Passions Update Thursday 7/18/02


Passions Update Thursday 7/25/02

By Jennifer

Zombie screams that she is going to kill everyone in Harmony along with Charity and Timmy. She yells for the Demons to destroy the whole town. Charity struggles to wake up Timmy, but has no success. They ground starts to shake in Harmony.

In Sheridan’s cottage, Gwen and Ethan snuggle on the couch. Then thoughts of Theresa come back to Ethan, and he pulls away. The cottage starts to shake, Ethan screams that it’s an earthquake. They both leave the cottage to check on their mothers who are the crane mansion.

Julian and Rebecca struggle on the floor, as Alistair stabs Theresa.

On the wharf, Luis, Grace, and Sam walk. The ground starts to shake and Luis yells that he is going to go check on his mother. Grace says that she is going to call Jessica.

Jessica, Kay, and Miguel are still in the bedroom while the house shakes. Jessica looks out the window and sees that there is a light coming from the cave. They all head there.

Diana walks up to Liz holding a lot of bags. Liz asks her where she is going. Diana tells her that Brian is taking her the Harmony to meet his family. Nick goes to Diana and tells her that he is sorry about her lose. He rubs his hand up her shoulder and Brian shows up and pushes him away from her. Nick looks surprised to see Brian alive. Brain asks him if he thought that he was dead. Brian tells him that his car blew up, he asks him if he know anything about it. Nick then remembers what he did.

Julian and Rebecca get up off the floor and head towards Theresa’s casket, Theresa is in there. Rebecca tells Julian to make sure she is really dead. He pokes her hand and she doesn’t move. Then Ivy wheels in and says “ So you are live, not for long anyway.” Julian asks her why she would say such a thing. Ivy tells him that she knows that he waited for Theresa to be executed before he came back. She tells him that when Pilar and Luis find out that he is alive he’ll be toast. Julian then remembers what he did when he heard about Theresa confessing to his murder.

Luis, Ethan and Gwen all enter the mansion. Pilar is already down stairs with the baby. She says that she wants to check on Theresa. She asks Gwen to hold the baby. Gwen says Ok and Pilar gives her baby Ethan. Luis and Ethan go to check and make sure that everyone is all right. Pilar runs in to see if Theresa is Ok. She finds Ivy and Rebecca in there to. She tells that Luis is not going to be happy to see them near Theresa.

Tabitha arrives at the cave to find that the entrance is blocked. She tries a spell, but it doesn’t work. She then tries to move the rocks herself, but they are too heavy. She yells for help. Jessica, Miguel and Kay answer her. They try to help her but they rocks are too big for them to move. They all push on one rock, and it gives in. Jessica tells Kay that she thinks that she brought evil back to Harmony. They all go inside and see two Charity's. Miguel and Tabitha go to their loved ones. Charity wakes up and grabs the demons horn. She tells it to destroy the evil. Zombie yells “no” but it’s to late, she blows up and goes back to hell.

Nick tells Brian that he knows nothing. Brian asks him why he is there. Nick says that he is here for Diana. Brian quickly says that Diana is fine. Nick tells him that he still wants his money. Brian hands him all the money and tells him that he never wants to see him again. He tells him that he is taking Diana back to Harmony, to make her a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Nick asks him if he has a relative named Luis. Brian tells him that Luis is his brother and leaves.

Diana tells Liz that she can’t wait to go back to Harmony. As soon as she said the word Harmony, more memories of Luis surface. Liz asks her if she has told Brian about the memories. Diana tells her that she didn’t want to bother him with it. Liz asks her if she is afraid that her old life will take her away from Brian. Diana tells her that she would never leave Brian, not for anything.

Luis and Ethan walk in and Ivy says, “Your timing couldn’t be more perfect.” They all talk about Theresa and Ivy asks Luis what he would do if Julian were alive. Luis says that he would personally rip his heart out. Julian is really hiding behind the casket. He tries to slip out without anyone seeing him, but it doesn’t happen. Luis and Pilar see him. Pilar says “ Julian, you’re alive.” Luis says “ Not for long.” Luis goes into a rage and starts chasing Julian. Julian upsets a lit candle on Theresa, she bursts into flames.

Sam and Grace arrive at the cave and see Charity and Timmy lying on the ground. Grace asks Tabitha what’s going on. Tabby tells her that Charity and Timmy are dying. Tabitha tells everyone that Timmy really loved her, that she was his princess. Grace tells her that they will get Timmy the best care. Then Jessica tells everyone about seeing two Charity’s. Nobody really listens to her. They ambulance arrives and they take Timmy and Charity away on stretchers. Tabitha and Miguel go with them.

Brian goes to Diana and Liz. They both invite Liz to the wedding, and say goodbye. Nick walks up the Liz and says that she can have Brian. Liz says that she is not buying his lies anymore and walks away. On the plane, Diana looks weird. Brian asks her if she is Ok. She tells him that she got a weird feeling in her stomach. She feels that this trip to Harmony will change her life forever.

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