Passions Update Tuesday 7/16/02



Passions Update Tuesday 7/16/02

By Jennifer

While running around outside, Ivy and Rebecca wonder what will happen if Pilar sees Theresa. Just as they say that, Pilar shows up and grabs Rebecca and pulls her into the viewing room. Ivy then yells “she’s there!” Pilar says “ where else would she be?” Pilar looks at Theresa and notices that her hair is all messed up, she immediately yells at Rebecca for touching her. Rebecca assures Pilar that she would never touch a stinky dead body. Rebecca then passes out but Pilar wakes her up. When Rebecca stands up a candle blows out. The baby starts to cry and Pilar goes upstairs.

In the park, Kay runs into Simone on her way to find Whitney. Kay asks her why she wants to find Whitney. Simone says that she has to apologize to her for being to mean. She asks Kay why she always said bad things about Whitney wanting Chad. Kay apologizes for saying that. Simone says that she wouldn’t blame Whitney if she didn’t forgive her. She then leaves to go find Whitney, she says that she will stop by the studio and see if she is there.

In the studio on the couch, Whitney and Chad have sex for the first time, not knowing that Simone is on her way to find them.

Walking around town, Luis thinks about Sheridan. He remembers when he proposed to her. He looks up to find that he is at her cottage. The door opens, he thinks its Sheridan, but it is really Ethan. Ethan walks out and tells Luis that he doesn’t blame him for thinking that he was Sheridan. Luis asks Ethan how he is doing. Ethan says that he is doing all right. He tells Luis that he did everything he could to save Theresa. Luis says it’s OK. He then tells him about him and Beth. Ethan congratulates him on their engagement. Gwen walks out and Ethan tells him that he and Gwen are back together.

At Beth’s house, Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that Luis will never marry her because he still loves Sheridan. She tells Beth that she doesn’t deserve Luis, that he is to good for her. They argue about his proposal, and then Beth runs out of the house to find Luis.

On the racetrack, Diana sees smoke coming out of Brian’s car she starts to scream for him. Brian looks down at the gas pedal and sees fire. The fire climbs up his legs, he reaches for the fire extinguisher but he can’t get it. He swerves and the car blows up. Diana and Liz see the explosion and yell for them to help him. Paramedics race out to the car and pull Brian out. They wheel him out on a stretcher Diana runs to him but they tell Liz to get her away. They get a pulse from him but it is very weak. They rush him to the hospital.

Ivy and Rebecca both agree that Theresa is dead. Then someone puts a black rose on her shoulder, they both scream. The person turns out to be Alistair. They tell him about everything that happened with Theresa, he says that they need to lay off the booze. They both say that they are not drunk. Alistair walks over to Theresa and grabs her hand to check for a pulse. Since he doesn’t get one he leaves. Ivy leaves the room also to go to bed. On Rebecca’s way out she looks at Theresa and her eyes open. Rebecca runs off screaming. Father Lonigan hears Kay and walks up to her. He tells her that she has to save the real Charity if she wants to get rid of all the evil in Harmony. They then talk about Evil and what it has done to their lives. Kay tells Father Lonigan that she will ask her father to help her. Father Lonigan tells her not to tell Chief Bennett anything.

Simone arrives at the studio and knocks on the door; she doesn’t get an answer she just hears music. She grabs the key out of her purse and goes to open the door. Whitney and Chad are inside; they don’t hear Simone coming in. At the hospital, Liz tries to calm Diana down. Diana then has a memory flash of her and Luis taking a bubble bath. She then yells out “LUIS!”

At Sheridan’s cottage Luis turns around and yells “Sheridan!” Ethan and Gwen look at him like he is crazy. Luis tells them that he thought he heard her voice but he must have been day dreaming.

Diana tells Liz that she remembers her lovers’ name, she tells her “Luis.” Diana walks away, and Liz remembers that Brian’s brother is named Luis. The doctor comes out and tells the girls that they should go see Brian now.

Beth shows up and asks Luis why he is at Sheridan’s cottage of all places. Luis tells her that he was just walking by on his way to see his mother, but he started talking to Ethan. Luis then takes Beth up to the main house to see Pilar. Ethan and Gwen both say that they hope Luis will be happy.

Pilar is sleeping in her room and Theresa walks up to her and says that she must warn her of what is going to happen.

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