Passions Update Friday 7/19/02


Passions Update Friday 7/25/02

By Glynis

Miguel learns that Jessica has seen 2 Charities.  She tells of how she saw them fighting in the caves.  One was the good and one was bad.  The bad one was destroyed.  Miguel and Kay cannot believe their ears.  They were too busy making love when all that was happening.  Now he thinks that there are 3 Charities as he was in bed with one that turned out to be Kay. Kay took the essence that Zombie was trying to get her hands on and that caused her to appear to be Charity in Miguel’s eyes.  He had made love to her and at the end realized that he was with Kay instead.  Something strange is going on but he doesn’t know what that can be.

Theresa’s body is on fire.  Julian has accidentally caused the fire while trying to run from Luis and Ethan, and Luis tries to put it out.  Pilar is angry with Julian. He should have been more careful with her precious daughter’s body.  He torments her daughter, even in her death.  The fire is raging and Theresa is getting burned to a crisp.  The corpse just lies there accept the assault of the fire, as there is nothing else that a corpse can do.  The fire is put out and Ethan and Luis get ready to beat up Julian for everything that he has done to this family over the years.  Alistair enters the room and he stops Luis from beating Julian up.  Alistair says that no one needs to die, that is not necessary anymore.  Alistair has something for Luis that will make him feel better, he says.  Luis will have none of that dirty Crane money.  It isn’t money, but it is something else.  He turns to the door and Theresa walks into the room.  Everyone holds their breath.  Theresa starts walking towards them, but her steps are wobbly. She holds her hands out to steady herself as she makes her way across the floor.

Diane and Brian are on the plane.  He remembers being told by the doctor that he could die some time from now. He doesn’t tell Diane the news as he wants her to be as happy as possible.  While talking about the wedding plans, Diane says the name of Brian’s church in Harmony and he is surprised at that as he has never told her the name.  He guesses that he must be wrong and at some point, he must have told her something for her to know the name, and so he brushes the whole thing off.  She tells hi that the doctor said that since the car crash, she might have set off some memories that she used to have.  When she was in harmony at Christmas, she felt that she was around familiar things there.  Brian wonders if maybe she is from Harmony and doesn’t even know it.  Brian is sure that when they get to Harmony, his family might be able to help her figure some things out.

Tabitha is watching over Timmy who is in the hospital.  Grace tries to comfort Tabitha.  Charity is in the hospital too and Grace understands how Tabitha feels.  Grace says that they have to have faith that everything will work out.

Miguel and Kay talk and Miguel realizes that the real Charity is the one that is in the hospital room.  There are too many things going on right now.  He asks Kay what is happening but she says that she doesn’t know.  She feels that she is a victim too but he can’t talk anymore about that.  He walks away from her.  Simone knows that Kay is no victim.  Kay thinks that Miguel knew that he was making love to her and not Charity.  Simone doesn’t buy that for a minute.  She tricked the man and now things are going to backfire on her.  Eve comes up and everyone wants to know what is going to happen to Charity and Timmy.  The news isn’t that great.  Everyone still has to pray that Timmy and Charity will live.

Kay tries to walk away but Simone follows her.  Kay is not ashamed of anything that she has done.  She knows now what it is to make love to Miguel and that was worth all the trouble. She made love to Miguel and that is all that matters now.

Timmy and Charity are going to be moved to ICU for closer monitoring.  Miguel goes over to Charity’s bed and he sits by her.  He touches her hand…Tabitha goes over to Timmy’s bed and she whimpers when she sees him.  She puts the dog on the bed with Timmy…Miguel talks to Charity as Eve watches over them.

Brian and Diane are in Harmony now and Diane would like to walk around Harmony before they go to meet his family.  Brian is fine with that.  They took a walk at Christmas time as well.  She is sure that she has been there before. She has a memory of eating ice cream with Luis and both of them getting ice cream on each other with their cones.  Suddenly, Diane knows that there is an ice cream vendor around the corner named Tony. They walk around some more to see if anything else will come back to her.

Theresa wants to see her child and Gwen dutifully brings the boy to his mother.  Gwen isn’t all that happy with the turn of events…Ethan goes over to Alistair and thanks him for saving Theresa’s life.  Alistair did it for the Crane name and nothing else…Ivy and Rebecca go outside and discuss the bitch being brought back to life.  They talked in front of Theresa’s dead body so there is no telling what she knows.  They are going to find out about the tape that was doctored.  The tape shows Ethan killing Julian.  Luis is going to kill them. They are so done for…Julian leaves the room to talk to Alistair in private. That was quite a performance but it was necessary to save Julian’s hide.  Julian thinks that he could have handled things himself.  Julian knows that Alistair is doing this for some other reason.  He is going to do something to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Tabitha remembers her special times with Timmy...when he pretended to be a doctor…when they dug that grave together…when he dressed up as Tony from Saturday Night Fever…  If he was a doll, she could sew him up and fix him but she can’t fix him now. She can only hope that he gets better on his own. She strokes his hair…Miguel tells Charity that she is going to be okay.  He loves her and wants her to hold on and pull through this so that they can be together…Grace goes to Eve for a direct answer about Charity, but it doesn’t look good for her and Timmy may not make it through the night.  No one is going live. They hear the alarm from a machine flat lining and Eve runs off to see what is the matter.

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