Passions Update Monday 7/22/02


Passions Update Monday 7/22/02

By Glynis

Chad and Whitney have been discovered by Simone and Jessica holding each other in his studio.  Chad and Whit think that they have been found out but the reality is that Simone thinks that Chad is just comforting her because of Theresa's death.  She tells her sister that she understands.  Chad and Jessica step out of the room so that Simone can talk to her sister.  Simone then tells her sister that she is going to be the best sister that Whitney could ever have from now on.  She feels that Whitney could never betray her by trying to take Chad from her...Outside the room, Chad tries to tell Jessica that he is sorry that Simone has to be hurt but the truth will be good for her instead of her thinking that she is going to be with him one day.  Jessica is worried that Simone is not able to deal with the news.  She feels that Chad is wrong in his assessment of how she will take this.  Chad says that it doesn't matter, eventually she will have to hear the news so there is nothing wrong with her hearing it now instead of later.  They reenter the room where Whitney and Simone have been speaking together and Chad tells Simone that there is something that he has to say to her.  Whitney knows that he is probably going to tell her that he is in love with her big sister so she tries to stop him from saying more.  Chad is worried because Simone is now referring to him as her boyfriend. She thinks that the only reason that he isn't dating her is because she is not 18 years old yet.  He would like to set her straight right now. He has been seeing Whitney and has even made love to her that night.


Luis and Pilar are in the main room with Theresa's body. Pilar has gotten out of bed because she had a dream that Theresa was trying to tell her something.  The dream was so real that Pilar really feels that Theresa was in the room with her.  Luis tries to explain to her that she must be imagining it much like he had been doing about Sheridan.  He tells her that she has to move on with her life like he has.  He then tells her that he has proposed to Beth and that she has accepted his proposal.  Pilar seems to like that news.  She wishes that her other son could be there.  That angers Luis.  He thinks that Antonio has to know that his sister had been executed and that should have brought him home to his family.  Pilar feels that there must be an explanation for him not hearing the news.  Luis thinks that maybe if Antonio had been home, he could have tried to talk Theresa out of going to her death this way.  That was the least that he could have done.  Pilar doesn't care, she wants her son home.  The phone rings and it is Antonio calling from the hospital.  He doesn't tell his mother that he has been in the accident with the race car.  All he says is that he has gotten engaged and he can't wait for her to meet his new girlfriend.  Pilar is very glad for him and can't wait to see him.  Luis couldn't care less.  Behind Luis, Theresa is moving her hand. She is trying to contact her family somehow.  She is thinking to herself, "Why can't I move?  Why can't I speak to them?"  Still she manages to move her hand slowly in his direction and is about to touch him when Luis feels a presence behind him.  He turns to find Theresa lying as she has been with her hands together over her body and Phyllis the maid standing there.  He starts as he sees who is there.  She apologizes to him saying that she has come into the room to see if there is anything that he or his mother would like to eat.  They are not hungry but she brings them a tray of food anyway and puts it out on the terrace so that they can eat later.  She leaves the grieving family and goes back to bed.  Pilar ends her call and she and her son go out to the terrace to eat the food that Phyllis has prepared for them.  Pilar has her back to the door to the room and she is telling Luis that he must be right.  There is no way that Theresa could have visited her in the night. She is dead and Pilar knows that she has to get used to that.  Suddenly, over Pilar's shoulder, Luis sees Theresa sitting up in her coffin with her hands outstretched in front of her.  He calls out her name, "Theresa!"


Brian has just finished his call with his mother.  He is happy that all is going to be well.  He tells his beautiful bride-to-be that his mother is dying to meet her. She is thrilled and looking forward to the joyous reunion.  The doctor enters and his face is looking very grim.  He tells Brian that he needs to talk to him alone.  Diana thinks that something very wrong must be going on, but she gets no clue to what the reason for her leaving the room is about.  After she leaves, Brian jumps out of bed and starts dressing.  He thinks that he is the picture of health and in spite of the way that the doctor looks, he will be free of this place today.  The doctor tells him that he has run a 2nd battery of tests and that he is not as well as they had expected.  Turns out that Brian may die...


Kay and Zombie fight over the essence of Charity.  They are almost wrestling to the ground when Miguel comes in and tells them that they have to stop this.  He knows that Zombie was the one attacking Kay.  Zombie insists that Kay has something that belongs to her and she will not return it.  Miguel tells Kay that if that is true, then she should return the item.  Kay has a rosary in her hand and she offers that to Zombie.  Zombie puts out her hand and is burned by the rosary as she is not a creature of the lord.  She tries to hide her pain from Miguel.  Kay sees that she has hurt Zombie and follows her around the kitchen trying to give her the necklace.  Zombie refuses to take it.  Kay sees that she has some control over Zombie after all.  She runs out of the room.  Miguel talks to Kay about the way that Charity has been acting.  He doesn't know what to do.  He was going to leave her altogether, but he can't release the memories that he has of her when they first met.  He is going to try to work on his problems with Charity and hope that things change.  He knows that something is very different with his Charity.

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