Passions Update Wednesday 7/17/02



Passions Update Wednesday 7/17/02

By Glynis

Simone remembers telling Kay that her jealousy is in the past now that she knows that her sister would never hurt her by going with Chad. She goes to the studio where Whitney is kissing and making love to Chad. She has no idea what is behind the door that she is about to open. She thinks that maybe she and Chad can comfort Whitney since she must be sad over Theresa's execution. She hears music inside his studio and knows that he is in there but that is all she knows. She reaches for the handle on the door and starts to open it. The door is locked. She thinks that the door is locked because it is late, but she knows where the extra key is...Chad and Whitney have just finished making love and they lie in each other's arms. She couldn't have gotten through the night without him. Watching Theresa die was too much for her. She needs him and his love. Chad promises that she will always have that. He will never give up on her or the both of them together. They are special. She tri! ed to stay away from him because of her sister, but she can't. she knows now how precious life is and what a gift love is. She can't deny her feelings for him anymore. They have a connection. She loves him so much. Simone thinks that he is her boyfriend, but that is just some fantasy that she has made up. How is she going to react to them being together now?...Simone returns with the spare key to the studio and she inserts it into the lock in order to open the door and surprise Chad... Chad and Whitney hear someone coming in and Whitney quickly hides. Simone is suspicious about his demeanour and that he is sitiing in his shorts. She likes that and she comes into the room. She tells him that she would like to talk to him about Whitney. Whitney is in the other room hearing everything that her sister is saying to her lover.

Kay feels that she has to save Miguel and Charity from Zombie. The zombie that she has brought to town has been wreaking havoc in the town and it has to be stopped. It vows to kill Miguel and Charity. The priest tries to talk to Kay practically. What can she do as Zombie is from hell? She can't tie her up and throw away the key. The creature is a demon from hell! Kay knows that he is speaking the truth. The only way that she can win is with the truth and goodness. All the priest can do for her is pray. Kay will do her best to do what is right, or so she says. She knows that someone else is trying to get rid of Zombie. Hopefully, the both of them can stop this evil creature once and for all. Zombie must be destroyed. Kay knows that this is all her fault and she is really sorry that things have gotten so far. The priest reminds her that she has said these things before. She sold her soul to the dark side to get Miguel becuase she felt pushed to do it by her love. She got her ! soul back and vowed to be good but here she is again in the same position and it is all her fault. How many chances is she going to need to get this right and know that she can't force someone to love her? How can the priest believe that she is sorry and that she will never do this again? The priest knows that she is only doing this for lust and she may do this again in the future. She has turned to the dark side to get Miguel in bed. Kay swears that she has learned her lesson. The priest hopes that she is telling the truth because she is going to eventually suffer for her sins. Kay wonders what Zombie needs the piece of jewelery for. She has no idea what it does.

Juilian and Timmy are on a bus and Julian is trying to get some sleep. As he naps,Timmy makes a call to Tabitha and Tabby takes the call. She talks to her Tim Tim and it is so good to hear his voice. She knows what has been happening to them as she saw visions while with Zombie. Tabby saved his life and it wasn't easy. she did it out of her love for him.Timmy would like to thank Tabitha with a big hug but that is not possible right at the moment. Tabitha tells him that he can't come home to Harmony right now. Zombie is angry with him for trying to save Charity and she is going to kill him the first chance that she gets. If he comes back, he will die for sure. Timmy knows what she is talking about. He has heard that in his travels. He still wants to come home though. He can't save Charity so far, and he is putting his life and Tabby's in jeopardy. He reminds her that she saved his life because she loved him and he is doing only what she has already done. If he wants to save ! Charity, then he should do it anywhere else but in Harmony. Timmy is being hardheaded and he insists that he must come home now. Tabbie will not hear of it. Zombie hears Tabby talking to Timmy and she demands that Tabitha give the phone to her so that she too can talk to the little man. She wnats to tell Timmy that he is wasting him time trying to save Charity. Tabby whispers that he shouldn't come home and then she throws away the phone. This makes no difference. Her plan is still on.

Miguel meets with Luis outside of the house ot speak in private. There mother has finally gotten some sleep. Losing Theresa and taking care of the baby has been hard for Pilar. This has been more than enough stress for her. Miguel worries for his mother. How are they going to get over watching Theresa get executed. All they know is that Pilar needs their help and they have to keep a positive attitude for her benefit. She has to feel better as she is in so much torment over her daughter's death. Antonio should be there for his mother, but Luis feels that he is being selfish. Antonio's family really needs him and he isn't there. luis is sure that Antonio knows of the trouble that the family has been in. All he seems to care about is his girlfriend. Miguel thinks that Antonio might not know what has happened. Luis doesn't give Antonio the benefit of the doubt as his brother does. Miguel makes excuses for him but the truth is that a note was left for Antonio and he ignored gett! ing in touch with his family in spite of it. Luis tried to get past his walking out on the family but he should be here now. Times are different and things have changed. They watched their sister die...They are being tested and they have to make the most of every moment of their lives. That is what they have learned from all of this. Luis tells Miguel that he has asked Beth to marry him and she accepted. Miguel isn't all that thrilled but he congratulates his brother anyhow. The timing doesn't seem all that right but Luis knows that he loves Beth and they have been real close. Luis was downtown and he was in front of the jewelery store and suddenly it seemed clear to him that he should propose. That was a sign to him to move on with a future with Beth. Miguel thinks that he is doing the right thing then. Who is he to judge? Luis agrees. There is still a part of him, however, that is in love with Sheridan and will always be in love with Sheridan. That is only natural though to ! feel that way. In Luis's heart, he can't let go the memory of Sheridan. He hopes that doesn't cause him problems in his relationship with Beth. She deserves so much better. Beth is so supportive about him opening up about Sheridan. She isnt' possessive. Luis thinks that the Cranes are responsible for what happened to their father and what happened to their sister. Julian did deserve to die afterall. They still don't know why Theresa confessed to this murder. Julian's death has left many questions unanswered. Julian did terrible things. He tells Miguel that Julian had something to do with the boat exploding in Bermuda. Miguel can't believe his ears.

Diana is at the hospital waiting for news about Brian. The car went on fire and Brian has suffered some trauma to the head. Liz is there too. Liz feels that Brian is fighting for his life because of Diana...Diana thinks that if Brian dies it will be her fault. Liz is sure that it will be Diana's fault if Brian dies. The doctor comes to talk to Liz and Diana. He tells them to sit down. He has bad news. Brian has survived this far and that is a miracle. They don't know what is going to happen to Brian. He should wake up soon or he will not wake at all. There is hope but Brian suffered trauma to the head and they won't know the extent of it until there is more information. He has to get up soon or he will not be okay. Diana would like to see him and she is given permission along with Liz. They walk to his room and Diana and Liz go in. They see him lying almost lifeless on the bed. He has to be okay, he just has to be. Diana tells him over and over that she can't lose him...she! can't lose the man that she loves. Diana remembers the things that they shared and it is too much for her. She suddenly falls. Liz is there to catch her and the doctor helps her too.

Pilar is in her bed sleeping and Theresa comes over her body and warns her that there is something that lies ahead. The baby cries in the crib near the bed and Theresa goes to the child and lifts him. Pillar hears nothijng and continues sleeping. theresa comforts him, "Mommie is here...Mommie is here..." The child quiets down. She walks the child around the room. She would like to stay with him forever but that cannot be. She is not going to be there to watch the child grow up for obvious reasons. Outside the door, the servant thinks that she has heard something and she calls to Pilar through the door offering to help. There is no answer. Pilar still sleeps. The maid comes into the room and finds Pilar sleeping. The baby is in his crib. No one else is in the room. Pilar wakes and the maid tells her that she thought that the baby was crying. It is clear that the baby is not crying and so everything seems alright. She leaves and Pilar goes back to sleep. Theresa appears again! and she moves closer to her mother and watches her sleep. There is love in her eyes for her mother. This is the only person that Theresa would trust with her son. Pilar feels a presence and asks, "Phyllis is that you?" There is no answer.

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