Passions Update Tuesday 7/30/02

Passions Update Tuesday

By Jennifer

Simone asks Kay if she thinks that just because Miguel had sex with her that he will leave Charity. Kay tells her that he will. Simone says that Charity and Miguel have love and she doesn't. She asks Kay if she wanted Charity to die. Kay tells her that she didn't mean for any of this to happen. Simone tells her that it doesn't matter if she met it or not, it happened. She makes Kay turn around and look at what this did to her parents.
Grace asks Eve if there is any hope that Charity will make it. Eve tells her that she is living on life
support. Tells he that maybe she should just let her go. Jessica walks up and asks what going on. Grace hugs her and tells her that Charity is going to die. Jessica starts crying and asks them if they are just going to pull the plug. Sam says that it is up to

Tabitha realizes that she is starting to cry. She tells Timmy that he has to live because she can't live without him. Timmy starts coughing and wakes up. He says that he is thirsty so Tabby gives him some ice. He says that Tabby would have been proud because he was brave. Tabby tells him that he is always brave. He asks her if Charity is Ok, she tells him that she is fine. He clenches his stomach and says that he is in pain.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she has to do something about Ethan and Theresa. Gwen says that she asked him if he wanted to go and he said no. Theresa says that the baby is really beautiful. Ethan tells her that he gets is good looks from his beautiful mother. Phyllis sneaks up on Ivy and tells her that she is really jumpy. Ivy tells her that she should not call her Ivy. Phyllis says that she works for Theresa and that she could call her mud if she wanted to. While holding a knife, Luis tells Julian to stay away from Theresa. He tells him that he has no respect for women, that he treated Sheridan the same way. Pilar tells Luis to calm down, he does. Julian whispers that Theresa is his legal wife after all. Luis then attacks him. Julian quickly apologizes to him. Alistair laughs at his cowardly son. Julian tells himself that if Luis knew the whole story about Sheridan that he would not just threaten him, he would kill him. Brian asks Diana if she is really getting her memory back. Diana tells him that when he said the name Crane that she felt like they effected her life in someway. Brian asks her if she remembers her name. Diana says that she doesn't. Brian and Diana begin to walk to the mansion.

Simone tells Kay that she knows that she did something evil. They see Jessica and her family with Eve so they go to them. Kay asks them what is going on. Jessica tells her that Charity is going to die. Kay gets upset and turns away. Simone asks her if she really does have a heart. Kay whispers that if Charity dies then she will have Miguel all to herself. Simone says that she is really evil. Sam and Grace ask the girls what they want to do. Miguel begs Charity not to die. Eve goes to Timmy; Tabitha asks her what is going on. Eve pulls her aside and tells her that Timmy has severe internal injuries. Also that she is amazed that he lasted this long. Tabitha tells Eve that she is a doctor, so do something. Eve says that there is nothing else she can do. Eve tells her that maybe now would be a good time to say goodbye to Timmy. Ivy tells Rebecca that they have to figure out with Theresa is up to. Rebecca says that she is more worried about Ethan and Theresa being together. Ethan asks Theresa whom she was really protecting. Ivy and Rebecca try to delay her answer by saying that Theresa should really get some rest. Theresa says that she is fine. Luis tells Julian and Alistair that if he finds out that they are the ones that killed Sheridan, he will kill them both. Luis leaves and goes outside. Julian turns around to his father and says that he doesn't think that he is joking. Alistair says that he isn't and leaves.

Brian and Diana arrive and the mansion. Diana says that she can't go in there. She tells Brian that he should see his mother first. Brian agrees. Diana turns around and sees her cottage. She goes inside and looks around.

Jessica says that she doesn't know what she wants to do yet. They ask Kay and she says that if Charity is not going to have a normal life then it seems cruel to prolong it. Simone tells her that she really is evil. Julian goes in to the living room to get a drink. He sits down and Theresa tells Ethan that she confessed to killing Julian because she knows that he really did it. Ethan says that he doesn't know what she is talking about.

Outside, Pilar tells Luis that he needs to calm down. He tells her that he is going to go over to the
cottage and get some of his stuff.  Pilar starts to pray and then Brian shows up. She hugs him; he tells her that he needs to talk to Luis. Luis walks into the cottage and sees Sheridan. He asks her if this is another one of his dreams. She doesn't say anything she just looks at him and cries.
She says Luis.

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