Passions Update Tuesday 7/16/02



Passions Update Tuesday 7/23/02

By Jennifer

In the living room, Miguel hugs and kisses Kay. Lurking around outside, Tabitha realizes that Kay used the vial. Miguel apologizes to “Charity” for acting so weird around her. Kay tells Miguel to make love to her; he picks her up and carries her upstairs.

Outside, Tabitha says that Kay really has Miguel now, and Timmy says Yup. Tabby turns around and yells Timmy! She picks Timmy up and spins around with him. Timmy then asks her if she will drive him to the cave so he can save Charity. Tabitha says that she will. They head towards her house to get the car keys.

In the cave, Charity completely thaws out and sees Zombie. Charity whispers,” You.” Zombie tells her that she is going to destroy her before Timmy gets there. Charity takes off her ice skates and tries to use them as a weapon. Zombie tells her that it won’t work and she zaps her with lighting bolts.

In the viewing room, Rebecca stands at Theresa’s casket with garlic around her neck and a cross in her hand. She puts a little mirror up to Theresa’s nose. There is no fog on the mirror, so Rebecca thinks that Theresa’s is really dead. She leaves the room and starts to walk up stairs when she hears a noise and bolts up the stairs into Ivy’s room. At the same time, Julian re-enters his mansion and tries to sneak upstairs but Phyllis sees him. He tells her that she is not dreaming, he is really alive. Julian then goes upstairs. Phyllis goes to Theresa’s casket and tells her that Julian is really alive, that she died for nothing. Phyllis walks away and Theresa’s sits up and says “ Julian’s alive, well not for long.”

Miguel carries Kay upstairs and lays her down on the bed. He tells her that he will be back in a minute. Kay tells him not to be long, and he says he won’t. In the attic, Tabitha tries to delay Timmy by asking about his adventure. They watch on the scroll as Zombie beats up Charity. Timmy yells to Tabby that he has to leave now. Tabitha then throws a blanket over Timmy’s head and grabs Toto and runs down stairs. She locks to door before Timmy can free himself.

Rebecca jumps into Ivy’s bed and wakes her up. Ivy asks her what she is doing. Rebecca tells her that she heard Theresa get out of her coffin. Ivy tries to tell Rebecca that Theresa is dead but she won’t listen. The doorknob starts to twist; Rebecca gets up and puts a chair underneath the knob so Theresa can’t get in. Outside, Theresa sees Julian and says that Ivy and Rebecca can wait, she goes after Julian.

In his room, Julian lights up a cigar and runs a bath. As he gets in the tub, Theresa enters his room, she peaks in on him and says that this is his last night home.

Ivy asks Rebecca why Theresa doesn’t just pass threw the door. Rebecca tells her that Theresa is not a ghost, she’s a brain-eating ghoul. Ivy then says “ If Theresa really is a brain eating ghoul, I think your safe.” Then they both smell smoke, they realize that it is one of Julian’s smelly cigars. They come to the conclusion that it is just Alistair. Ivy tells Rebecca to just go to bed. Rebecca doesn’t want to leave so she just covers herself up in Ivy’s bed. Ivy asks her what she thinks she is doing. Rebecca tells her that she doesn’t want to be alone. Ivy says all right. They then start to fight over the covers. Ivy pulls on the covers so hard that she falls out of the bed. Rebecca runs over to her and Ivy tells her “ unless you want to deal with an imaginary ghoul or a real live bitch you better get out.” Rebecca then screams and runs out of the room.

Miguel comes back into the room and gets into bed. He asks Kay where everyone is, she tells him that they aren’t home. Miguel tells Kay that he feels uncomfortable. She asks why, Miguel reminds her that he promised Chief Bennett that he would stay downstairs. Kay tells him that they are both responsible adults and that everything is all right. Miguel kisses Kay and lays down.

Charity tells Zombie that she knows what’s going on with her and Miguel. She knows that Zombie only wants to kill her because she wants to have Miguel. Charity vows not to let her have Miguel. Zombie asks her if she would blame her, because Miguel is a fox. Charity then slaps Zombie and Zombie attacks her in her true form. Charity screams that good will win over evil. Zombie then drop kicks her and Charity falls to the ground.

Tabitha apologizes to Timmy for locking him up, she tells him that is the only way she can keep him safe. Timmy then starts to climb out the window.

Theresa opens the door to Julian’s bathroom and slips in. Julian has his eyes covered with cucumbers, so he can’t see her. Theresa dreams of dropping the radio into the bath with him. Theresa hides has Julian gets out of the tub and brushes his hair.

Rebecca climbs into bed, and tries to relax. She tells herself that Theresa is dead. She hears a noise and hides under the covers. Julian exits the bathroom and gets into bed...with Rebecca. They both turn around and see each other and scream. Theresa yells “ Good, now I can kill two vultures with one stone!”

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