Passions Update Monday 7/29/02


Passions Update Monday 7/29/02

By Glynis

Tabitha is sitting with Timmy in his hospital room and hoping that he gets up soon. She has been told that he may die because of his fight with Zombie and that upsets her terribly. Timmy went in there and fought the demon with all his might so that he could save his Charity…An alarm has gone off in Charity’s area and everyone comes there to see what is going on. She seems to have flat lined. Eve gets everything under control for saving her life. They start working on her. They start losing her and Miguel shouts out, “No!” Charity has suffered fatal injuries from fighting with Zombie and may not live…Tabitha is not expected to live at all. She is angry with him for wishing to be human and getting his wish. Now she could lose him forever.

Alistair is with the others in the Crane mansion. He has brought Theresa back to her family. He has had a change of heart and has allowed her to live and her family is grateful for that at least. Julian knows that Alistair must have more in store for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. He would never willingly do something like this unless there was something in it for him. Alistair wouldn’t tell him anything that he has planned. Julian is not to be trusted. Alistair is through with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and soon their family is going to be in shambles and completely destitute when he is finished with them.

Theresa is alive now and she is holding her son. She misses him terribly and is glad to be back with him. She is grateful to Alistair. She talks to Ethan, not sure why Alistair wanted everyone to think that she was dead. What does it matter now? She is with the ones that she loves and everything is right in the world again. Gwen watches Ethan talking to Theresa and she wonders if Theresa has taken him from her again. Gwen was sorry that the woman was going to die, but now that she is back… The baby looks at Ethan and he sees that. It is almost as if the child recognizes him somehow. Gwen comes over to comment that the baby is beautiful. Gwen thinks that she and Ethan should leave Theresa alone for a while so that she can get reacquainted with her son and family. Ethan doesn’t want to leave, but he supposes that Gwen is right. Theresa would like them to stay with her but Gwen insists that they should go. As Ethan gets up the baby squawks. Ethan offers to get some milk for the baby but Theresa says that she is going to nurse the baby. Ethan goes to get a shawl for the baby and it is clear to Gwen that Ethan is still at Theresa’s beck and call after all that has happened between them. Ethan suggests that she not breastfeed the baby since they don’t know what she has in her system. She didn’t even think of that. He is right.

Ivy and Rebecca are panicking because they think that Theresa is going to know what they did. They had a conversation over her coffin, discussing what they did and how Theresa came to be in the predicament that she found herself in on the injection table at the prison. They remember her getting up out of her coffin and telling them that they were going to be found out for causing her to die. Rebecca was freaking out. Theresa was going to take them to hell that day. Theresa said that she had come back to take them all with her. Ivy is sure that Theresa knows what they did. It is only going to be a matter of time before she reveals what she knows. They think that they are going to jail. Do not pass Go. The air around them is chilly and they look over to where Theresa is sitting with her child thinking that she has something to spring on them and that she is only waiting for the right time to do it.

Luis looks at Sheridan’s picture and wonders why Sheridan can’t come back from the dead too. He still pines away for her. Pilar tells her son that he has to remember that he is engaged to Beth now. Sheridan is his past and Beth is his future. He has to agree to that…Julian wants his father to take him into his confidence. They have shared secrets before, but Alistair finds all that to be old news. Julian thinks that he masterfully handled his part of staying out of sight. Alistair gets a call and once again, Julian’s accomplishments have come to nothing. Alistair tells Julian that his sister is alive and she is in Harmony. Julian is a fool and always will be. Now they have to figure out again how to keep Sheridan and Luis away from each other…Luis is still looking at Sheridan’s picture in spite of his knowing that he has to forget about her…Ethan is still at the house and he is hanging over Theresa and her child. Phyllis comes into the room and is carrying hot coffee. She purposely walks by Rebecca and Ivy and she spills her pot of coffee on the ladies. They tell her that she is fired. Phyllis tells them that she works for Theresa and not them. Theresa is pleased as pudding that Phyllis has spilled hot coffee on the ladies…Pilar tells Luis that Sheridan was probably the one big love of his life. Everyone has a love like that and it doesn’t stop you from loving others in your life. Luis will never get over the feeling that Alistair and Julian have something to do with Sheridan’s death…Alistair doesn’t know where Sheridan is but she could be on her way to the mansion at that very moment. Julian thinks that she may figure out that he was the one that tried to kill her. Julian speaks out. “I can’t believe that she is still alive…” Luis and Pilar have walked into the room and hear Julian talking. Luis demands to know whom Julian is talking about…Ivy and Rebecca are talking of Theresa and how she must know that they are the ones that had her killed. They look over to her and see her glaring at them. What kind of game are they playing? Julian explains to Luis that he has been talking about Theresa being brought back to life. Julian tries to talk nicely about Theresa who is the mother of his son. Luis warns him that if he should lay a finger on his sister again, he will be sorry…Gwen tells her mother that she has the same problems now that she had before with Ethan. Nothing has changed. She looks over and sees Ethan sitting with Theresa and the baby…Luis tells Julian that he is off the hook this time. He gets a pair of scissors and tells Luis that if he ever touches his sister again, he will be a woman, (snip-snip).

Brian and Diana are walking through Harmony and she seems to know a lot of the town and where things are. Before they turn a corner, she knows what is behind it. She must have lived there at one time. After they go for their little walk, they are going to meet up with Brian’s family and Brian is going to get to introduce Diana to them. Brian rushes now for them to go to his family and Diana finds him terribly cute in the way that he is so excited about meeting up with his family again. She rushes off to race with Brian, but Brian stops and grabs his head for a moment. He has gotten a pain in his head and he tries to calm it. He pretends to be okay, but he is not. He thought that he would always be alone in his life. He never used to trust people or love them. He remembers talking to Luis at Christmas and being told that he left his family when they needed him most. The guilt has been terrible on him. He just couldn’t deal with what happened to his father and that was why he had to get away. He left the family when they needed him most and that has been hard for him to live down. They could barely survive after he was gone. Brian didn’t know about all the trouble that they had to live through to survive. Diana has changed him now for the better and he is going to spend his days showing her how she has changed his life. They stop the talking and head over to his mother’s house. They are really close to his mother’s house now and they turn the corner and get to the house, but there is nothing there. The house has been completely burned down. It seems to have happened a while ago. Pilar didn’t tell them anything about the fire. He knows that his mother didn’t want to upset him but his brother should have said something. Brian feels guilt for not being there again for his family. No wonders Luis hates him and now Brian understands them. Diana is sure that things can be made right. He thinks that his mother is at the Cranes house. When Sheridan hears the name she freaks out. She turns to him and says, “I remember everything now.”

Simone is angry with Kay for sleeping with Miguel. What did she do to get him to go to bed with her? He thought that he was in bed with Charity, but how could that be? How did Kay make him think that he was the girl that he loved? Kay says that she knows nothing of which Simone is speaking. She denies that she had any hand in the events that took place between she and Miguel, but is she? Simone is sure that Kay knows why Charity’s life is slipping away. She must have some answers that she is keeping to herself. Hank comes to tell the girls that Charity is flat lining. Simone tells Kay that if Charity dies that will make Kay a murderer…Eve tells everyone to leave but they don’t. They refuse to leave Charity in what might be her last moments. They are standing there hugging each other and hoping for the best…Simone would like Kay to be sorry for what has happened, but Kay feels that she is not responsible for this. Kay is the one that brought evil back to Harmony, so in fact, she is responsible for this. Kay is sure that Charity is not going to die. Simone tells Kay that if Charity does live, she will get back with Miguel and Kay will be out in the cold and she deserves that. Kay knows that she is probably telling the truth…Grace and Sam hug over Charity being saved. That was a horrible moment for them to live through. Eve tells them that Charity isn’t out of the woods yet. They can be happy that she is alive, but the truth is that she isn’t any better off than before. It is only a matter of time for her. She gets Charity’s EKG reading. The situation is graver than she thought. How could things be any worse?…Tabitha is telling Timmy that she needs him to get better so that she can have a reason to get up in the morning. She has no life without her Timmy. The dog barks and Timmy opens his eyes. Tabitha runs to him. She has had her friend brought back to her, she thinks. Timmy needs something and Tabitha will get him whatever he wants, she only has to know what he desires. Timmy slowly closes his eyes. He flat lines and Tabitha freaks out. She shouts for someone to come and help her. “I am losing my Timmy!” A doctor comes to take care of Timmy, but Tabitha doesn’t want him. She demands that the man leaves and that Eve come to take care of Tim-Tim. Eve comes to look after Timmy and Tabitha demands to know that he is going to be better. Timmy’s eyes are barely open now…Miguel sits by Charity’s side and Kay sees him loving Charity and hoping for her to get up. Simone explains that Miguel thought that Kay was Charity and that is why he slept with her. Kay will not hear it. Charity has come back and Kay will never get over that. How can Kay get a good night’s sleep for the rest of her life. Kay didn’t want Charity to die, but if she does, she is going to spend the rest of her life in Miguel’s life. Simone knows that her friend is truly evil now…Timmy’s heart is fine but his other organs are in trouble. Right now he has stabilized. The prognosis for him isn’t good. Eve has to go and check on Charity. She is at more risk than Timmy right now. Tabitha holds her tiny friend’s hand and looks into his face. “Oh Timmy…Oh my little Timmy…” She kisses his hand and cries. She is not used to crying and it feels a little funny to her…Eve goes to Grace and Sam telling them that they have to make some difficult decisions. Charity’s body has been through a lot of trauma and mentally, she isn’t going to be the same again. She is deteriorating. As her guardians, Eve tells them that they have to make decisions about life support. Eve is just telling them the situation. If they have to make a decision, now would be the time to do it. Charity is going to die, they have to face that.

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