.  Theresa wanted to make sure that Ethan would be saved.  Why would she think that he would kill Julian?  Ethan has no idea why she is saying these things.  He says that he wouldn’t shoot Julian.  He didn’t do it and he can’t believe that she would think that she would think that.  Rebecca thinks that they are done for now. Where did Theresa get an idea like this?  She says that she saw a tape of him shooting Julian.  That is impossible as that never happened.  Theresa is sure that she saw it and she was scared for him.  How could that happen?  Julian suggests that the tape was a fake.  Things are coming back to Theresa now.  She remembers Ivy and Rebecca talking about people finding out what they did.  She turns to them. She is sure now that they are behind this.  She accuses them of being the ones that did this.  Rebecca denies knowing anything about a tape. They must have been talking about something else.  They think that the problem must have been the drugs that she was taking.

Luis is with Sheridan and she remembers him. She is really there and she is alive.  He thinks that she has come back to him.  All the memories start coming back to Sheridan now.  She tells Luis that she finally remembers who she is.  “I’m Sheridan!  I am Sheridan Crane.”  Luis nods his head in agreement and she faints in his arms. 

Pilar talks to her son Antonio. He would like to talk to his brother so that he can settle some things with him…  She tells him that Luis has gone to clear his head.  Antonio wants to connect with his family, so whatever anger he has for his brother has to be dealt with now. 

Luis finds Sheridan alone and he can’t believe it is true.  He asks her, “Are you really there?”  “Is that you Sheridan?”  She looks up at him and says to him, “Luis!”  She has all her memories now.  She remembers everything.  She rushes into his arms and they hold each other as if they never left each other.  His dreaming is over. This is real. She is alive and he knows it now for sure.  He feels her, so this is real. It is a miracle!  She faints from the news and Luis tells her everything about the boat exploding and he thinking that she was dead. She is there now and that is all that matters. She agrees. He is never going to let her go again. 

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