Passions Update Wednesday 7/17/02



Passions Update Wednesday 7/24/02

By Glynis

Charity has been revived and she is fighting to the death with Zombie. Finally, after all this time, she has melted from her block of ice. The Zombie is clearly no match for Charity but she has to fight anyway. Zombie tells her that she has to forget about fighting for her life, now and prepare to die. She cackles and cackles at the girl. Zombie is going to get it on with that stud muffin and no one is going to stop her. Charity is ready to fight now as she realizes that Miguel's life is at stake, and she does her best to fight the evil demon with the powers that she has within her, whatever they may be.

Kay and Miguel are getting it on and she tells him that she has always loved him. He is having a strange time with her as she is really Kay, but in his eyes, she appears to be Charity. He feels the essence of Charity and that is what he has been missing all this time. He feels that he is doing the right thing by being with this woman. She remembers Zombie telling her that she was going to have sex with him and make him forget about Charity. That was the answer that she was looking for. She took full advantage of the situation as she was the one in possession of the essence and could make Miguel love her. The essence has been the key to it all. Kay took the essence herself to be like Charity and to fool Miguel into thinking that she is the one that he should be with. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her and Kay returns the favour. She has always loved him and she tells him that. The transformation has been made and Kay can now assume the identity that Miguel needs to feel exists in order to love her. Kay tells herself that this was worth it. The priest warned her to do the right thing, but she couldn't resist this golden opportunity. When he looks at her, he sees Charity and that is good enough for Kay. That is enough for him apparently, and he continues to kiss Kay thinking that it was Charity. Jessica comes into the room suddenly and she her sister with Miguel. She calls out her sister's name. Miguel finds that strange that Jessica is calling Charity, 'Kay'. He turns to look at the woman in bed with him and is shocked to find that he is actually in bed with Kay. How could this happen, he wonders? Jessica is disgusted that Charity could be betrayed in this manner. Miguel tells the girls that he thought that he was in bed with Charity. Jessica demands an explanation. Kay says that Jessica is all wrong. She tells her that Miguel said that he loved her. Kay asks him how he can pretend that she was Charity. He says again that he never thought that he was with Kay. Kay puts everything on him. This has happened to them before. Strange things like this have happened. Maybe evil has come back to Harmony. Kay plays with the essence that she has hidden in her hand.

Julian gets into bed. This is going to be the first night of good sleep that he is going to get. Theresa is nearby and she now thinks that she can get two vultures for the price of one. Rebecca wasn't expecting Julian to get into bed with her but she knew that he was alive as she saw him on television and she so she knew that he was okay. She saw him wrestling for money. Julian remembers the night of the fight and realizes that others might have seen him fighting. Rebecca thought that he was very sexy in his tights. They fall into bed together and make love. Theresa knows that Julian is now with Rebecca and she feels that they both deserve to die and she is going to kill them both. She moves to the bedroom where they both are and Rebecca can tell that someone is in the room. Rebecca sees Theresa over his shoulder and she panics. She tells Julian that Theresa is there and that she is going to kill them. Julian tells her that she is being silly as Theresa is dead. Rebecca points to where Theresa is standing and when Julian turns to look, no one is there. Theresa is going to play with them for a while. Rebecca tells him that Theresa was there and she had these wicked eyes. She realizes that he stayed away till Theresa died. Julian decides that she deserved to die for killing him. Rebecca says that Theresa is haunting them. Ivy sees Theresa too. Rebecca is not drunk. She is being haunted. Julian thinks that Rebecca is suffering from her guilty, as she must have done something to the girl. Julian offers to check the bathroom and make sure that Theresa is not there. He leaves the bed...Theresa is waiting for him to come into the bathroom, but there is someone else in there and he grabs Theresa and injects her in the neck with a syringe. She falls to the floor. Rebecca can't stand being alone in the bed and she follows Julian to the bathroom. Julian opens the door and calls out to Theresa, but he sees nothing. Rebecca on the other hand sees Theresa on the floor, but when Julian sees the area, there is nothing there. She can see a man over Theresa and she sees them walk into the wall. Julian is seeing nothing of the sort. He shows her that the wall doesn't open. She is sure that she saw Theresa carried into the wall...The man has in fact carried Theresa into the wall and he appears on the other side of it. Julian tells her that he will take her to bed and make her see other things instead.

Tabitha talks to a dog telling him how she misses her Timmy. She knows that the dog can understand her. She tells the dog that she is a witch and she tells him the story of her life with Timmy. He was always there to tell her how good she was at her job and he supported her. She remembers the times with him...

Timmy arrives at the cave where Charity is fighting the demon and he knows that he has to do something to help save her...Zombie tells Charity that she is going to finally get rid of her. She zaps Charity and Charity falls to the floor. Timmy comes running in and sees Charity on the ground. Zombie comes up to him, glad that he is there. She can kill both of them now at the same time. Zombie cackles as she thinks of her good fortune. He tells her that he can save her as he has the demon's horn. Zombie panics. Timmy says the chant..."All that is evil and all that is wrong..." A power comes from the horn and Zombie is truly petrified.

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